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Name: Destiny
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive/Index/Timelines)
Title: Untitled
Timeline: 1136 AW
Colors: Gules 11: Rank
Supplies and Styles: Pastels (04: celebratory kiss from my bingo card for [community profile] trope_bingo)
Word Count: 525
Summary: After honor a soldier for his work in the Mondian-Aleshian War, Henri and his mistress get into a disagreement.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Henri is a total ass in this.
Notes: Noelle has been Henri's major mistress since 1131 AW when he was married to Analise of Konte. They have five sons together. Henri has kept Noelle by his side through the war.

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Name: Destiny
Story: The Mondian Chronicles (Archive/Timelines)
Title: Conquer or Die Trying
Timeline: 531 AW
Colors: Gules 8: sword, Tea Rose 6: For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors and laugh at them in our turn?
Supplies and Styles: Canvas (600 years before current action)
Word Count: 461
Summary: I'm just giving you advice, you don't have to take it.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of blood, Death, War.
Notes: Stefan is the only child of Queen Matilide of Monde and Stefano V of Temra. Stefan was raised by his grandmother and his father's cousin, Biordo, after his father died mysteriously when Stefan was about 2. Matilide died giving birth to Stefan.

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Name: Kana
Story: Circle never ends
Characters: Freya, Nick
Colors: Gules
Supplies and Styles: Saturation, Miniature Collection, Pointillism, Photography, Graffiti, Acrylic (Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed. Feared today, forgot tomorrow - Ordinary World; Duran Duran) - Eraser
Word count: 1033
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Mentions of unhappy childhood and perhaps moreā€¦
Notes: Constructive criticism is, as always, welcome

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Hero
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Gules
Supplies and Materials: saturation, miniature collection, canvas (2, 3, 23, 7, 12, 9, 18, 21, 11, 10, 16, 13, 8), frame (4), brush (undulate), acrylic, stain, fabric, novelty beads ("Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." -- Oscar Wilde), beading wire, glue ("You aren't saying everything that you're thinking today, but you have your reasons. Someone may assume that you're telling all, but there is a danger in jumping to conclusions. Still, it's smarter now to hold the conflict within yourself than to lay it out into the open where others need to deal with your unresolved feelings. You can always share more once the intensity begins to subside.")
Word Count: 2500
Rating: R
Characters: Mel Artwick
Warnings: Violence, war, references to murder with mutilation, parental death, blaming oneself for someone else's crimes, enslavement, possible warning for emotional abuse, character death, kamikaze strike
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Name: Destiny ([personal profile] leia_solo)
Story: The Mondian Chronicles
Title: Vivianna
Characters: Cosette Puchot (Queen Cosette), Corrine Puchot, Vivian Brayer, Celine de Faucon (Celine Bauldry), Henri I, General Arnaud Lothar
Colors: Dove White #9: Never say that marriage has more of joy than pain., Provence Lavender #6: Kerchief, Gules #2: Grunt
Supplies and Styles: Oils (thunderstorm), Glitter (What is the most important to you?), Brush (lunette)
Word Count: 1, 021
Rating: PG
Warnings: Childbirth. Adultery. I think those are the two big ones. Oh and mentions of religion.
Notes: I always have trouble writing childbirth for some reason. But I hope I didn't mess it too badly. Please feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes!

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Name: Destiny aka [personal profile] leia_solo
Title: For the Children
Story: The Mondian Chronicles
Colors: Gules # 3: Commander, Dove White #5: Many strands bring the couple and their families together and spins their lives into a fabric that is woven on their children.
Supplies and Styles: N/A
Word Count: 438
Rating: G
Warnings: Mentions of war though nothing serious in this piece.
A/N: First time posting so I hope I did everything right!

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