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Author: Kat
Title: Pivot
Story: In the Heart - Spartacus AU
Colors: Cloudy gray saturation and blackstar 9 (Don't stay in a bad place Where they don't care how you are→ Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (Heathen))
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (Spartacus AU), modeling clay (future), novelty beads (bring it)
Word Count: 3263
Rating: R
Summary: Turning points.
Warnings: Slavery, mention of forced abortion and threatened rape, violence, threatened murder, actual murder. Brutal AU. Please be careful.
Notes: Based off the show, mostly.

eta: good job self. Next time actually hit post.

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Name: Jack
Story: Empty Sky
Colors: Cloudy Gray
Supplies and Styles: Saturation, Graffiti
Word Count: ~450
Notes: another set of poems, these are for the City

lost in an unfamiliar alley/and drawn like a moth to the neon )

Cloudy Gray

Apr. 3rd, 2017 08:53 pm
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Name: Sebastian
Story: Despite The Abundance (Magical conmen AU)
Colors: Cloudy Gray
Supplies and Styles: Saturation
Word Count: ~320
Warnings: None
Summary: A saturation of one sentence ficlets for the AU that is basically the one in which Timothy is a god magnet and a supernatural dealmaker, Nathan is still...Nathan, and a fae conman and his half fae son come along and disrupt both their lives but it's really for the better.
Notes I'm struggling to make words happen right now but I did this and that's...something? I guess. It doesn't feel like enough but it's better than nothing, so fuck it, I'm calling it a win. Also, thank you, [personal profile] finch for putting the idea of doing a one sentence saturation in my head because I kinda wanna do this more often.

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Name: [personal profile] starphotographs
Story: Universe B
Supplies and Styles: Graffiti (Rainbow color for October), Miniature Collection, Saturation
Characters: Milo
Colors: Prism 7 (indigo), Cloudy Gray
Word Count: 1,000ish
Rating: PG(-13?)
Warnings: Choose not to warn.
Summary: Life measured in physical changes.
Note: It’s pretty self-explanatory, actually!

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: 401827F
'Verse: The Institute Files
Colors: Cloudy Grey
Supplies and Materials: saturation, graffiti (TV tropes challenge, with reference to Evil Jesuit, The Political Officer, and Mental Picture Projector), photography, pastels (my current gen + romance card N2 "experiment")
Word Count: 920
Rating: R
Characters: The Commander, 401827F, the Commissar, skip401283C.
Warnings: Turning people into weapons, general Institute creepiness, skipimplied character death
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always. This one is...kind of weird and vague, and took forever to get going, but I like how it ended and it's been way too long since I wrote in this 'verse, so here it is.

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