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Rainbow Fiction

An original fiction challenge community

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Name:Rainbow Fiction
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Welcome! RainbowFic is an original fiction community built to encourage writing and act as home base for a community of authors. We provide lists of prompts, sorted by color, and special add-ons of style or content, to spark inspiration. Come join us!

How To Get Started

1) Join the community, [community profile] rainbowlists, and (if you like) [community profile] rainbowlounge.

2) Read the rules.

3) Choose your colors from those available at [community profile] rainbowlists.

4) Start posting!

Know Your Mods
1. [personal profile] subluxate can be met if you walk this way.
2. [personal profile] sarcasticsra welcomes you to The Swamp.
3. Get to know [personal profile] bookblather, get to feel bright and easy.
4. You have been on the Internet, [personal profile] geena perceives.

Thanks to [ profile] runaway_tales, among many others, for the inspiration!
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