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Author: Kat
Title: Bouquet
Story: Huge Scary New Story
Colors: Lilac saturation, green 2 (the grass is always greener).
Supplies and Materials: Miniature collection, canvas, seed beads (anything not with Charlotte, Miranda or Jackson), brush (validate), acrylic (sustainable energy), oils (atonement), modeling clay (love), feathers ("I just don't love you anymore"), novelty beads ("I know you've got your career in order. Don't forget to have a happy life." - Colonel Potter, M*A*S*H), glitter (roller coaster picture), glue (everything feels complicated today... you're tempted to withdraw as a defensive tactic), photography, graffiti, charcoal.
Word Count: 2500.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Another glimpse of the Hennessys, and some of their friends and family.
Warnings: racism, classism, minor depiction of depression, sexism.
Notes: Again, please please tell me if I fuck anything up.

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Name: Clare
Story: The Wasteland
Colors: Lilac saturation
Supplies and Materials: Saturation, graffiti, stained glass, frame, pastels (B2, death), novelty beads ("The upward course of a nation's history is due in the long run to the soundness of heart of its average men and women.")
Word Count: 1,421
Rating: G
Warnings: major character death prior to the story
Notes: So I finally manage to write something about the characters in the main Queen of the Wasteland story... and it's Taia's funeral. ::facepalm:: And I still managed to get away without naming most of the characters!

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