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Name: Sebastian
Story: This City's Got Grace
Colors: Flint: Valentine's Day Pink: 1. Red
Fog Grey: 3. flash of lightning
Supplies and Styles: N/A
Word Count: ~1,250
Warnings: anxiety, electrocution, flashbacks.
Summary: Cillian is still adjusting to being in a safe place.
Notes I need to do some more work with the group that had raised Cillian. He was bread in captivity, meant to be an all purpose weapon and did not actually work as that. Instead, he learns how to break all kinds of magical and non-magical locks, wards, shields and all that stuff. He's very good at it actually, it's just that Carlene does not put him to work that way. Instead she cuddles him and makes him feel better when things like storms and flashbacks happen.

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Author: SWL
Story: Jealous of Roses
Colors: Valentine’s Day Pink #1- Red
Styles and Materials: Grafitti- special color
Word Count: 4,000ish
Summary: For [personal profile] bookblather. How the impasse between Siebenkäs and Zephyr finally got broken, despite mind-reading, death, dumpling abuse and things you should never do with plastic shot glasses.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: There are a lot of hitmen in Roseverse, which is still in a state of revision upheaval. Contains death, vomit and a handful of other grossness.
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, cake.

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