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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Making Chaoskampf
Colors: Angel Cake 1 (glorious appearing); Fever Red 14 (fever); Bone 8 (death knell)
Word Count: 911
Ratings/Warnings: Warning: character death/PG-13
Summary: A classic story of hubris leading to downfall. Now with more firebirds.
Notes: I like myth mash-ups almost as much as music mash-ups. So just wait until next semester when I take medieval Indian devotional literature.

The prince of those lands was the right hand of his emperor.... )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Monsters Aren’t Made, They’re Born
Colors: Angel Cake 15. Fire Born; Fever Red 6. Infection
Styles/Supplies: Stain: Rules are just helpful guidelines for stupid people who can't make up their own minds. - Seth Hoffman, House M.D.
Word Count: 1280
Ratings/Warnings: R - violence, language Warnings:: Serial killers, insinuation of cannibalism, insinuation of use of chemical restraint, depictions of physical restraint, child abuse, mentions of blood, depictions of violence
Summary Nameless heroine gets the drop on her old man.
Notes: No, I have no idea what this is, either.

How does it feel? )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Blood of the Grape
Colors: Surgical Steel 14 (fusing)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt --amnesty post for open prompt)
Word Count: 301
Ratings/Warnings: PG; Self-sacrifice

Woman of the Vine )

The Purse

Aug. 10th, 2013 01:15 am
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: The Purse
Colors: Bone 8 (Death Knell); Angel Cake 13 (pure); Fire Opal 15 (obsession)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt)
Word Count: 580
Ratings/Warnings: PG - mentions dying, homicide, passive sexism; No standard warnings apply
Notes: This went quickly.

But what's inside? )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: What the Siren Swoons For
Colors: Fire Opal 4 (ardent)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt)
Word Count: 540
Ratings/Warnings: PG - Shipwrecks, double entendre that could refer to mermaids eating people; None
Notes: I have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s better than a mulligan.

Where can we find one? )

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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story:The Littlest Fairy
Colors: Fire Opal 17 (break down any wall); Angel Cake 18 (inspiration)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt)
Word Count: 1094
Ratings/Warnings: G; None

Gilly was a tiny fairy among all the tiny fairy folk--she was so young, she had yet to grow her wings! But that wasn’t the half of her trouble. Her older sisters used to mock everything about her. Their parents were so proud of them, being respectable, troublemaking fairies: they would go out every night in their artfully ripped dresses and tall beetle-hide boots, coming back when dawn was well-underway to report on the livestock they harassed, the crops they ruined, and the babies they had spirited out of their cribs.

Little Gilly longed to go with them, but they never would let her. “She’ll spoil our fun!” they whined. “She’s such a ninny! Let her go play with her little blossoms!” For out of her whole family, she was the only one who liked to watch things grow instead of die.

And that's a rather tough spot to be in. )

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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: The Swan and the Mermaids
Colors: Fire Opal 20 (destroy what you love/want most)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt); Glitter (Pride); Glue
Word Count: 1248
Ratings/Warnings: PG; Warning: Drowning
Notes: What is the tag for one-shots? D:

Amara was the most beautiful princess of the land, a radiant jewel who made the palace glow and the people sigh. Not only was she beautiful in face, but everyone assumed she was beautiful at heart as well: she was deeply religious, with a pure mind devoted to transcendent splendors.

But she was very haughty because of her many beauties, and she begin to look down on other women when she went to the marketplace. Any who did not recognize the rareness of her natural grace and piety became objects of scorn--of course, this simply meant any who did not give in to her way.

One day at the dress maker's... )


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