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Name: August
Title: the feeling of being in motion again
Story: Despite the Abundance
Colors: Darling Grey #11, "I didn’t come looking for love, I didn’t come to pick a fight"; Halloween Orange #15, "A moment and my simple, careless plans were all unmade."; Pearls of Wisdom #6, "Beware of the person who has nothing to lose."
Supplies and Styles: Photography
Word Count: 866
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Non-graphic blood and violence; passing mentions of suicidal feelings; hinted at d/s relationship elements; one scene, while it's not terribly obvious if you don't know the verse and the characters, refers to a recovered addict getting tricked into using drugs.
Notes: I have been meaning to write one of the sections of this story for a while now. None of this is quite what I expected, including that part, but hey, it works.

Five moments time stopped for Nathan. )
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Name: August
Title: no place to call home anymore
Story: This City's Got Grace
Colors: Darling Grey #10, "I was counting my losses, wasn’t sure if I should count you"; Halloween Orange #12, "Some little things get broken, and a little means a lot".
Supplies and Styles: N/A
Word Count: 526
Rating: PG
Warnings: Very roundaboutly refers to the aftermath of torture and horrible things, but doesn't go into details. (It's the angel trio, if you've read [profile] thebonesofferalletters' works in this verse.)
Notes: Not a warning but this is, uh. Not a happy story and not a... fair... one? In a lot of ways, to any of the three of them? Basically this is Bobby having a really bad day. I guess caregiver burnout is the best words I've got for it.

In which there is really unhappy nostalgia. )
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Name: August
Story: Don't Be Afraid of a Little Bit of Progress
Colors: Darling Grey #3, "I haven't found a single way to keep it"; True Blue #14, "Sharing"; Aurora #16, "Foreday" with SWL's paint-by-numbers (Surprise me!: Lesbians).
Supplies and Styles: Glue ("You're eager to explore new ways to break up the routine of your daily life and free yourself from old patterns. ...the unfulfilled potential for positive change fills the air and encourages you to take a chance and reinvent yourself.")
Word Count: 757
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Consensual relationship briefly mentioned as starting with the initiating party is underage (17 and 19), and also between two people who are, by mutual agreement, keeping a lot of things from each other, because of dangerous circumstances around them.
Notes: I wrote someone throw me a parade it only took a year and a half. This was written super stream of consciousness well after I should have been asleep, and I'm not rereading it or else I'll never post it, so I'm hoping this makes sense? Meet one half of the sisters that are central to the main story, although it's not actually the one who's a main character.
Also, I need a tag for Darling Grey.

In which May reflects while Tabby sleeps. )


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