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Silver Screen 6: friends are the family you choose

Author: Kat
Title: friends are the family you choose
Story: In the Heart - Fantasyland AU
Colors: Silver screen 6 (I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser, graffiti (Short Films), miniature, fabric (this picture)
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Estivas meets its new sibling.
Warnings: none.
Notes: Estivas has appeared before here and here. Also, dragons in this AU do not have genders as such, and generally prefer to be referred to, when speaking English, as 'it.' Bonus points if you figure out the theme in the dragonets' names.

When Estivas was little, it always wanted a sibling. The ones it had were fine, it supposed, but Verna was a snob, Hibernan cheated at games, and Tumnas was just mean, and anyway none of them really understood it. Its parents would tell it to be patient, and it would make friends better than siblings.

There were friends, too. But none that made it want to change their pronouns.

Then it met little red-headed human who was, really, a dragon in all but body, self-satisfied and flaming and bright.

It was irritating to admit, but its parents had been right.

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