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Midnight 2: Draconic

Author: Kat
Title: Draconic
Story: In the Heart - Draconic AU
Colors: Midnight 2 (Draconic)
Supplies and Materials: Graffiti (Twelve Days of Christmas: I'll Always Be Right There), eraser (Draconic AU), novelty beads (hold out your hand)
Word Count: 727
Rating: PG
Summary: Ivy and Estivas have a conversation. Lars's honor is impugned.
Warnings: a nongendered character is referred to as 'it,' although said character is not human and considers it polite, and it is not intended as an insult.
Notes: I spent a lot of time messing around with draconic language and I figured I should write a story about it. Feel free to ask me questions about it, though you'll get paragraphs in reply.

Ivy didn't remember how the conversation started, exactly. She was trimming Estivas' claws, messing around with the scraps and sharp tips that littered the cave floor. Estivas had the edge of its chin against her shoulder, and for some reason they were talking about languages, and somehow that ended with Estivas trying to teach her its draconic dialect.

She did know why they'd never tried it before, as if the conversation itself didn't demonstrate that quite neatly. Estivas spoke very good English-- it had even mastered second person pronouns, which was pretty rare for dragons-- and Ivy wasn't any good with languages, to the point that Estivas was laughing up at the cave roof, little puffs of flame scorching the rock like they did when it was particularly amused.

"No, no, no," it said. "You don't use that pronoun for Lars. You just called him your parent."

"Ew," Ivy said, and made Estivas laugh another burst of fire. "What's the friend pronoun again?"

"Probably depends on how you feel about him at the moment," it said. "I'm pretty sure Gina wouldn't use the nice one."

That was just a gross exaggeration, and Ivy said so. "She's not that bitter he introduced us," she added. "I deserve a best friend too."

For some reason, that made Estivas duck its head and look away, the rough draconic equivalent of a shy blush. "Yes, well," it said. "Speaking of pronouns. I've been meaning to talk to you."

"Hmm?" She brushed fragments of claw from her lap.

Estivas shuffled, its claws scraping briefly against the floor. "Remember last month, when my sibling was here?"

"Verna, yeah." That had been a little confusing for Ivy. She knew that dragons didn't have genders, and it was easy enough to remember with Estivas, but Verna just sounded like such a female name. Her own fault for making assumptions, she supposed. "It seemed nice."

Estivas nodded. "It is," it said. "It liked you. Anyway, when I was talking to it, I, um. I breached etiquette. I'm sorry."

Ivy blinked at it. "Why are you apologizing to me?" she asked. "I'd think Verna would be offended."

"No." It shook its head. "Verna understood, sort of. Hibernan would have bitten me but Verna's... well, that's neither here nor there. Anyway, it's you I..." Its brow ridges drew together, a draconic frown. "It wasn't an insult. What's the word when you assume something?"

"I'm guessing you don't mean an assumption," Ivy said, and laughed when Estivas blew warm air at her. "Um. Guess? Presumption?"

"Presumption," Estivas said. "That's it. It was a presumption. I presumed. I called you my sibling."

Ivy blinked at it for a moment. She knew... well, she didn't know, not exactly. She was beginning to get the hang of draconic pronouns, but she didn't understand why that would be a presumption instead of just a mistake. "Okay?"

Estivas blew warm air again, this time a frustrated huff. "I... it's as if you told someone that you were in love with Gina before you told her. It's a presumption. I'm sorry."

She still didn't understand, but it clearly bothered Estivas, so she shrugged and said, "Apology accepted."

"Thank you," Estivas said, and then, "Ivy Hirschfeld-Kendall, you are a very dear friend to me, and I would be honored if you would call me your sibling."



She could feel a smile blossom over her face. There were pronouns and there were pronouns, and there were friends and there were friends, and she understood now both the presumption and the sentiment, and loved them both.

"Estivas," she said, solemnly, "I would be honored if you would do the same for me."

It beamed at her, and stretched upwards, extending its wings and then its foreleg. "Would my sibling care to fly with me?" it asked.

The answer was obvious, so Ivy didn't bother to give it in words. She scrambled up Estivas' foreleg and settled herself just before its wings, clinging to a convenient spike on its neck and grinning madly at nothing in particular.

"Whenever my sibling is ready," she said, the formal draconic syntax sitting oddly on her tongue. But it didn't matter, because Estivas let out a whoop and then they were in the air, and sometimes life handed you a perfect moment, and Ivy had no intention of wasting this one.
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Eeeeeee, so sweet!
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Ivy and a dragon fussing around with pronouns. It's like- made of love. THANK YOU.