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Cloudy Gray

Name: Sebastian
Story: Despite The Abundance (Magical conmen AU)
Colors: Cloudy Gray
Supplies and Styles: Saturation
Word Count: ~320
Warnings: None
Summary: A saturation of one sentence ficlets for the AU that is basically the one in which Timothy is a god magnet and a supernatural dealmaker, Nathan is still...Nathan, and a fae conman and his half fae son come along and disrupt both their lives but it's really for the better.
Notes I'm struggling to make words happen right now but I did this and that's...something? I guess. It doesn't feel like enough but it's better than nothing, so fuck it, I'm calling it a win. Also, thank you, [personal profile] finch for putting the idea of doing a one sentence saturation in my head because I kinda wanna do this more often.

1. play

Dorian sits in the passenger seat, his hands working the box until everything is clicking into place and he can open it to see what he's won this time.

2. carry

It's not that he can't carry a tune so much as Dorian chooses to sing enthusiastically rather than with grace.

3. classify

Jack isn't entirely sure what's going on between his son and Timothy but it's sweet, so he doesn't worry too much right now.

4. defy

Nathan isn't always sure he knows what's going on but he's pretty certain that this time they just defied gravity and he's not sure what to do with that.

5. mollify

He knows he's being nervous and weird but Timothy can't help it and even as Nathan sits next to him, rubbing his back, and Jack tells him it's going to be all right, it doesn't soothe away the fear that there's something coming.

6. rectify

She's not going to fix what has happened, she's not that kind of being, but she will help as it suits her.

7. accompany

He never thought he'd still be here, still traveling and helping and doing what he could to earn his keep but Jack and Dorian haven't turned Timothy away yet and it doesn't seem like they will any time soon.

8. lay

The four of them are exhausted, Dorian sprawled out on a couch, Jack claiming a bed while Nathan and Timothy have found the floor of the hotel room, and all of them are a little surprised that they managed to survive that without grievous injury.

9. multiply

The creatures that guarded the vault seemed to be dogs except for the part where they kept multiplying and getting in the way of any chance they had of getting to the door.

10. empty

The emptiness of the road was a little eerie but they were all used to it by this point.
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Eee! You did it! And with such a variety of things, too, I love it. 9 has a Douglas Adams-y feel and I think 6 is my favorite.

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Cute and inspiring!
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[personal profile] kay_brooke 2017-04-11 02:08 am (UTC)(link)
I love this! All these little mini stories, but together they paint such an intriguing picture.