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Ember #20, Sulphur #16, Bone #16: Meeting Hestia

Name: Tom ([personal profile] serpentine)
Title: Meeting Hestia
Universe: [community profile] starikov_chronicles
Colors: Ember #20 - Salamander; Sulphur #16 - Fire; Bone #16 - ashes to ashes
Supplies and Styles: graffiti (Midsummer Night's Dream prompt), eraser (Magical Girl AU)
Word Count: 684
Rating: G
Warnings: No standard warnings apply.

Summary: Zita meets Hestia, a fire salamander and is told she is a magical girl.
Notes: Piece number fourteen for Midsummer Nights Dream. More of the magical girl AU!

‘It's not the best time for making a sandwich’, thought Zita as she pulled down the makings for one, ‘But it’s better than sitting in bed with your stomach growling at you.’ She had woken up just minutes ago in the middle of a cold winter’s night from some terrible dreams and found that she was terribly hungry for some reason.

Putting together the lettuce and tomato on top of the turkey that she had already put down on bread, she took the jar of mayonnaise and opened it so she could spread it on the other piece with a knife. That done, she put it with the rest of the sandwich, put away the last of the ingredients back in the fridge and bit into her sandwich as she exited the kitchen with her plate.

As she walked through the living room, she glanced over at the fireplace where her mother had, hours before, lit a roaring fire with the wood that she had Zita bring in that afternoon. Some of the ember still glowed at the very bottom and she blinked as she thought she saw something move next to it.

She shook her head and started to make her way to the stairs, only to hear a small voice say. “Hey, you!” Zita turned back to look at the fireplace. As she did so, her eyes widened as there was now a small red, lizard-like creature sitting in front of it.

“What…what are you?”

The lizard came up to Zita and looked up at her from her feet. “I am not a what, but a who. I am Hestia, your fire salamander companion! You’re a magical girl, you know.”

Zita squat down as so to see Hestia better. “What do you mean, I’m a magical girl? I don’t actually have anything like magic as far as I know.”

“That’s because you were supposed to be born a normal girl…but the thing is, we need you.”

“…Who is this /we/?”

If it was possible for a lizard to look confused, then the look on Hestia’s face would qualify. “…I’m not sure to be honest. I just get my orders from headquarters, but they tell me you’ve been incarnated on Earth to learn what being human is like.”

Now it was Zita’s turn to look confused. “Wait, you mean I’m not human?” she asked.

“Well, you’re a firebird and because you’re a firebird, you have magic.”

At this Zita burst out laughing. Her laughter was so loud that she accidently woke up her mother, who then came to the top of the stairs and told her to be a bit more quiet before going back to bed.

Zita mentally said sorry as she had not enough time to say it and turned back to Hestia. “I’m sorry, but I’m not actually anything other than an ordinary girl. You have the wrong person.”

Hestia sighed. “Well, I wasn’t expecting you to believe me right away. Anyways, here’s a gift.” With that, a golden pendant of a long-tailed bird appeared before Zita. She picked it up, looking at it carefully as it lay in her palm with an inquisitive look on her face.

“It’s so pretty. May I have it?”

“I did say it was a gift, didn’t I?”

She smiled and put it on. For some reason, it just felt right having there.

Then there was a sudden flash of fiery light and she found herself dressed in the clothes of a magical girl. It was a practical outfit, one with a longer skirt and sleeves that went part way down her upper arms, but it was still also very pretty. She also had the sensation of wings on her back, but when she looked to see if she had any, there were none there.

And she was still holding her sandwich. This seemed so patently ridiculous to her that she was almost tempted to laugh again, but she held it back. After all she did not want to wake her mother again.

“See, I told you were a magical girl,” Hestia said smugly.
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I love how Zita's still so practical.
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Heee! I agree, Zita's sheer practicality is one of the best parts of this.
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I agree, too. Zita is an amazing magical girl.