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Transparent 21, Old Lace 20: Boring

Author: Kat
Title: Boring
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Transparent 21 (Superficial), old lace 20 (Everybody is very much alike, really. But fortunately, perhaps, they don't realize it.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (For Vanessa, getting what she wants from people is hardly a challenge.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, charcoal, feathers ("She's always the smartest person in the room, and she knows it."), glitter (charm), brush (nonpareil), novelty beads (NSFW gif!)
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Vanessa bores easily.
Warnings: emotional manipulation
Notes: Aaand last transparent. I didn't skate in under the wire this time! Go me.

Vanessa bores easily.

People are idiots, interchangeable, easily seduced and as easily cast aside. She learned that as she grew, watching boyfriends and stepfathers shuffle in and out of her life. Mother got bored easily too.

And it's fun, sort of, to take a person and make them exactly what she wants, but perfection is boring and so she always drops them soon. Why stay when you're not having fun?

But this feeling, tilting a glass and smiling red-lipped at a blushing girl, leading her to the bathroom or an alley outside...

That's power.

She'll never be bored with that.
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Oh, that's an interesting contrast.
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Ooh, chilling how little thought Vanessa gives to other people's feelings, but interesting, too.
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You know I always wondered!

I can almost empathize with her not wating to be bored here. But, I know where it leads.

I'd say I enjoyed this, but I also kind of need a bath.

The charcoal gallery over myah is clamoring for a date and scaring me slightly, but I am OK with this.
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We can very much accomodate that!

I tell you what. Let's wait until you've met Jane, and then I'll give Vanessa her pick of the charcoal brigade and then we can write something beautiful and cringe-worthy together.

It'll be a scream. Pun totally intended.