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Transparent 22, Old Lace 16: Please

Author: Kat
Title: Please
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Transparent 22 (Vicious), old lace 16 (It was one of the most vicious laughs I have ever heard. I can assure you it made my flesh creep.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Yvonne.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, canvas, acrylic ("Are you still an asshole?" -Mean Girls), novelty beads (an unfunny take on this).
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: The last time Theresa Wright ever spoke to her sister.
Warnings: none
Notes: Tags later, I'm late for dinner. Tags added.

"Yvonne, please," Theresa said, clasping her hands at her breast. "Please, you could have anyone, why must it be him?"

Yvonne did not look away from her mirror, nor did she pause in combing the long golden hair that had been the envy of Theresa's childhood. "He's mine," she said. "He's always been mine."

"Please, I love him—" One last try; Theresa reached for her sister's shoulder. But Yvonne raised a hand, and laughed when Theresa flinched, a cold laugh that raised the hairs on the back of her neck.

"He's mine," Yvonne said, still laughing, and Theresa fled.
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And Theresa was better off for it. You do a great job of making me want to punch Yvonne every time she shows up.
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In other news, it took some SKILLS to make that cat gif unfunny.

But, you did it.

And you should be proud.