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Electric Purple 3, Old Lace 18: Date Night

Author: Kat
Title: Date Night
Story: In the Heart - Sociopathic Besties AU
Colors: Electric purple 3 (If I were kind and adoring/How would that be?/Very boring (Adam Ant- Desperate But Not Serious)) with SWL's paint-by-numbers (Sociopath Aaron could almost say he's enjoying this... Date, is it?), old lace 18 (Of course, a lot of people are stupid. And stupid people get found out, whatever they do. But there are quite a number of people who aren't stupid, and one shudders to think of what they might accomplish unless they had very strongly rooted principles.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Sociopath!Aaron: No one ever suspects.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (Sociopathic Besties), novelty beads (Deception point)
Word Count: 319
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Aaron goes on a date.
Warnings: emotional abuse
Notes: So, yeah, this happened. Canon!Aaron actually did date Jill Temple, but not for very long.

Aaron kept her waiting, just a bit.

Her name was Jill Temple, and she'd caught a glimpse of him and begged, actually begged, Lars to set them up. Aaron had agreed out of pure curiosity, or so he'd thought at first, but subsequent research—really, people should be careful what they put online under their real names—and his own habit of ruthless self-observation named that the lie it was. He never did anything out of pure curiosity, and he never did anything that did not give him pleasure.

This would give him pleasure. If not the kind anyone else would understand.

Ten minutes past the reservation time when he pushed his way into the restaurant, carrying a heavy white lily. She perked up when she saw him, accepted his glib explanation of a subway delay and took the lily with a girlish little giggle. He suppressed an eyeroll and gave her a charming smile instead, murmuring something inane about sweets for the sweet. She giggled again and blushed, blood rising to her cheeks.

So self-consciously precious. He hid a smile that was not at all charming behind a raised wineglass. He would enjoy this very much.

It was shockingly easy, in the end. He began by ordering for her, and called her darling when she would have objected. He'd cup a hand over hers and say something little, quite sincere: "How beautiful you are; what a good thing," and let her wonder what he meant by that.

Nothing she could take offense at, oh no. He was the sweetest and most considerate date she could have desired. He even walked her home at the end of the night and kissed her smooth cheek. She wanted more, he knew from the faintly disappointed look on her face, but he'd had enough, and he walked away from her with nothing more than a wave.

He said he'd call. He wouldn’t.
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Oooh, this is super creepy, despite nothing really overt happening--well done.
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Oof, super creepy creep. At least he only went out with her once, so she didn't have to deal with him beyond that.
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Watching Sociopath!Aaron play act here is made of joy.

Shameful, shameful joy, but still.

I'll take it! Even if he never calls!