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Sulphur #6

Name: leiamoody
Story: Phantasmirrora---"Girl and The Sea"
Colors: Sulphur #6,“Unholy”
Word Count: 544
Rating: PG
Summary: Miranda has a weird dream.

Miranda stood on a beach made of black sand. There was a lime green sun in a lemon yellow sky with no clouds.

She looked over her shoulder, noticed the ocean was a deep blood-red. A large cliff made of volcanic rock towered above her.

Someone was up there, looking down on her. A tall skinny figure clad in a flowing ebony robe (wrapped head to toe).

It could only be The Summoner.

He spoke: “Welcome to you, Miranda. Death shall be your companion, eternity shall be your curse.”

Miranda felt sudden cold stab through her skin (frozen ichor, the dead silence of a forever winter, the solitary terror of a midnight vigil at the heart of a dark sea).

A skeletal hand rose up from the sleeve,,,The Summoner pulled out a black scorpion from his “mouth” (whatever lay within that gaping maw under the hood). “Here is your welcome present.”

High tide arrived in aquamarine; red seawater was consumed by a sudden rise of delicate blue water. The lemon sky folded back in four directions, revealing a diamond clear back drop which rolled outward like the silk parachute she played with in third grade gym class. Once the sky and sea replaced their darker counterparts, Miranda noticed The Summoner was gone (along with the scorpion). The spot high upon the cliff where he stood only moments ago was now empty.

Another person now entered the scene; he walked up the beach, clad in a red hunting coat, carrying a dark wooden walking stick that stabbed into the sand with each step.


It wasn't until he finished his trek up the beach that Eustace spoke. “Now you've had the welcoming dream.” He stopped within ten feet of Miranda.

Miranda shook her head. “Wait, explain from the beginning..”

Eustace planted his walking stick into the sand. “It's the first step in your transition from one reality to another. First step is when He sees you in the viewing orbs, then He intrudes upon your dreams and presents you with some horrible object...”

“Like a black scorpion?”

Eustace cringed. “Our jailer likes the grotesque. “

“So he does this to everyone who falls through a mirror?”

“Yes, to all of us. To anyone and everyone who has received the book and performed the descent ritual.”

“So he just pops up in dreams complete with creepy scenery?”

“His vista was the new afterlife once Ysonesse was destroyed.” Eustace looked up into the diamond white sky...but now faint rose and gold crept into the white, blending together and forming a beautiful communion. “I've created another space, and I usually can intrude soon enough to provide a better environment than his nightmare.”

“Intrude” was the most obvious way to describe his entry into her dream, but she was grateful for his intervention. Another minute with the big bad Summoner was another minute with the scorpion...

Eustace stepped forward. “Now is a good time for waking up.”

“You guys actually sleep?”

“We slip into the mode of unconsciousness like sleep.”

“Am I doing that right now?”

“Not quite yet. Once you've become immortal, then you will no longer need slumber.”

“So when does that happen?”

“You've completed the first step by receiving the visitation. Now comes the hard lessons...”
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Wow, there's some really great imagery in this.
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Wow, the imagery is amazing. The stuff with the Summoner is really creepy.