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Tyrian Purple #29, Provence Lavender #13

Name: leiamoody
Story: Phantasmirrora—“Don’t Look Back”
Colors: Tyrian Purple #29, “Don’t look back”; Provence Lavender #13, “The neighbors sent this for you”
Word Count: 693
Rating: PG-13 (one swear word)
Summary: Miranda falls into a weird place.
Notes: Title is derived both from the first prompt and the song “Don’t Look Back” by Bliss.

I need the following tags: author: leiamoody and story: phantasmirrora. And a tag needs to be created for Provence Lavender. 

Miranda stumbled along the rocky shore, looking for some kind of exit away from this hell. Slowly crawling out from unconsciousness in the midst of perfect desolation (black dust mountains, fog obscured sky, white sere grass), she held no awareness of time, because it was obvious Eternity would get its ass kicked here.

She arrived in this wherever world face down in the prickly grass; spiked blades dug into her face, so Miranda awakened to little bloody trails crusted over her lips. Boosting up left other blood trails along her palms. Once she finally rose from the grass, Miranda began to wander.

How long did she roam the continuous shore around the lake filled with dark, stagnant water? How long was she trapped within looming mountains of black dust, smoky gray fog that blocked out the sky?

Who created this place? How did she wind up here?

You arrived from the mirror.

Miranda stopped her trek. “Who said that?”

You arrived just like any other Unfortunate.

She made a valiant effort to peer up through the fog, searching for that clear voice which sounded female. The damned fog wouldn’t break apart, and Miranda couldn’t see the mysterious woman/goddess/some kind of being.

Each new arrival comes through a mirror. Everyone in The Realms is a magician.

“I don’t know any magic.”

You have always possessed these abilities. Only now have they manifested to bring you here.

“I’m nobody in particular−”

I once thought as you do. Only too late did I realize all the power contained within my soul. Your arrival heralds the possibility of a new day for The Realms.

“Oh, this place definitely needs a cleaning.”

A gnashing, snapping noise screamed across the valley. 

Don’t look behind you.

The screech vibrated through Miranda’s brain.


Miranda felt the shadow’s radiant cold as it descended from the sky. She turned away, headed up the embankment…

Ran across the dead grass, along the rocky shore…

Fell upon her knees…

Crawled up a sandy hill which put her at the base of a small mountain.

The abyssal shade hovered in the center of the valley. The shadow menace could zip across the landscape, because it followed her from over there on the northern shore to here at the bottom of the mountain. The little pest wouldn’t give up the pursuit. It could lie in wait forever, but she couldn’t remain here for so long. If she fell and never stood up again, the shadow could eat her soul or whatever it was designed for in this world. Getting eaten was preferable to being stuck on a black-dust mountain. Existence versus obsolescence; to die or not to die; two radical outcomes, and she really had no control over her fate.

The shadow gathered itself back into a compact mobile form, then charged in Miranda’s direction.

The mountain before her was covered in oily black dust. No outcroppings, boulders, or anything that could be used as a handhold or foothold. Maybe she could try anyway…because the shadow was getting closer…fast.

“Hey!” A distinctly male voice sounded from over Miranda’s head. She looked up and saw a carriage hovering just off the western side of the mountain. Yes, an honest to Cinderella carriage, white and gold and fancy like a wedding cake. Two people hung from the windows; the guy was at the back, a raven-haired young woman dangled halfway out the front window. She gripped a copper spear.

“Get down!” the guy yelled.

“In the dust?”

“Would you please just do it?”

Miranda flopped onto her stomach. The girl hoisted the spear onto her shoulder. With a grunt and shove, she released the weapon. It flew straight with precision and speed toward the shadow. The shadow flew upward, the spear followed. The black specter formed into a ball. A shrill whistle emanated from the spear as it jammed into the shadow’s center. The shadow burst into raindrop fragments that descended upon the valley and disappeared into the grass.

“That’s another Dark Shadow gone!” the girl yelled.

“Good job, Ari!” the guy replied. “Guess we’d better invite our latest find aboard!”

“Yeah, that would be great!” Miranda declared.


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Your tags have been created.
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Now that I've actually read this, what a great start to a story! It's nice and suspenseful, with a good mystery and an interesting world. Also, I love this sentence: Existence versus obsolescence; to die or not to die; two radical outcomes, and she really had no control over her fate.
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Good beginning! I love the dream-like qualities of the language at the beginning, and I'm curious about the two new people at the end.
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Whoa! Creepy, and cool! I definitely want to see what happens to Miranda next.
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Ooh, the Realms seem creepy and the Dark Shadows pretty terrifying, but I like Miranda a lot, and her new (hopefully) friends too. Good job
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This has me intrigued, that's for sure. I like the creepy atmosphere in the beginning especially. Good work!