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Provence Lavender #14, Moonlight #20, Kingfisher Blue #14

Name: shadowsong26
Story: The Compound
'Verse: Lux
Colors: Provence Lavender #14. Go into town, Moonlight #20. Glisten, Kingfisher Blue #14. 人山人海: mountains and seas of people (people everywhere)
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Short Films; Indie Film), photography, canvas, brush (chthonic), oils
Word Count: 258
Rating: G
Characters: Dimana
Warnings: Nope
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

Dimana's parents brought her to the Compound when she was twelve--a little older than average; most Family kids make the trip before ten. And most of the kids, she found out later, were drawn in by the history, by the Tree, the carefully-tracked generational map sprawling over centuries.

She was...different.

Sure, the Tree was pretty damn cool, and she appreciated the work that had gone into it, but that wasn't what attracted her attention most. First, of course, was the treasure. The Family had collected a lot of art and precious historical artifacts over the centuries, and she was fascinated, and maybe just a little bit tempted. hindsight, her eventual career was not a surprise at all.

But also, the Compound was strangely, comfortingly familiar. She'd grown up on Ganymede, where all the environment domes and cities had been built in the subterranean oceans. The Compound was built in an island, rather than on one. Easier to hide their activities from prying eyes that way. Not that the Family, as a whole, did anything that was exactly illegal, but they didn't want the questions, or the publicity.

So, after she'd been shown the Tree and snuck off to explore on her own, she found one of the windows and sat there for hours, staring out at the ocean and watching the unfamiliar fish and whales drift by. And that--not the raw facts of the Tree, or the lure of the treasure--was what really made her believe she was a part of all of this.
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Oooh, interesting. Does she remember the Compound because she's one of the horsemen, or just because she's familiar from her childhood?