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Warm Light 10, Silver Screen 7: Roses in Springtime

Author: Kat
Title: Roses in Springtime
Story: Shine Like It Does
Colors: Warm light 10 (The light in me will guide you home), silver screen 7 (Go ahead, make my day.)
Supplies and Materials: Graffiti (Short films and Shojo-ai/Shonen-ai), tapestry (warm light/seed beads), seed beads, miniature, reimaging (of Bloom, watercolors (time after time), novelty beads (this picture), fabric (this picture), glitter (August, Helen Hunt Jackson)
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Naomi won't forget this woman.
Warnings: none.
Notes: Your daily dose of romantic cliche.

Naomi comes up the hill on a sunny afternoon and knows, immediately, that she won't forget this woman, kneeling among her roses in gardening hat and gloves, a basket on the ground beside her. Naomi doesn't know her name or age, her joys or sorrows, the twists and turns her life has taken, but she's beautiful, turning her face to the sun.

Then she looks down, this plump ordinary middle-aged woman in her garden, and meets Naomi's eyes with startled recognition: oh, yes, it's you.

"Hello," Naomi says, stepping forward, and the woman smiles, stands, and offers her a rose.