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Dirt brown

Name: Sebastian
Story: Sentient Carnival (The Dead Show AU)
Colors: Dirt Brown
Supplies and Styles: Saturation
Word Count: ~650
Warnings: None
Summary: Saturation for an AU of Sentient Carnival that I am working on. There are a lot of death themes as you might have guessed.
Notes It's Sentient Carnival without the Sentient Carnival but it does have the cast of the other carnival and I felt weird doing a new tag for it when that is the case. So yes. Ho hum, ho hum.

1. Autumn

Quinn sits in the bed of the truck, her eyes closed as she feels the autumn ride in, cool breeze ruffling her hair and the smell of th harvest already starting to rise up from the ground.

2. Barren

The fields aren’t dead, not exactly, but as they drive past, all of them know the those who work the land aren’t going to be pleased this season.

3. Brown

Quinn braids her hair, humming softly to herself as she twists and turns until she’s content with what she’s got.

4. Cave

Sometimes, when she looks at it right, the gates of the carnival look like the mouth of a cave, like something welcoming you into the dark.

5. Fertile

June watches the world from the trailer, the way it unfolds before her, fertile with promise and possibility if only she let herself reach out and grab it.

6. From the earth

Sometimes Ben still thinks he’s under the ground, shoved deep down in a pine box and just hoping someone might come save him.

7. Garden

When they drive past the graveyards, Quinn watches with wide eyes, the look of them hitting her brain like a garden for all those who’ve passed on.

8. Gnome

Whens she was young, Quinn always believed she had come from the ground, from gnomes or a special garden or something.

9. Landslide

The world shifts when they find Alex and Ben but it’s not until Morgan comes into their lives that everything starts to feel like it’s falling.

10. Melancholic

Sometimes June can’t help it, she lets herself fall into strange daydreams and she wonders if she’d be dead if she had stayed home.

11. Mother Earth

Before everyone gets out, before they unpack and settle in for the night, Sloane whispers a quiet thank you to the earth.

12. Mud

Morgan doesn’t eat as much as he should but when everything so often tastes like mud, it’s hard to get the motivation to.

13. Night

Night creeps over the world slowly, enveloping everything in it’s embrace and it’s only then that they really feel like the carnival comes alive.

14. North

They drive north because it’s what the map says, even though Quinn and Sloane both have an uneasy feeling about it.

15. Old Age

No one’s entirely sure how old Sloane is, though they’re dead certain it’s not as young as he seems.

16. Patience

Quinn has always been bad at patience but when June comes around and they start getting along, it gets even worse.

17. Pentacle

June isn’t a reader but the tarot still calls her attention all the same, her fingers itching to play with the cards every chance she has.

18. Plough

The fresh turned earth beneath their feet is hungry, all of them know it, and they’re smart enough to not stick around.

19. Rooted

Quinn knows she didn’t grow up like other people, knows she never planted roots and settled in the way she should have but honestly, she never wanted to.

20. Smell of the living earth

Quinn smells like earth and Ben smells like earth and Morgan smells like earth and all of this leaves Sloane more worried than it really should.

21. Stability

She wraps her arms around her father, holding tight, knowing in her heart of hearts that no matter what happens, she’ll have him to keep her safe.

22. Stone

Morgan keeps stones in his pockets and he says it’s to keep him grounded but Daniel can’t help but pictures rivers.

23. Strength

Ben tries to remember how to be the person he was before the ground, a strong, happy person who knows who he is and where he’s going but all of that feels like far away ghosts rather than anything he could ahve ever actually been.

24. Wisdom

All of them are smart enough to know that there’s wisdom in the earth, though that doesn’t always mean they want to hear it.

25. Worm

Quinn dreams of the ground, of worms and dirt and choking but every time, she finds her way out before they can overwhelm her.
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I told you on your other journal how much I loved this, but it should be said again. Often. A lot. <3
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Ohhh this is so neat!
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Have I told you how much I like your Sentient Carnival pieces? Because I really do.
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Ooooh this is the coolest. I'd love to see more of these people, but I love how you took the earthy theme and turned it to death. Very cool.