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Azul: The Edge of the Sand

Name: Jack
Story: Empty Sky
Colors: Azul
Supplies and Styles: Saturation, Pointillism
Word Count: ~500
Notes: a 1sentence-reminiscent challenge dared by [profile] thebonesofferallletters and prompts chosen by [profile] balsamdash

1. Shelter
When Joachim came to the edge of the desert, the castle that awaited him was so dark he thought it a shadow.

2. To the bitter end
He had been fighting the bitter, stiff desert winds so long he didn't know what to do when faced with a cool, dark space.

3. Incorruptible
The stone walls were smooth as river rocks, showing no wear from the desert storms.

4. Aegis
The rooms were furnished with thick cushions and tapestries and rich woods and heavy books, all bearing symbols that Joachim thought were familiar but could not recognize.

5. Champion
At first he was alone, with only the voice of the walls for company.

6. Against all odds
The shock of another person's steps echoing in the halls panicked him.

7. Bond
He stared a long time before the puzzle of the man's face became clear to him.

8. Oath
"This was my fault," his father said, "and I swore I would find you and the others."

9. Willpower
There was little finding to do; one by one the others wandered across the desert and Joachim found himself in old habits.

10. Guardian
One day there was a door where there had not been one before, on the far side of the castle, and Joachim's father forbade him from going outside.

11. Duty
"You are my son, in my home, and will do as I say."

12. Paladin
Joachim felt the whisper of the stone walls around him and he drew strength from it.

13. Withstand
"Are you so certain that this place is yours?"

14. Test of Time
"Do you realize how long we've been here?"

15. Through thick and thin
"Do you think I would mindlessly serve you for all eternity?"

16. Courage
When he stepped outside, was no desert outside at all, only a city that appeared unlike any Joachim had ever lived in.

17. Commitment
"I'll return," Joachim said to the stone walls and carved wooden doors as he left.

18. Trust your own strength
He had no idea if the city was safe, but if he'd wanted safe he'd have stayed in the castle.

19. Trust the strength of another
He didn't realize he was looking for someone until the hundredth time he thought "not them".

20. Zest
The freedom was its own reward as he wandered the city for the sheer joy of seeing it.

21. Dedicated
Joachim noted the marketplaces and other shops where he might trade for the things the castle didn't provide.

22. Sympathy for a lion
A woman stepped out of the shadows, blood black as moonlight on her skin.

23. Let your actions speak
He was still staring at her, trying to put the pieces together, when she kissed him.

24. Against one's own nature
"I remembered my name," she told him, "it's Rajani."

25. No promise of salvation
"We can't have what we wanted, but perhaps we could have something else."

26. Mythic hero
Joachim went back to the castle with Rajani at his side, and his father could not stop them.

27. Mythic lovers
They made up for lost time, talking for days and sprawling across each other.

28. Rectitude
"I cannot stay," she said finally.

29. Pledge
"I have promised my service to the Dark Lady, who protected me from your father."

30. Token of Strength or Loyalty
She left her veil draped over the end of his bed, promising that if he whispered into it she would hear him.
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Oh wow, this was super cool! It makes a coherent story an that is kind of awesome. Go you!
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Man, I love these. I think that 19 was my favorite but I love the little sort of glimpses here and there. You paint a beautiful picture in such small bursts.
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This works so well; each sentence tells its own story, but they also work as a whole. Nicely done!
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Oh NICE. What a great pointillism and ow? I hope they can be together soon.