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Midnight 13: Bloom

Author: Kat
Title: Bloom
Story: Shine Like It Does
Colors: Midnight 13 (Rooting)
Supplies and Materials: Seed beads, glitter (Discovery, Florence Ripley Mastin), beading wire (oh... hello), miniature
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Life was good these days.
Warnings: none.
Notes: Katie is related to the main cast mostly by virtue of having been supposed to marry Christopher.

Life was good these days.

Katie paused in her planting, braced her hands at the small of her back. Five years ago she couldn't have done this. Wouldn't have been allowed to, and now she had her own house, her own garden, her own kitchen with pies cooling on the windowsill. Her own peaceful existence free of parents and ex-husbands and expectations and demands.

She gazed quietly out over her fence, caught the brown eyes and brilliant smile of the most gorgeous woman she had ever seen, and felt her heart leap into her throat.


So much for serenity.
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But so much joy can come from "oh"
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No serenity for you, Katie. I know the author.

...I am also pretty sure this happened, but I was holding a pan of meatballs.


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But I think Katie won't mind the loss of serenity too much. :)