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Rose #6, Sherry #8, Blue Opal #15

Name: Greenling
Story: All Great Things
Colors: Rose #6 (Life is a rose; beware of the thorns.), Sherry #8 (I'm ceded -- I've stopped being Their's --), Blue Opal #15 (Like the last time I saw them)
Supplies and Styles: Graffiti (Lilith Fair Day 2 Second Stage), Paint by Number (Several years after a bad breakup, two characters meet again.), Novelty Beads (Image), Glitter, Charcoal
Word Count: 301
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of graphic violence and death, implications of mental illness.
Summary: Diana met someone she knew in Philadelphia. A minor interstitial scene occurring around the middle of Part 2.

Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

Rose sat in a bright fog, surrounded by figures of light. They danced and played in fits and starts, changing from shape to shape before resetting themselves. She had so many ideas, but none of them stood out.

A dark, heavy feeling settled in the back of her mind. She frowned.

Have you eaten?

Her physical form sighed and shifted on the bed. "Yes."

It seemed to accept this, but stayed where it was, watching. The figures blinked in and out, and her focus settled on one in particular. She considered her options.

"I ran into Diana today."

It seethed suddenly, an overwhelming mix of surprise and bloodlust; Rose smiled. So it hadn't been paying attention. That meant her reaction had been hers alone.

That was nice.

"She looked older," Rose continued idly, tugging and molding the light of the figure in her hands like stretchy yarn. "Stress, I guess. Otherwise the same."

Find her, it seethed. Images of Diana flickered into her mind, glassy-eyed, ripped to pieces from throat to groin. Her head smashed in by a heavy object. Drowned and bloated. Destroy her before she interferes with your plans. Feast on her blood.

"No," Rose said, savoring how the word felt in her mind as she said it. "She didn't know I was here before she saw me, and she still can't see anything. Killing her will just get more mortals poking around."

Another image: Diana naked and trembling, begging her for something or anything. Are you sure that's how you feel.

She bit her lower lip until it hurt, enjoying the feeling, and smiled brighter. "Doesn't matter, does it? If you're right, she'll be gone or dead either way."

It acceeded the truth of this, and Rose went back to her games. She had a wonderful idea now.
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there was a lot of anticipation here, the violence and the blood lust and the well, lustlust was so good.