bookblather: Natalie Dormer looking smugly off-camera. (Miranda Hennessy: Natalie Dormer)

ElecPurple 12, Cotton Candy 8, Old Lace 10: Salted Lace

Author: Kat
Title: Salted Earth
Story: Shine Like It Does
Colors: Electric purple 12 (Your former glories and all the stories/Dragged and washed with eager hands/But ohh oh your city lies in dust, my friend (Siouxsie & The Banshees- Cities in Dust)) with SWL's paint-by-numbers (Miranda. Crushes. Someone.), cotton candy 8 (climbing trees) with blossom's paint-by-numbers (Miranda thinks about her life as she moves up the corporate ladder), old lace 10 (However, girls were just as obstinate then as they are now, and as they always will be.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Miranda always gets the job done.).
Supplies and Materials: Glue (It really shouldn't be so complicated to just let someone know how you feel. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to express yourself today, prompting others to think you're not being very sincere at all.), oils (life on the line), stain (I've accepted that I'm not going to die of natural causes, [but] getting killed 'cuz you're naturally a dick seems like natural causes to me. - Randy K. Milholland), novelty beads (this image), pastels (vengeance).
Word Count: 952
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It all comes back to Andrew Dalton.
Warnings: mentioned drug use, sexual harassment, minors having sex, and a blink and miss it mention of unwanted sexual activity (in the midst of otherwise consensual sexual activity. Plus inherent misogyny and racism.

Salted Earth )
bookblather: Michael Wetherby turning back and smiling. (in the heart : michael : michael weather)

Old Lace 14: Strain

Author: Kat
Title: Strain
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Old lace 14 (I have had too much experience of life to believe in the infallibility of doctors.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Michael gets fed up.)
Supplies and Materials: Pointillism, novelty beads (Something wrapped), acrylic (rare occurance), stain ("An optimist is a guy that’s never had much experience." - Don Marquis).
Word Count: 128
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael doesn't break his ankle.
Warnings: medical... erm, not malpractice but ignoring patient? IDK, if someone can come up with a better description I would appreciate it.
Notes: For those of you new to this story, Michael has OI and thus is very used to breaking bones.

Strain )
bookblather: A picture of Regina Spektor with her face half in shadow. (in the heart: olivia)

Cotton Candy 16, Old Lace 5: be ok

Author: Kat
Title: be ok
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Cotton candy 16 (rolling down the hill) with blossom's paint-by-numbers (Olivia has a bad day; Jake helps her with it the best way he can.), old lace 5 (It is pretty and it is quaint, but it is very self-consciously so.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Someone's mask slips.)
Supplies and Materials: Novelty beads (take a deep breath).
Word Count: 460
Rating: PG
Summary: Olivia has a rough day, and Jake helps. A little, but it's help.
Warnings: depiction of depression.
Notes: It's Olivia and Jake day, apparently. Except for the Shine Like It Does stuff coming up. And Michael. Fuck yeah Michael.

be ok )
bookblather: George Clooney in a suit and sunglasses, looking at the camera. (Christopher Hennessy : George Clooney)

Old Lace 1: Theft

Author: Kat
Title: Theft
Story: Shine Like It Does
Colors: Old lace 1 (I felt that his mind might run in strange, unrecognized channels.) with Sara's paint by numbers ("Don't call me crazy.")
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, canvas (just prior to Christopher and Isobel's wedding), stain (The petty economies of the rich are just as amazing as the silly extravagances of the poor. - William Feather), glue (Break through your own reticence, because nothing will change if you wait for anyone else to speak for you.), novelty beads (this gif).
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: Christopher cannot believe his mother sometimes.
Warnings: racism.
Notes: I have written two sentences of my term paper. Again, PRIORITIES.

Theft )
bookblather: A picture of Tricia Helfer in a white shirt, smiling, with her chin in her hand. (in the heart: gina)

Kohl Saturation with Old Lace 19: Beauty

Author: Kat
Title: Beauty
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Kohl saturation with old lace 19 (Beauty is perhaps a dangerous possession.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (People underestimate Gina. It comes in useful.)
Supplies and Materials: Canvas (Gina's childhood), miniature collection, brush (comely), oils (conditional love), glitter (familiar), novelty beads (every time).
Word Count: 914
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Gina and her beauty.
Warnings: blink and miss it mentions of street harassment and emotional abuse
Notes: This... didn't quite go as I wanted it to.

Beauty )
bookblather: Enver Gjokaj in black and white smiling camera left. (in the heart : felipe : enver gjokaj)

Xanadu 1, Old Lace 13: Transparency

Author: Kat
Title: Transparency
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Xanadu 1 (utopia), old lace 13 (In a place like this everybody's private affairs are more or less public property.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Someone makes an important announcement. No one is surprised by the news.)
Supplies and Materials: Modeling clay (uncomfortable conversation), pastels (surprise), novelty beads (this picture).
Word Count: 1100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Felipe's family is shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here.
Warnings: mentioned homophobia and biphobia, homophobic slur (not directed at anyone and presented AS a slur).
Notes: For the record, the first four children are each exactly two years apart. Renata was a surprise.

Transparency )
bookblather: Teryl Rothery looking camera left with a raised eyebrow (in the heart : gail : teryl rothery)

Old Lace 7: Protection

Author: Kat
Title: Protection
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Old lace 7 (I hope you dear young people will never realize how very wicked the world is.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Gail knows she can't always protect her kids from the world.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, brush (peccant), feathers (The girl who disappears from the pool/will never return. A woman will return,/looking for the girl she was.).
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: If Gail could change her children, she might.
Warnings: none
Notes: Yeah, this... yeah.

Protection )
bookblather: Alan Tudyk in a suit looking at the camera. (in the heart : zack : alan tudyk)

Old Lace 4: Zachary Ryan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Author: Kat
Title: Zachary Ryan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Story: In the Heart - Urban Fantasy AU
Colors: Old lace 4 (Sunday dawned, dark and sullen, with an overcast sky and the threatenings of thunder in the air.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (The day started out bad and got worse.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (urban fantasy), yarn (supercell thunderstorm over Texas), chalk (lightning), stickers (In Finland July 27th is National Sleepyhead Day. Traditionally the last to wake is woken with water.), oils (full moon), novelty beads (Thunder).
Word Count: 1512
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It started with a thunderstorm, and got worse from there.
Warnings: cussing
Notes: none.

Zachary Ryan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day )
bookblather: A picture of Tricia Helfer in a white shirt, smiling, with her chin in her hand. (in the heart: gina)

Old Lace 9: In the Dark

Author: Kat
Title: In the dark.
Story: In the Heart -- EPIC PIRATE AU
Colors: Old lace 9 (One might do something that is considered definitely wrong--that is considered a crime, even, for a very good and sufficient reason.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (EPIC PIRATE AU: Ivy may be a pirate, but she still has standards.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (epic pirate AU), fabric (this picture), modeling clay (weariness), chalk (a child clinging to her father), pastels (outnumbered), novelty beads (I thought we were both involved/I thought we were two rights doing wrong/But suddenly I'm all alone/I'm holding something we both own/And I'm not sure I fired this smoking gun. - "I'll Be Guilty", World Without Sundays).
Word Count: 1027
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The world is changing, and people do terrible things.
Warnings: slavery, the effects, and the aftereffects of it, mention of rape and violent death.
Notes: Yes, that's Andy.

In the Dark )
bookblather: Lucy Hale looking back over her shoulder with a smile. (in the heart: Ahava: Lucy Hale)

Old Lace 15: All of Us and You

Author: Kat
Title: All of Us and You
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Old lace 15 (Has it ever occurred to you how much we go by what is called, I believe, the context? ... So when we repeat a conversation, we don't, as a rule, repeat the actual words; we put in some other words that seem to us to mean exactly the same thing.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (A misunderstanding resolved by communication...or made worse by the lack thereof.)
Supplies and Materials: Canvas, seed beads, acrylic ("You think you can mess up so bad we'll just give up on you? You can't. You are part of this family now and you're going to feel the full weight of that. You're going to wish we threw you out." -Sandy Cohen; The O.C.), oils (don't be afraid), glitter ("You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough." Frank Crane), feathers (Your character is on the run.), novelty beads ("The key to change... is to let go of fear." -Rosanne Cash).
Word Count: 1165
Rating: PG
Summary: Brendan knows this won't last.
Warnings: emotional scarring from the foster system
Notes: First of two family-related things.

All of Us and You )
bookblather: A picture of Tricia Helfer in a white shirt, smiling, with her chin in her hand. (in the heart: gina)

Xanadu 2, Old Lace 11: Children

Author: Kat
Title: Children
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Xanadu 2 (land of milk and honey), old lace 11 (There is nothing that you can tell me about people's minds that would astonish or surprise me.) with Sarah's paint-by-numbers (Someone thinks they've seen it all. Turns out they haven't.).
Supplies and Materials: Frame, miniature, glue (Your lighthearted sense of humor relieves some of the stress in the immediate moment, but it doesn't fix the underlying cause.), glitter (apology), novelty beads (Vanilla noir).
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Yes, Gina, the Lord is testing you.
Warnings: none.
Notes: Thanks to Isana for prompting this.

Children )
bookblather: A picture of Tricia Helfer in a white shirt, smiling, with her chin in her hand. (in the heart: gina)

Transparent 21, Old Lace 20: Boring

Author: Kat
Title: Boring
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Transparent 21 (Superficial), old lace 20 (Everybody is very much alike, really. But fortunately, perhaps, they don't realize it.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (For Vanessa, getting what she wants from people is hardly a challenge.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, charcoal, feathers ("She's always the smartest person in the room, and she knows it."), glitter (charm), brush (nonpareil), novelty beads (NSFW gif!)
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Vanessa bores easily.
Warnings: emotional manipulation
Notes: Aaand last transparent. I didn't skate in under the wire this time! Go me.

Boring )
bookblather: Teryl Rothery looking camera left with a raised eyebrow (in the heart : gail : teryl rothery)

Transparent 14, Old Lace 12: No Regrets

Title: No Regrets
Story: In the Heart -- Regency AU
Colors: Transparent 14 (Sunrise), old lace 12 (When people say things behind your back there is nothing you can refute or deny, and the rumors go on growing and growing, and no one can stop them.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (She will beat the rumors. She won't let them destroy her.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (Regency AU), canvas, brush (encumber), chalk (a child spotlighted by sunlight), glitter (- "You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space." – Johnny Cash), novelty beads (If they hurt you/They hurt me too/So we'll rise up/Won't stop (from "All About Us" by Tatu)).
Word Count: 120
Rating: PG
Summary: Gail won't lie down.
Warnings: sexist slur.
Notes: A Spenserian sonnet for your delectation and delight.

No Regrets )
bookblather: Ali Larter with messy hair staring intensely at the camera. (in the heart : yvonne : ali larter)

Transparent 3, Old Lace 6: Edges

Author: Kat
Title: Edges
Story: In the Heart -- Urban Fantasy AU
Colors: Transparent 3 (Sylph), old lace 6 (I had been right about the afternoon sunlight, the shadows were far more telling.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Someone takes a second look at a situation and figures out the truth.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, charcoal, eraser (Urban Fantasy AU), stickers (The Aztecs used to sacrifice butterflies to their god Quetzalcoatl.), brush (dudgeon).
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Yvonne prepares for a night out.
Warnings: Yvonne's particular brand of emotional abuse.
Notes: An attempt at portraying an epiphany through someone else's POV. And SWL, there is an entirely possible injoke here that is JUST FOR YOU.

Edges )
bookblather: Mia Maestro pulling her hair back. (Charlotte Hennessy : Mia Maestro)

Transparent 6, Old Lace 17: fly

Author: Kat
Title: fly
Story: Shine Like It Does
Colors: Transparent 6 (Bird), old lace 17 (The most nervous people are far more brave than one really thinks they are.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Charlotte will make it on her own.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, novelty beads (you're hired), brush (efflorescence), glitter (build).
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Summary: Charlotte is ready.
Warnings: none.
Notes: You know how some stories just kinda write themselves?

fly )
bookblather: Ali Larter with messy hair staring intensely at the camera. (in the heart : yvonne : ali larter)

Transparent 22, Old Lace 16: Please

Author: Kat
Title: Please
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Transparent 22 (Vicious), old lace 16 (It was one of the most vicious laughs I have ever heard. I can assure you it made my flesh creep.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Yvonne.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, canvas, acrylic ("Are you still an asshole?" -Mean Girls), novelty beads (an unfunny take on this).
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: The last time Theresa Wright ever spoke to her sister.
Warnings: none
Notes: Tags later, I'm late for dinner. Tags added.

Please )
bookblather: A closeup of Daniel Vettori in glasses and a baseball hat (in the heart: aaron)

Electric Purple 3, Old Lace 18: Date Night

Author: Kat
Title: Date Night
Story: In the Heart - Sociopathic Besties AU
Colors: Electric purple 3 (If I were kind and adoring/How would that be?/Very boring (Adam Ant- Desperate But Not Serious)) with SWL's paint-by-numbers (Sociopath Aaron could almost say he's enjoying this... Date, is it?), old lace 18 (Of course, a lot of people are stupid. And stupid people get found out, whatever they do. But there are quite a number of people who aren't stupid, and one shudders to think of what they might accomplish unless they had very strongly rooted principles.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Sociopath!Aaron: No one ever suspects.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (Sociopathic Besties), novelty beads (Deception point)
Word Count: 319
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Aaron goes on a date.
Warnings: emotional abuse
Notes: So, yeah, this happened. Canon!Aaron actually did date Jill Temple, but not for very long.

Read more... )
bookblather: Bruce Greenwood resting his chin on his folded hands and smiling. (in the heart : nathan : bruce greenwood)

Transparent 5, Old Lace 8: Poppet

Author: Kat
Title: Poppet
Story: In the Heart - EPIC PIRATE AU
Colors: Transparent 5 (Blown away), old lace 8 (I have never seen a man more completely wrapped up in a child.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Nathan, on Aaron.)
Supplies and Materials: Miniature collection, eraser, canvas, brush (filial), glue (Your easygoing nature is appreciated more than you know.), acrylic (poppet), glitter ("Love is giving someone the ability to destroy you… but trusting them not to." – Unknown), novelty beads (this gif).
Word Count: 300
Rating: G
Summary: Nathan and his children.
Warnings: none
Notes: It's been too long. Have some pirates.

Poppet )
bookblather: A picture of Pink in a pink shirt and black beret. (in the heart: danny)

Transparent 23, Bittersweet 1, Old Lace 3: home sweet home

Author: Kat
Title: home sweet home
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Transparent 23 (Atmosphere), bittersweet 1 (growing apart), old lace 3 (There are certain places imbued and saturated with good or evil influences which can make their power felt.) with sara's paint-by-numbers (This place always makes Danny feel on edge.).
Supplies and Materials: Miniature, canvas (Danny is about twenty), chalk (this picture), novelty beads (crawl inside a bottle)
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Danny on her hometown.
Warnings: brief reference to recreational drug use.
Notes: none.

home sweet home )
bookblather: Kaylee fangirling: text is fangirl. (fangirl)

Bittersweet 8, Old Lace 2: Sour Sweet

Author: Kat
Title: Sour Sweet
Story: The Devil Herself
Colors: Bittersweet 8 (missed opportunities), old lace 2 (By profession he was a writer and he liked the atmosphere to be flawless.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers ("That story is too ridiculous not to be true.").
Supplies and Materials: Graffiti (Recycle challenge), reimaging (of this), collage, glue (Although your no-nonsense attitude will likely get you through the day, you could land in trouble if you don't pay attention to the more subtle influences at play. Just make sure to keep an open mind today.), novelty beads (this gif.).
Word Count: 392
Rating: PG
Summary: What in the ineffable Name even is this.
Warnings: none.
Notes: Remix wooo. For Sara! Somewhat hilariously using her paint-by-numbers.

Sour Sweet )