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Ember #6

Author: SWL
Story: Jealous of Roses, Arc 3 Cuts You Up
Index: Click Here.
Colors: Ember #6- Bravery
Supplies and Materials: Finger Paint.
Word Count: 1,200ish
Summary: Zephyr on Pip.
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to abuse. May require tissues.
Suggested BGM:
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

It was skyscrapers coming up mirrors by the time Zephyr got back to Sky Plaza.

He caught Duckie at her desk, snifter of brandy in her hand as she watched the foot traffic wander on to cel phones and stories of who had done what that day and why they were late.

He'd been out on the streets since first shots, listening.

So, he figured she kinda couldn't mind if he marched on in, filled up her glass and got himself one.

Duckie put her feet up on the desk before he ever got the chance.

"Long day?" he asked. Congenial and just a little snide.

"If it goes on much longer," she suggested over a sip. "You?"

"Not gonna believe this, but the mood on the street? 's kinda lifted. Like everybody's high an waitin to see what next, man."

She mulled over that for like a long swirling silver while. "That /is/ interesting. I suppose you have more intel besides that but..."

"Do I!"

"Unless it's pressing, let's wait."

"Kay. One thing. Kildeas and Hitomi were on the line soon as it got announced you were OK. Why, still workin on that, but..." he shrugged. His own sip came off much more than hers as he offered her his arm.

And she smiled. "I already had that with your daughter. She's been quite obliging all around. In fact, she should still be in the Cirrus if you want to say goodnight."

He nodded, having figured. That /was/ Naila hunched over Evi's desk.

He and Duckie shot the shit about the mess come morning and this other meeting later in the week besides as good as canceled.

On his way out, Evi knuckled him good, shouting at him for being late and sloppy, when really she gave him the go round of the evening before him waltzing in. If Naila landed a few play punches in besides, hey, that was cool too. Naila's head being all lily perfume and oyster inside glisten He liked it a lot.

And nowing that much. That they were safe.

But, he like finding his daughter and her friend asleep at that conference table, covered in grownup jackets, the scruffy guy from clearance snoozing on the floor so they could have all the light and the arm pillows against each other's hair.

He thought of waking Pip with a touch. But, even in her sleep and the halflight of alllll that city out there, her lips breathing so quiet. Her hair a fairy violet instead of her eyes.

Just watching her there, he felt into his own heart, flighty with the traceries of others.

It calmed and it reached like a bloom of salt on the air.

The old bruise remained, deep in the center. It stirred more than it had for a long, long while.

He remembered.

He let her to sleep.

Zephyr went back to the manor- still stirring and bright and coffee-scented despite it being night and all.

He stole a cup, sat at his desk with the notepad he used for Dad's letter.

And, he wrote.

The margins are full of flowers and bugs and mice and maybe fairy hands if you look real close. Words splotch and dart sideways together, cut up with dashes and swirls that don't quite mask the halts.

Cutie Pie-

I love you and I dont know what Id do without you.

You already got the idea but I wanted you to have it in writing cause you deserve all the good things and hopefully this can be a good thing too. One to carry a round with your heart be cause you want to.

I try not to be a shamed of how much I need you. I really really do. I know your OK with it and you always have been. Even when you were so tiny and I was still learning how to carry you round. But thats backwards for dads.

Besides, know I didnt take it so good when I first found out a bout you. Or do the right stuff about you. Or always let you protect me in stead of the other way round.

I mean our right thats not everybody elses right. Like we decided.

If I could ever be better for you then I want to. Your the bravest person I know. Not just a bout nasty stuff. Its so cool you can handle that! But you dun let anythin stop you from what you want. If its little. If its the whole world. And usually is not just for you. Is for somebody you care about.

Carin about people and meanin it thats the bravest thing anybody ever does and you are all full up of it.

Is almost kind a over whelmin how much I love you.

That anybody would ever love me back. Even if you dun think that way.

In your mind I walked in to your life out a dreams and stuff.

But you always. You trusted me. I dun know if I deserve it. But I want to.

You never ever questioned that it hurts some times inside me over you.

You were the one who thought it first. That loves all aches and clinging under the silk and the yes and the insect wings that want.

People would say stuff like that and Id hear. But it didnt mean nothin to me until you.

You made it OK to be me. Real close as anybody ever could. Your didnt have to. But you did. And thats just.

Pip- I didnt want to be me again ever there for a long time. But now I can. And I'm not alone be cause this one amazin person chose to come with me.

In the end if neither of us want to be alone, we should be glad theres us. I am. I promise. I love us but in the end I love you best of all.

I want you to be happy forever and ever as long as that is.

Im sorry Im not perfect. Im *not* sorry I love you or that you love me back. I will always be amazed by you what you do. I will always be amazed you came from me.

If you remind me of your mom sometimes I want you to know too I did love her. You didnt come from just hate and pain. You couldnta a. Someone as brave as you are has to have somethin to make her hear I like to think.

It is cosmic.

My life would be empty without you but so would all a that. Im not just sayin be cause Im your dad. I say that as somebody you shared your love with. Somebody whos touched the people you touch and feels what you do.

I love you Pip.

Ill say it till there are no words anymore.

PS Alexis owes you icecream for yesterday.

He supposed she'd catch it after school. Where he left it on her desk and all.


Zephyr woke up the next morning with a Piplet squirmed under his arm.

How did she... how did she do that? Without waking him and all.

As if he ever needed to prove to anyone she's amazing.

That just shouldn't be possible, man.

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[personal profile] kay_brooke 2014-02-07 08:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh my god, that is quite possibly the sweetest letter ever. I'm fighting tears over here.
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[personal profile] finch 2014-02-08 08:47 pm (UTC)(link)
brb crying

But seriously this is so sweet I don't even.
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a blogger doing a barrel roll across the screen, text is nope

Things which made this even more absolutely unacceptable feelings-wise: I was listening to father-daughter dance songs whilst reading.
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[personal profile] feline_scribe 2014-03-12 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not sure anything could be sweeter. See, this why Zeph remains my second favorite (and/or tied with Seb for first place) character. He and Pip are just ... they're never going to be your normal/average father and daughter. But what they are is so much better, and richer, and somehow (in some way) more real.

I love that he wakes up to find Pip there with him. That's just the prefect ending.

And I did not go teary eyed reading his letter to Pip. Of course I didn't. (I'm lying.)
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[personal profile] serpentine 2014-03-16 12:35 am (UTC)(link)
oh. that is really sweet. It made me really happy inside. And feels. but it makes me happy.