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Ember #25

Author: SWL
Story: Jealous of Roses, Arc 1
Index: Click Here.
Colors: Ember #25- Wand
Supplies and Materials: None Today. This was originally a meme request made by [personal profile] isana (Duclos and Tian the day of Waltzes Are Easy and Company).
Word Count: 1,375
Summary: Lords play golf. Someone survives to tell the tale.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None today.
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

Baudelaire, like many lords, certainly not all, kept up the trappings of a corporate pall-bearer- his words -during the day, in front of the public, whenever he drove past a cop and, of course, as it suited him.

His real surname was Glassman and the portion of the arcology he occupied was made mostly /of/ glass, perched on top of lesser brokers and future chic apartments like a cork in a bottle of wine, besides almost in its own clouds.

Really, a pain in the ass to get to, or so Tian had thought for a very long time by that afternoon.

Despite this, the offices of Glassman, Shenk and Lilota (Shenk being dead and Lilota fictitious) never looked more than a few hours occupied. The gilt shone, the windows carried not a streak, the accolades on the credenza were always timely and the man-made turf for the two indoor golf holes creaky under Duclos's heels.

Presently, she shifted an iota too far to the right as she leveled her swing. In drawing her club, the head listed over her back, swanning there an instant before the *whack*.

The ball missed its intended mark, albeit only by a handful of inches. There were cheers regardless and drinks exchanged in the gallery- say, Roissy, her second Morella, Jenny, her second Jibriel, and Baudelaire, with all seven of his ladies.

Duclos gave them all a Giaconda smile. "Oh. Fore," she said. Long after anyone in the way would have had a chance to duck.

"Hey," Jenny retorted. "It's not four if it's your first swing! Am I right?"

Jibriel shook her head at the inquiring glance. Roissy just sniggered.

It all met with a shrug regardless. "What can I say? Somebody's got to be the worst putter here."

"You do wear it well." Duclos helped herself /to/ a putter in the meantime.

Amidst any stalking off across the green which may or may not have come about after, Baudelaire rubbed his chin with one hand and a rather phallic crystal assentation of what a law-abiding shark he was with the other. "Untrue," he decided. "Jenny might wear everything well..."

And she doffed her tricorn to that.

"But, Kildeas broke a lamp last time he was here."

"Not surprised," said Roissy.

"His second now, he's a natural."

"Also not surprised. Try harder! I shouldn't be this bored on solstice!"

"Nature is overrated," Duclos told the head of her club which she then applied with grace to the ball which of course traveled the last of its way into vanishing.

The hole she had chosen was posted as par three, according to its latest design. Baudelaire put his interns in charge of creating and destroying his turf distractions. The creations that way came out particularly devilish; this in the hopes of promotions every bit as imaginary as Lilota.

Tian at least found the ongoing situation downright cute. Almost like watching her lord waggle the head of the very inappropriate nine iron between herself and Jenny

Just to have it traded off for a fresh glass of rose.

Tian drank from first. She found it cloyingly sweet, but the wine being poorly made was not the same as the wine being poisoned or spoilt and so, she gave it back to her lord. She just pulled a bit of a face when she did it.

Duclos had a sip. Smacked her lips. And chose to join Baudelaire at the credenza. So, Tian did too, passing a quick nod to Kielris, second of their host for the afternoon and generally a buyer of less awful drinks.

Jenny made a show of stretching and flexing and waving the nine all around. Duclos's own flourishes seemed austere by comparison. Besides the part where Jenny also talked through her swing. "How about whatever it is you bought from Kildeas? That's kinda natural. Abnormal, not to mention /not here/ so I don't get to appreciate it at all. Oh, FOUR!"

The subsequent shot popped right off the green and under the desk.

Duclos craned her way towards the window and those grumpy lion feet Jenny had to dig around beneath, a blob of ostrich feathers and velvet occasionally sharing a "damn" with the audience. "It's just a purchase. Am I not allowed buy things on your territory?"

"No way! Which territory was that?"

"Oh, you know. Savio's 99."

"That's not mine and you know it. Liar, liar, guns for hire."

To somewhat of a surprise, at least a hint of novelty, there came a plink and the golf ball in play sailed out from under the desk, arcing more or less to Duclos's shoes, although it did stop very, very short indeed.

Baudelaire raised his glass. "And this is why being a neutral party has so many advantages. I didn't get to be an eighty-two year old /lord/ by picking fights."

"Anyway," Jenny remarked, flouncing on over. "Is she hot?"

"I leave that question to the experts." (All eyes fell to Roissy, who glanced skyward regarding this sudden attention.) "You'll see for yourself in due time."

"When you do what? Rub her in everyone's face?"

"Well, besides that."

"Makes people come to certain conclusions that you started anything at all." Not being a good implication to make inches off from the feet of anyone's lord, but particularly /Tian's/. A growl echoed through the whole room.

Nothing much happened though. Jenny took another swing. The ball came close to the hole, teetered on the edge and an agonizing instant later tipped right in. The current owner of the nine iron- yes, she had putted with that -shouldered the thing and had a strut. "Not like I care. It all sounds horrible-novel-tastic anyway."

Said Duclos: "You know me and horrible novels."

"Oh yes."

"But have I ever cared what anyone thinks?"

"I can remember a few times," came the answer from Baudelaire, one given with a glint of interest that didn't suit any neutral parties at all.

"Why would anyone question me? Consider the situation: seven woman and one man. What conclusions do people draw?"

And he laughed despite the barb. Mostly because those conclusions were all so obviously true. Besides clapping along. All seven of them.

"I conclude certain other people here have a weird thing for fun-sized courtiers," Jenny shouted above the din. "I swear, if we ever get a dwarf up for auction, you'll be all over that."

"Honey," groaned Roissy, the groan part mostly for having to march over and make gestures of possession over Morella's lace before Jenny ever ceded her club and so the rights to the next turn. "She's only into finance and whatever."

"Don't call me honey. I get invited to those shindigs too."

"Oh, so Kildeas remembered. In between breaking lamps, I mean. He's got such a tight schedule for someone who looks like he should belong to our dear Duckie."

Duclos sighed. "I'll have you know, they eat me out of house and home, all smallness aside. I might as well be paying to refuel mecha at this rate."

"Then stop feeding them at Savio's 99?" Suggested Baudelaire. Even though- that was very much his lounge and he had, if anything was true that afternoon, very much known all along what and who had been brokered there.

His bartender made a fine espresso martini. Tian could almost taste it. Anyway, remembering helped her forget what there was in the way of drinks at present.

"Wait, you mean Siebenkas isn't an android? I'm so disappointed," Jenny groused, then handed the club to Roissy, head up, shaft still sweaty judging from the way Morella dabbed at it.

"And here, you keep buying them anyway. You're up to something," said Roissy in the midst of the delay.

"Strictly finance and whatever." Duclos bowed for that. To laughter, not even the very worst putt could make. Even to her glass wavering after, coming up between her and Baudelaire and all his courtiers staring into the pink there. "Also, consumables. Are you aware of the fact this wine is terrible?"

"I paid seven grand a case for it," he bemoaned. "Can't we pretend?"

Duclos lifted her glass, gave it a look; drank anyway against that Giaconda smile as Roissy hit a hole-in-one.

Special Missing Scene Addition 3/4.

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