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Ember #9

Author: SWL
Story: Jealous of Roses, Arc 1
Index: Click Here.
Colors: Ember #9- Choleric
Supplies and Materials: None Today
Word Count: 1,160ish
Summary: Nene + Siebenkas + Elevator. Set a day or two after Waltzes Are Easy and Company.
Rating: PG
Warnings: References to violence.
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

Nene blew past him like a soaring guitar chord in an otherwise sedate piece of music. She also slammed her finger on the button for the executive elevator about five times. As if that would make the it show up any faster.

No, it still took about half a minute. When it did appear, and she had called it a piece of shit, she reached her hand back through the doors and beckoned.

To say nothing to him after. In fact, she acted as if they were two gophers from two different departments caught by chance in a general use elevator that wasn't trimmed in sparkling glass or shadows of courtiers.

Siebenkas took it upon himself to check for bugs. First with his penlight detector, then his human senses and finally the big, unwieldy scanner from Nene's phone after she'd shoved it into his grasp.

Once he'd quite finished with that, she also pressed the stop about five times, making the car halt and start and halt and start and squeak, ending up between two floors.

"So," she said, "New Princess. Ya like her?"

This question. It was two days late at that point. Siebenkas gathered up his diffidence and replied, "It hardly matters what I think. I'll work with her regardless. I did..."

"Seb." And /that/ got her looking at him. Slitted eyes and red lashes.

He'd always figured when she (almost) said his name like that he was getting just a little listen to the voice she used on her, ah, companions of the boudoir. Even knowing that, suspecting it at least, he still ended up answering, "Like isn't the word I would use."


"She's captivating. Not in a sexual way, but..."

A slide-whistle noise followed from Nene. "Dunno 'bout that."

"/But/, I'm not going off of much."

"You watched her de-vein a dude. That's moreova intro 'en most people get."

"And she did well. For that and the extra credit."

"Extra credit," The shrug after was positively enormous. "I'd wanna know if somebody I beat up kicked it."

He shouldn't have been amused by that remark. It didn't float against the gravity of any of their situations- of their orders, their places in the world and all the years he'd been listening to Nene be so flip about the bodies she and her 'crew' left behind. Perhaps then it was, as a member of that crew, he owed her his amusement. Call it fresh air then. "Is there ever any doubt given your weapon of choice?"

"You'd be surprised, man."

"No, I wouldn't."

"*Anyway*, me? I like her. She's real sharp. Great memory. Learns quick. Totally knows when she's bein' bullshitted. Yeah, could almost say she's a genius or somethin'." That ending on her in his face. Or, as close as she could get.

There was about a quarto between them in height.

(And speaking of things that had gone on for years, Siebenkas stooping his shoulders to talk to her? Was automatic at that point.) "According to my debriefing, her IQ is roughly 180 and she has a true photographic memory."

A few bars of silence followed. Well, maybe not silence exactly as fields on a summer night. There came the usual mechanized humming.

And a sputtering growl from Nene. "What?"

"Duclos didn't tell you?"

"Acourse she did!"

"Then, why didn't I hear it from you before I went out?" Which- he might have been a little quick to ask that of someone who had any entitlement to call him hers. But firstly, he liked details and secondly Nene was more prone to overshare such things than keep them all for herself.

Case in point, she provided some up while shaking her displeasure out with her fists in his shirt. "'cause I was gonna break it to ya now! As a surprise! I don't friggin' believe she harshed my squee!"

"I might have been a bit cross with her after."

"You /what/?"

"I had just seen Roa 'de-vein' someone. I assure you, I..."

"Ya never done that b'fore!"

"Not true," somehow or other, Siebenkas managed to maneuver his hand over her head, and so had a first to hold against his cough. "Besides, this was different."

His best implications behind lost on blows that skipped up and down his chest. "Damn you! I had such bullshit planned."

"And speaking of things you could have done, a fair warning next time?"


"Why are you so...?" It wasn't the end, but he damnwell sighed like that much waited for them on the other side of the doors. Assuming at that rate that they ever got there. "This could have been avoided if you'd taken her out yourself!"

Nene didn't stop hitting him. She didn't stop with her grinding sounds of frustration. But, she did go from her ticked frown to a pretty sincere pout. "If I do that, they'll all hate me a little." Her efforts to clobber him with a gentleness shortly redoubled, meaning the illusion of anything gentle departed for other conversation.

"That's a hazard of your position."

"And we've been over and /over/ this."


"You really mad?"

"That depends. Are you chewing on my arm?"

Regardless, he made a mental note not to attempt warding her off with any tasty-looking part of himself on display. If only he could be sure just which scars on his arms had that appearance of deliciousness.

"Kinda," said Nene, teeth in his forearm. Hair caught on his watch.

He gave her a moment more. Tried to think of suckling lambs and how ungentle they could be with people fingers that got too close to their hungry little mouths. A few deep breaths on his part, and it was in his calm he was able to offer, "Of course I don't dislike you or Roa. You are what you are. But seriously, that's enough."

Nene spit him out, wiped her mouth and kicked the stop button.

He'd never managed to pull that off. It was /under/ the rails and all. But there she went. Whack! And they were moving again for the whole floor and a half worth of seconds before the hallway to the manor surfaced outside of the doors. "Fine. Buy ya coffee."

"You only drink coffee for show when Duclos has it made in her French press."

And speaking of that yet- why hadn't they had this discussion in the manor? Say, in the meeting rooms? Which had chairs? Tables they could put between themselves and the opposition when it came to debates about 'squee' and handling rapists like shrimp?

A few seconds later than conversational, Nene said, "Exactly."

And that question at least did meet with an answer. Albeit, only somewhat from her.

Duclos, Tian and Roa had staked out one of those meetings rooms.

Roa pressed the plunger on the coffee press and began to pour.

Nene gestured to this, winked once more, and stuffed an entire petit four into her mouth before she ever sat.

Special Missing Scene Addition 2/4.
finch: (Default)

[personal profile] finch 2013-08-24 05:59 am (UTC)(link)
Love the metaphor you kick this off with, and the 'why are we doing this in the elevator, oh that's why' and the actual use of the phrase 'harsh my squee'
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Oh, Nene. You remind me of a classmate in high school who bit my arm because she missed the taste of meat. Those sweet sophomore year memories.

(I'm surprised at how calmly Siebenkas takes it, but I guess it speaks to how comfortable they are with one another that it happens.)
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The rest of this is really awesome, a nice look at both their personalities, their interaction, and their feelings on Roa, but let's face it, Nene chewing on Seb's arm is my favorite and will be forever. NENE ILU.