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Ember #16

Author: SWL
Story: Jealous of Roses, Arc 2 Working Hours
Index: Click Here.
Colors: Ember #16- Passion
Styles and Materials: None today.
Word Count: 4,800ish
Summary: Roa reunites with Zephyr after "Contes Barbares".
Rating: XXX
Warnings: NSFW. And employs the word 'cunt' if that bothers you..
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

She didn't expect him to come running to her.

Roa didn't know what Zephyr had done during her absence. Nene mentioned him here and there on the way home.

Home, the idea. Of herself not rushing, not giving in so easily to that.

Home was not a place. It wasn't supposed to be anyway. She still thought.

Home. Manor.

The place where her family lived.

The first night back, she and their father got in awfully late. After midnight.

Roa stood at Zephyr's door after it passed two and she had washed up. It was humming quiet over there. She left him sleep.

Sophie acted like she hadn't been gone at all.

"Sophie wants banana."

So, Sophie got a banana. And a bath.

The next day was the debriefing. Which- it hardly took /all/ of that day. The rest she spent taking her hands to the data in her laboratory which she hadn't been able to carry with her over the hills.

(And since Doctor Islington's suite was in the same building, she did stop in to see how Father was doing, accept his kisses.)

In the evening, she ran into Pip doing her homework in the smaller common room.

Pip grinned at her, patting the space beside her on the loveseat. Roa sat beside and had little girl bandages applied to her with a serious and sparkling force.

She did her best to think through what had happened in order down to the details that might interest her little sister and which Duclos of course had held no interest for. The only interruption being: /You know, I like this. Just sharing. You, just.../

"There," Pip concluded.

If anything put her off, it was Duclos persisting as she did in assigning nothing new to Roa. She'd have liked to have been out in the bodyguard circuit of meetings and appearances. Proving herself not worthy of gossip. See, Roa's right over there. Nothing happened.

Although, returning to her laboratory, that had been almost joyous. Even the second time around. Although again, there was a certain amount of processing she chose to do sprawled naked over her sheets until the morning had deepened and the coffee was mostly gone.

She had put on her lab coat and was headed out the door. A rustle in the larger common room caught her attention.

Zephyr. Sitting cross-legged on the couch, his feet bare even though he was mostly wearing a hoodie over his jeans and t-shirt.

Roa hung her lab coat in the closet meant for jackets and took the far cushions. It put her in the light from the window, but he didn't much react to this besides a glance her way.

"What are you reading?" being the obvious next question. But, Roa could see from where she sat- the pictures of smiling children. The diaper ad. And Zephyr, trailing his forefinger along the already rumpled pages.

It would have been trying for her. Picking up the words that singular, clutching kind of way.

But, most people didn't read like she did, and Roa did not read parenting magazines.

Zephyr never tried to rub that in. Her, being a woman, so plainly disinterested in unspeaking infant humans. Or that she wondered what had happened that he could only read drawing the dampness on his hands after the pages. Well, he didn't answer that either; likewise, she didn't mind.

They were not equal. But, they had a kind of tipsy balance. And the silence there between them, it seemed something worthy of a home.

Zephyr's hand popped between his legs and he came up with a pink-capped plastic tube which he shook at her. "You wanna yogurt candy?"

"I'll try one," said Roa, holding out her hand.

The lid popped off of the tube, some taping followed and a single, pink wafer rolled onto Roa's palm before he tucked the whole affair back onto his lap. And turned the page.

The candy smelled of strawberries. Not real ones, but that pink sweetness that packages decorated with smiling doodles of "strawberries" (which did not smile unless you used them to make faces on pancakes) tended to carry. It felt like chalk though, which disconcerted Roa.

She pinched the wafer and then gave it a lick. A-ha. The yogurt part made up for the tangy aspect most artificial fruit flavors lacked, besides imparting a certain creamy sort of aftertaste that had her licking her lips. Something Zephyr took in with a sideways and curious attention. All of that said, the candy also had a note of face powder to it. Something about the texture, she suspected after a nibble which went to sweet dust and then what certainly felt like yogurt on her tongue.

Cake it most certainly was not, but Roa decided she liked the yogurt candy and so gobbled it up. Only to find a trace of the dust still clinging faintly sticky to her lips.

Zephyr butted right in, his hands thunking on either side of her hips, his mouth tender and darting. Very much tasting.

"Are you really Roa?", all but on his breath. There in the moment before he pulled away, his tongue still damp in the corner of his lips.

Roa considered. In the end, she pushed up the hem of his t-shirt, settling her palm on the flowers of his flanks. /I don't, I don't, I *don't* think it's rotten when you kiss me just because,/ she thought. But, it wasn't until his gaze lit on hers again that she spoke. "Perhaps I've been distant since I came back." Knowing even as she did that these words were not something her demon needed of her.

But, he was her demon and she was going to give them to him. Even as he wisped over his own. "S'ok yknow if you still needa couplea days. I ah... didn mean to shove in, I just..."



"I missed you."

Zephyr hovered just off from her grasp. His lashes fluttered. And finally, he rubbed his face in the crook of her shoulder. "I missed you like crazy. An that's true. That's really, *really* true."

"I know," and she didn't need to be an evoker herself to catch him like that. "Come here."


"You're not too heavy."

Zephyr settled in, sitting on her lap with his legs stretched over the magazine he'd so obviously dropped. His weight, his warmth, the flutter of his lips as he pressed himself to her. Snuffling was the word, but tasting too.

"You don't have to miss me anymore. I'm here," she told him

His "Yes, you are!" coming as his nose settled on the end of hers, lips matched; smiles and these long, slow strokes over one another's sides that turned to ticklish.

But, he remembered. Rather than place his arms around her, he stayed on her lap, ringed hands toying over her.

More than that, much as she did enjoy him /playing/ with him, the way he tasted her again at that thought- he felt so good on her hands: his shirt cuddly and old, his water surface skin holding all those sparkling whirls which she could only see, rather than catch on her own fingers. The sugary sweetness of his mouth, himself and his candy. The nip of his earrings against her.

Just to have someone there who didn't want anything except her nearness. And yet, very much did want that. Who kissed her again on the firefly fluttering idea that this was not the only thing she gave up to keep a demon, but it was something she didn't mind sharing. In fact...

He must have had some inkling what she was up to when she was up to when Roa ran her fingers over the zipper of his jeans.

He made a musical little noise at that, and so she swept back up over him, more firmly this time. He was warm there too, not unexpected, and not hard at all. But, he definitely twitched at the second skim.

Besides glancing back to the doorway. And with no sounds to bother them besides each other, Zephyr steadied himself, arm against the back of the couch and so tangled with her hair drew his legs apart.

Just like what was left of summer: she desperately wanted to touch him. Only this time, she didn't hesitate. She didn't do anything but cup her hands around him for a gentle, feeling squeeze.

It wasn't even so much missing him in particular. But, missing the sensation of stirring someone. He obliged her, even though they'd said nothing about it. But, she still got to him thicken in her grasp.

She wanted that thrill. Somebody coming alive for her.

Though, she added almost absent on the edges, there as she unfastened his zipper- /I do know you're alive regardless, but I missed this too./

That being much better without the zipper in the way. The black silk melted over him as he grew heavy to her touch. Roa felt him to the damp creases of his innermost thighs to the tangle of vines under his navel, stroking slow over his. As he began to pull away from himself, she reached underneath, rubbing his balls between her fingers. Seeping back to his underside from there, she caressed him in tiny, mixing circles until his tip peeped above the waist of his shorts.

Which was when Roa pushed them off. Freshly hard, Zephyr had only a thumbprint of wet, pink skin at the tip of his head, as much as his foreskin had smoothed out. Roa licked her fingers and drew that back, little by little until he was all slippery bare.

Zephyr gave himself such a look. Then, he kissed her before she had very much of a chance to stroke over the blush she'd uncovered. Yes, it was wet to do it like this, but for that morning she liked him shuddery uncovered. Being able to run her touch along the folds even as he stirred against her, dewy and so tender. Soon enough, she would have him damp to his root and his bare balls- where she grasped him again, clasping gentle deeply as her wrist brushed over his cock, pressing him into himself.

For absent considerations glinting with her in that moment, besides how raw silk rough his tongue and that she really didn't mind if he wanted to lick her cheek... as he nuzzled in to do that, he pushed his hips up.

Roa wasn't sure if he was agreeing or trying to steady himself. But, she traced her fingers back to that oh so soft slip of skin behind his balls; Zephyr being hairless even there, she could take him all in, stroke him through and feel him so pliant on her hand. Roa smoothed over him, almost to his backside, and then back again to the place close up to his root, the little touch of sweat he had there.

Zephyr nudged off of her lips, simply breathing for a moment as she tried him again, spreading her fingers for beckon against his skin.

"Do you like that?"

"Mm!" he answered, curling in close.

Roa had to rearrange herself somewhat after that, work herself around that she could get both of her hands into his lap. His fingers rasped on the couch, besides that he pushed one moment at his jeans, the other tugged his shirt higher.

So, she had all of his flowers and his silver and his belly flesh like that; the glistening pink of his cock and that other welcome flush all hers to enjoy. So, she would circle his tip and she would squeeze him. Sometimes, she would bring her hands together, and sometimes apart. Sometimes, she pressed against the center of his body as if he could have spread himself open to her there. And that- it made his toes curl, his kisses go breathy small- the way when he wanted to share them, but he also needed to breathe. His noises so welcoming as he smiled away all sleepy-eyed on her lap.

She could catch him this way: the muscles of his back tightening, and the jots of pleasure that made him flinch just a little, inside and out.

It almost seemed like he was bobbing in her grasp by the end. Not only his cock, but his whole body.

He had his head propped on her when he asked, breathless but hardly shy about it. "Roa, can I come now? I'll do whatever you need after, OK?"

"Of course it's OK."

She'd wanted him to, and had since he'd accepted her first absent fumble. He knew that. He still asked.

Roa still played, stroking up his cock just to slip off of him and do it again rather than pull back; otherwise sweeping against him until he turned a happy, purring /mess/. His sharp breaths washed into a moan. On one of her strokes up his length, she felt the tremble in his skin follow. Not that this stopped her- the next time she held him tight through two more squeezes and another little flutter that had him leaking through her fingers. That, besides: / came all over your stomach./

Her hand went there, drawing through the pearly white and feeling his huff of amusement. Since he was definitely still smiling. Her attempts to kiss this off of him only ended with the two of them slumped back on the couch as he had a few afterglow twitches through sliding soft in her grasp.

Despite all other promises he might have made- sitting had deepened Roa's own aching heat, since it kept her labia spread, but just not quite enough. And his weight then. She thought- she really didn't want him to go. Not quite yet. There were plans to be had. And he really. He felt so /good/, curled against her.

"What's your refractory period?" she did ask in time.

"Fifteen minutes onna good day," came the answer.

"Is today a good day?"

"Oh hell yeah."

She didn't think he was being too optimistic, not the way he dealt her a lick and promptly bounced off of her lap. That, and he hardly bothered to right his clothes- just dropped his shirt back into place and ran with his jeans hauled up in one hand.

With the other, waved her along.

And she laughed, chasing after, the two of them sounding a pair of scurrying creatures back to his door, which they both fell against once it had slammed and she swatted Zephyr's hands off of himself. His bottoms dragged to the floor once and for all.

The hoodie went over the back of his rolly chair and his sticky t-shirt the hamper. So, it was naked except for his tattoos he walked off, a roll in his hips and a wink before he took to digging around in the table drawers.

An incidental detail of her plot and not lost on her besides. As if Roa wasn't already half rid of her own clothes by then. Perhaps she had hardly worn them that day, but they confined her and they didn't seem welcome to her skin anymore. With them gone, she tossed her hair as if rather she'd caught a drift from the ocean.

Zephyr unzipped the case he'd come up with, waggling the pipe after. "Alright! 's not cashed. So, I'll just duck inta the bathroom fora..."

"That's alright," said Roa, the bed bouncing after where she'd flattened herself against it. As much as she could, all of the pillows in the way. "I like the smell."

This left him with a considering glance for the pipe before he made his way over to the bit of empty space before the bathroom door. Which he didn't cross. Instead, he gave his lighter a toss before he touched it to the bowl of the pipe, rolling the flame there before. Bowl cupped in both hands, he licked his lips before he wrapped them around the amber stem, his eyes closing as a long breath sank through him. It was on a soft, spitty pop that he parted from the glass. And left the smoke out in two curling puffs that took the longest time to sink away from his gaze.

One more sigh though, and he hopped up beside her. The two of them winding together over the sheets, pillows flung off on their wake.

His mouth was still herbal warm on her. "Should last longer this way You're totally right." Besides the scent mingled with the White Reflection, his powder and his soap and his very personal want, complex and body sweet.

"And because you already had one orgasm."

A smirk like that beneath her own, well of course he was angling for another. Not really working so well at laughing it off.

"I really like that you're willing to play along."

"Sure. Breakfast sex is the best."

"Breakfast...?" That being long over as a /meal/, but as a break of her fast of so much as touching herself.

In that, in the heady suddenness of her laughter, Zephyr's hands feathered over her- the damp creases of her thighs, furrow between her breasts, slide of her collar bone as unwound herself against his sheets.

/And you know too I did have that one night. You know and here you are and you even taste like flowers./

He seemed surprised at that, some small breath of it at least, caught there with her spit still fresh on his lips. "Woul, why wouldn't I?"

Her answer being only that she sunk in for another taste.

Roa took herself over him, tracing his wires, neither hidden nor lit by the flowers. It was both and it was neither in the way the shadows of her fingers drew city transit starlight flickering over him. That she had come to learn, there in giving in to wanting anything at all.

Zephyr wasn't shy at all about how much he enjoyed holding her breasts, on his palms or washed against his lips. He reached against her until it almost, almost hurt. The tie to his hair was lost and one of her earrings, but the sheets would give them up in time.

They moved hands and low laughter and their thighs cradled together. Long, shivering strokes of one another's backs, sometimes offered with the other turned down on the bed. He did much the same for her stomach, close to tickling as their tastes confused and light with one another's skin.

If he did not like his neck touched, instead she bit him on the back once he'd turned over for her. Not /too/ hard, but he stretched luxurious beneath her at the gesture. There was a little start in him when she did, and he turned over his shoulder to a smile. Then when it was his turn to snag on the cotton surf. He played over her stomach once more before he sank in to kiss her thighs.

Leaving her a serious conversation to herself- was the plan all for nothing with his tongue so close? Yes, she could give in and the crash would pass over every bit as welcome as what else they could hold. Bit by bit though, they wound to one another's lips, returning to one another that way until she felt him start to stir against her.

By the end of their long and lazy entanglement, he was hard to brushing his belly again. The one stroke she offered, even that had his whole body breath off of storm waiting beside her. And his own fingers circled ever low over her stomach.

Roa escaped though, just before he would have reached her. They both clambered after, clearing a spot by the headboard. She knelt, elbows rested on the topmost curve and she held herself open, breathing hard enough she could feel her netherlips slicking even on that.

Zephyr settled a hand on her waist to steady himself. Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught him licking his lips.

Their first slip together, herself at once parting, at once clenching- Roa's sigh was almost one of relief, even for the little shudder down to her depths. Where he reached, even for the first, bucking slow and shallow before be began in earnest.

"'Ae," said Roa, the only figment of language she could catch. There, and no need to tell him what she meant as she slipped through it again or that she liked it when he swept towards her front on the upstroke, not only for the roll this made through the pressure inside of her, but the way she could feel him sliding against himself sometimes on the mouth of her cunt.

She wondered- was she singing out /please/ inside all of this time? Now to feel him there her back, tangles of his hair, his lips on her shoulder. And there was just this little nip, a bright strain against the rest of him that she had to let her dancers' skin drink in just so, at once unwinding that way and then clasping at him, at herself. Off from this, that other refrain. I can live without this. I don't need it but...

/I do want it. I want you to be my breakfast./

"Even if breakfast was a quickie inna bathroom?" Zephyr asked against the curve of her ear.

"I've never had one of those."

So, they'd fix it. At least, they'd come back. When they got the chance. For then, he rubbed in close, all of his flowers to fill her senses, down to the small ones underneath her own skin, supposes of pressure and how they might meet one another; all turned to her desire to lie with someone, or as the case was, pour herself over his headboard to the clench of moans between, the little bite of his hip bones as she met him just a bit harder. Or he her. Neither of them quite willing to hold themselves back from the other.

Zephyr didn't pretend he was doing otherwise when he slung one arm around her waist, pushed himself closer, his ringed fingers over her curls, skimming the juicy part down the center. Just up and down to the place where they met through her netherlips and back up.

(Besides that- she'd known he wouldn't try to hold her. That it had to be something else there passing between them; something to lead sparks along her body)

Roa shared touch of his thoughts, her fingers over his. Not that he would ever need her to show him, but feeling their forefingers slip together in her liquor. Even that- it was sighing wonderful somehow.

He pulled from her a moment, setting his fingers inside so that they were so slippery when he parted them over her clit and like that began to strum. Besides the sense of his hand working over his flesh, against his other movements, against her own as she did what she could to clutch back her moans. /Oh/.

That was the two of them, each to hold and each to tangle between her legs, breathless in the art of the odd way they'd fallen, but still steady, her rocking back and forth between their fingers and his cock as the tension in her thighs rose, not only from waiting, from kneeling. She was finally, finally open to someone else and she still ached dreamlike almost even through telling herself that she would come, glistening out at last, not only to her own cries but a murmur on his lips and the flits of wet sounds as she went over, her hips rising, cunt quivering, folds coming out glossy and dripping before she gave out and she was just so warm, rising even to the bottom of her chest.

Zephyr didn't pause for long after she'd finished. He caught his breath as if he meant to dive. Then his hand tightened in with hers. He began again, even though he could hardly keep a hold on her. The first few thrusts after had her trickling over him. And on her curve of her shoulder, a smile. No kiss, but the lines of his lips instead of all the things he could have said.

They played again, caressing through her nymphae and holding around her slit; spreading the stir through; he would rub her root as she rolled her clit between his skin and hers. One would press in, only that, the other stroke. It took her some time to lift again herself, but she was so slick and he so willing.

Roa thrummed from the head of her vulva to deep in the clench of her pelvis, roiling and close on the inside for what there was alight on the out, of pushing back onto him as he swayed with her, near and full and far beyond aching as much as she still did want- if it had slunk back into her or never truly left. Only surged again.

That time- nothing passed over her. She came gushing hard, her whole body wound tight through it, searing and grasping and she couldn't, she just couldn't hold herself from clenching on him there not quite his deepest. For the whole long moment of her orgasm he drew out slow on her tension, head pushing over her g-spot towards the end and leaving Roa a wet shock, fluttering empty but still feeling him braced outside of her body, besides stroking still, light enough to bring her down, then twinging raw on her blown out senses. He had to tug his hand from the headboard a moment to slip himself back inside of her, catching there in her afterglow with those shallow, holding movements.

"Oh shit," Zephyr murmured though, once he had come back to her.

Roa thought back to him- /As long as you can. Don't wait./

But, he did manage slow for a while, deep and stuttering against, before she bucked against him, grinning as she did.

/I want you to. /

The rest, if it came off formless between them, more impressions, more the glimpse, the memory, the storm in someone else's body. Which she thought on too, little glances that she could between the places again where she caught her breath, listened to his panting. Felt him start to twitch.

Zephyr hung on for a while before the moans came on the edges of her own sensory flush returning. So, she caught him in his every little shudder, the long while he locked with her; met him with her hips cast back, his hands unsteady on her, a pull in her own skin, though not as sudden ecstatic as an orgasm would have left her. He skimmed his soaking tip over her as long as he could before he slipped free of her.

For a small while. As he went soft to the last, Zephyr filled her with his fingers and stroked to one more orgasm washed over her, quick but mild, she almost could have said. But, it was finally, finally enough, there riding it out to the place she gave up no more juices and the tension was gone at last from her body.

They knelt there. Zephyr obviously resting against her.

At least before she dragged him down on the sheets with her.

Although, she did push herself back up a moment, retrieving a tissue from his nightstand. His eyeliner had run.

"You dun hafta do that," he snickered.

"I don't," Roa agreed.

For all it mattered that she did anyway. And when she had finished, laid down once more. The sheets not being anchored, she found a dry place and turned that over them both to a few words about who might miss them and how little they cared.

He rested his head against her belly, her legs entwined with his arms. His breath tickled and his neck lay so enticing bare to her; instead, she stroked over the lovebites of hers that he already carried.

Roa's last thought before she drifted off being: she would not have predicted him nodding off beside her. Even though- the milky softness of his figure breathing there beside her. He must have done that. And like that, this demon of hers.

He was quite appealing even for the wants that had calmed in her.

They slept through to the afternoon like that, full of the scents, the softness, the inimitable points of shadow on one another's skin.

This fic brought to you by [personal profile] subluxate (I did not know you could do that!), the Cinema Snob's Valentine's Special and my favorite porn doujinshi.

End Arc 2 ~ Working Hours
The actual split point is "Hell Is Other People" v. "Misery And Kittens". Some installments that ran as Arc 2 originally may have been reclassified.
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Can the main cast hold their fledgling family together through the fallout of summer's murders?

Not to mention what happens with Nene.

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*fans self*

I love the way you write porn, with the emotions all tied up between and a little fuzzy, and I really liked the opening as well, Roa's adjustment to being back in her routine even if the routine isn't quite ready for her.
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I don't think I have the words for how awesome this is, but I will say that I love how sensual, comfortable and natural it feels. No sleaze, like Nene, but it's just about two people who want to make each other feel good and that connection they have. <3
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This feels very real and sensual, and I like the balance you keep of drawing things out without making them lose any liveliness.
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how do you do this

how can you write like this

*lays down and flails*
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Just... well, let's just say this is just the kind of fluffy, sexy story to perk up a Monday that has been living up to it's name so far.

I love it. Hot, sexy, funny and cuddly all at once. It takes some serious talent to write that, and you did it. :)

Can the main cast hold their fledgling family together through the fallout of summer's murders? -- Oh, but some how, they'd better be able to. I adore them, and yes, for the sake of story they must be tortured and changed and grow, but you wouldn't really be mean enough to break them apart, would you? *insert ridiculously huge puppy/kitten eyes here*

[Now is probably the time I warn you I'm horribly persistent about wanting happy endings/happy things for my favorite characters. Another dear friend of mine has a long trilogy type story she's been writing for years. And I love it, and yet I know the final ending may not be kind to my favorite characters. And we've got into so many conversations about it. Let's just say she's given me permission to write as many happy ending AUs in her universe as I want, once it's finished (if the final ending is as borderline sad as I'm afraid it's going to be)].
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"And just. I'm so flattered you would think of me and this story in the same vein as something you've been reading and enjoying for years.
That's very touching. Thank you!" -- You're very welcome. Your characters and their relationships and personalities just sucked me in. I may occasionally have to go read another part to understand a plot point, but your characters have a such a way about them that they're immediately interesting and enjoyable. At least to me.

"I actually wrote my mother a story with an alternate couple she shipped, so I do entertain other paths to happiness. Any time you want." -- See, that's utterly awesome. :-) Both you for writing, and your mom for wanting it. 

I don't know exactly what's coming in the story. But, I think some day, if you're bored or have time on your hands, I'd love to see my favorite 4 retired from/having quit/whatever Duclos' service, and having a non-assassin sort of existence. (Not that you can completely take the assassin out of badass like Seb, but well... maybe he tries to tone it down now, and it's all the funnier when he lets it out?)

This is probably in the category of going AU, but you know...  Just because it might be fun to see Seb, Zeph, Roa, and Pip (who's probably at least a teenager by now) doing something completely different but still together the four of them. Running an B&B? A art gallery? Teaching at a high school? Running a bar? I dunno. And it might be amusing to see someone from their assassin days show to say hi and see them in their "retired civilian" world.   Or maybe my brain just needs more coffee this morning! LOL....