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Old Lace 14: Strain

Author: Kat
Title: Strain
Story: In the Heart
Colors: Old lace 14 (I have had too much experience of life to believe in the infallibility of doctors.) with Sara's paint-by-numbers (Michael gets fed up.)
Supplies and Materials: Pointillism, novelty beads (Something wrapped), acrylic (rare occurance), stain ("An optimist is a guy that’s never had much experience." - Don Marquis).
Word Count: 128
Rating: PG
Summary: Michael doesn't break his ankle.
Warnings: medical... erm, not malpractice but ignoring patient? IDK, if someone can come up with a better description I would appreciate it.
Notes: For those of you new to this story, Michael has OI and thus is very used to breaking bones.

"It's not broken," Michael said, when the nurse checked him in, and remarkably, his ankle wasn't broken.

"It's not broken," he said, when the second nurse came by to examine him, and it really wasn't, he knew very well what a broken bone felt like and he knew it was just a sprain.

"It's not broken," he said, when the doctor told him they had to X-ray it, and the doctor rolled his eyes impatiently and sent him for an X-ray anyway.

"It's not broken," he said, while the tech was waiting for the X-ray to develop, and the tech patted his knee and ignored him.

It wasn't broken.

They gave him a brace, told him to ice it, and charged him $180 for the X-ray.

Fucking doctors.
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Ugh, poor Michael.
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Poor Michael! It's awful that medical stuff is so expensive. On the other hand, doctors can't just let patients diagnose themselves, regardless how familiar those patients might be with certain ailments. That way lies all kinds of potential bad things, like malpractice lawsuits and suspensions. So I can't blame the doctor too much for not just taking Michael's word for it.
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The "sorry, but..." part is definitely what's missing. What a pain in the ankle!
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Even Michael does stinger endings.


*gently rubs on him*