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Paris Green 9: Dawn

Author: Kat
Title: Dawn
Story: Shine Like It Does
Colors: Paris green 9 (City Island) with shadowsong's paint by numbers (It's quiet and foggy before dawn in cities by the water.)
Supplies and Materials: Graffiti (Short films), novelty beads (this gif), acrylic (shimmer), feathers (First woman to swim the English Channel: Gertrude Ederle of New York, completing the swim in just under 15 hours, beating the men's record by almost two hours.), fabric (water at dawn)
Word Count: 622
Rating: G
Summary: Jack and Felix go for a dawn swim. Felix is less than pleased.
Warnings: none.
Notes: I am running late for work but this had to be written.

Someone was shaking his shoulder.

Felix cracked an eye open and looked balefully at the clock: six AM, on the dot, because of course it was. He rolled over and turned the baleful glare on Jack, who Felix absolutely could not believe was awake at this hour, let alone cheerful about it. "What."

"Get up," Jack said, uninformatively.

"No," Felix said, and rolled back over, burying his face in the pillow. "Go away," he added, after a minute. "We're on break. That means it's time to sleep in."

Not that either of them ever got up before nine even when school was in session, and that only because Felix had been stupid enough to sign up for a nine-thirty class. Never again. He had no idea how the seven am chemistry classes did it.

"You only sleep in when there's something to miss," Jack said. Felix wished he could say that didn't make sense. "Anyway, come on, I promised you something cool. Get up and get your swim trunks on."

Felix bolt uprighted in alarm. "No. No no no. It's October. I am not going swimming in October."

"Yes, you are," Jack said. "Hurry up, the sun rises in forty minutes."

"Oh my God," Felix said, but because he was a sucker for Jack and Jack knew it, he got out of bed, and twenty minutes later found himself on the beach below Jack's house, shivering in the morning air and watching Jack stretch in the predawn light.

It shouldn't have been as much of an enticement as it was, but Felix did not believe in lying to himself, and Jack was a very pretty man. He knew it, too, and flashed a grin over his shoulder. "Come on then," he said, and plunged into the ocean.

God, this was going to suck. Even the sand was cold. Felix looked up at Jack, now swimming briskly out toward... something... and flinched. Why did he do these things to himself? Why was Felix going to do these things to himself?

"Come on!" Jack yelled, again. He was standing on something now-- sandbar, probably-- dripping wet and waving.

God and all His saints defend him. Felix took a deep breath and ran into the water.

The water was so cold it felt like needles, but there was nothing for it but to keep swimming. He'd be just as cold if he got back out of the water, unfortunately. Felix castigated himself the entire ten minutes it took him to swim to the sandbar (as opposed to Jack's five), and by the time he scrambled mostly out of the water he was shivering badly. "I hate you so much," he told Jack.

Jack, annoyingly, only laughed, and put an arm around Felix's shoulders, tugging him close. "Body heat," he said, by way of explanation, and added, "It's worth it, I promise."

"It had better be," Felix groused, and cuddled in close. He really was freezing. It wasn't just for cuddles.

Jack laughed again, low and pleased, and pointed back toward the house. "Watch."

Felix sat still and watched, obedient, warming slowly as he acclimated to the water and the heat of Jack's skin. To the east, the house loomed dark against the brightening sky and the mist that wreathed around it. Probably part of what had made it so cold, he realized, belatedly. Extra water in the air never helped anyone.

And then the sun burst into glory over the top of the house, sparking light off the water, turning the mist to rainbows. Felix gasped, and Jack leaned into him, muscles loose and relaxed, joy in every line of him.

"Worth it?" Jack breathed, into his ear.

"No," Felix said, but he was lying.

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