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Silver Screen 2: My Wolf

Author: Kat
Title: My Wolf
Story: In the Heart - Fairy Tale AU
Colors: Silver screen 2 (I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse.)
Supplies and Materials: Eraser, graffiti (Short Films and Shojo-ai/Shonen-ai), acrylic (partner), novelty beads (I'm a big haymaker in a title fight/I'm a cute black kitten with a nasty bite/I'm an action double-feature on a Friday night!/I'm me! - "I'm Me", Phineas & Ferb)
Word Count: 471
Rating: PG
Summary: Ivy and Gina of an evening.
Warnings: Brief mention of animal abuse.
Notes: Okay, gonna try to keep writing now for real.

"I'm going to kill him," Ivy said.

"Please don't," Gina said, smiling at her wife in the mirror as she removed her earrings. "I appreciate the thought, but it would make things... problematic."

Ivy was not queen, merely princess-consort, and as such did not have to dress nearly as elaborately as Gina did for court occasions. Consequently, she had completed her toilette much sooner, and now slouched on the bed in her nightgown, scowling. "I don't see how. He wouldn't bother you anymore. And the dogs say he kicks them."

That did not surprise Gina at all, which was rather sad. "Unfortunately, one can't go around killing one's courtiers willy-nilly. I will have a word with him about the dogs, though."

"Ooh." Ivy sat up straight. "Let me."

"Perhaps." If Ivy promised not to injure the man in question. Gina began to unpin her hair, letting it fall in loose coils to her shoulders. "As long as you keep it to the dogs. He does have a point."

Ivy slouched again, gathering her knees to her chest. "I know," she said, surprisingly reasonable. "But. It shouldn't be him."

Gina snorted. "Absolutely not. If-- if-- I decide to bear an heir and not just choose one, you and I will pick a father together. And it will not be him."

Honestly, at the moment she wanted just to name her cousin heir and have done with it. But she and Ivy both wanted children someday, adopted or of her body, and she couldn't quite bring herself to give away their rights before they even existed. Besides, she wasn't sure if Joseph would even accept the throne if she were to offer it to him. Ah well, that was all years in the future, no matter what certain factions of her court might think. She was young. They were both young. Plenty of time.

For now... for now she turned away from the mirror and caught Ivy's gaze. "But I do like your passion," she said, shaking out her hair and smiling.

Ivy blushed a little, but held Gina's eyes with a little mysterious smile of her own. "My mother used to call me her little wolf," she said. "Because I was so fierce."

"Mm, yes." Gina rose, blew out the candles, and made her way over to Ivy in the firelight. "My wolf now. My fierce, clever, beautiful wolf."

"Yours, anyway," Ivy said, and put her arms around Gina's shoulders, drawing her down to the bed.


"So can I speak to him about the dogs?" Ivy asked, later, when the fire had died to embers and the room was all warm, plush darkness. "I promise I'll only hurt him a little."

Gina sighed, and wrapped her wife in her arms, pinning her tight to the bed. "We'll talk about it tomorrow."

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