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Paprika 2, Provence Lavender 20, Moonlight 8

Name: shadowsong26
Story: Promises
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Paprika #2. All that I want from you is the promise you will be there., Provence Lavendar #20. And people romanticize..., Moonlight #8. Phantasmagoria
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Red Carpet, Day 1), photography, canvas (979 FY), acrylic, seed beads
Word Count: 212
Rating: G
Characters: Fera
Warnings: Not for this story, technically, but it depicts an unhappy marriage before it becomes unhappy.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

Fera's wedding day, appropriately enough, was in the warm heart of spring; fragrant with all of its promises.

After all, that's what a wedding--any wedding--really was; a promise for the future that the couple shared together. And for her and her almost-husband, whom she already adored, even more so. Because he was the Crown Prince, they carried the promises of the nation entire on their shoulders.

But really, that didn't much matter to her, not in this moment, as his sisters and hers braided fresh flowers in her hair in the whirlwind of activity before she met him at the alter. What mattered was the promise for the two of them--the thought of kneeling next to him, of the vows they would exchange, of the life they would share, of the family they would someday have. The rest would matter later, and she took her duties as future Crown Princess seriously, of course she did.

It was just that--right now, all she could think about was the man waiting for her to come. She felt as beautiful and as giddy as any bride. And, reserved as he was, surely Kellom could feel that, too; the bright future stretching ahead of them, full of all the promises of spring.

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