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White Russian Saturation, Rain Cloud #6

Name: Greenling
Story: Juniper Ridge
Colors: White Russian, Rain Cloud #6 (I think I have a cold)
Supplies and Styles: Saturation, Charcoal, Miniature Collection, Pointillism, Stained Glass
Word Count: 300ish?
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: One sentence semi-challenge Saturation in a new 'verse that seems to be sticking. I have a couple more at least. May I have "Ridgeverse" as a tag?

1. Арте́льный горшо́к гу́ще кипи́т. (Many hands make light work.)

"No problem," Jaymie said, grabbing the other side of the box for the guy's mother and helping it slowly backwards into the room.

2. Без кота́ мыша́м раздо́лье. (When the cat is away, the mice will play.)

As soon as Rhys registered that it was still dark, he pulled the covers up over his head and rolled over, hoping his sister would get the message and stop shaking him.

3. Век живи́ — век учи́сь. (Live for a century — learn for a century.)

Most awkward was the class euphemistically known as "Research Period"; all thirty individuals in Class Violet had it together, meaning Victor had to spend an hour standing around in a field with two dozen high school underclassmen, a few twenty-somethings, and no one within two decades of his age.

4. Где то́нко — там и рвётся. (Only as strong as the weakest link.)

"Slowly now, move it through your arm into the next person and no farther," the teacher said, keeping a close eye on the circular flow of energy.

5. Дарёному коню́ в зу́бы не смо́трят. (Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.)

Lin was stunned; it was technically a thoughtful gift for a gift card, but he wasn't sure what to make of his roommate randomly giving him stuff, and a hundred dollars was a lot of money, and... "Thanks?" was all he managed.

6. За чем пойдёшь, то и найдёшь. (What you seek is what you find.)

Kai strode through the classroom halls eyes forward, chin up, taking the stares at her uniform as confirmation: she was better than this awkward, freakishly hot place, and things would be so much better when she could go home.

7. Из двух зол выбира́ют ме́ньшее. (The lesser of two evils.)

Liz's biggest complaint about being in the lower grades was being restricted to Beta cafeteria, especially on days when the choices were burnt spinach lasagna versus soggy mini-sandwiches.

8. Лежа́чего не бьют. (Don't kick a man when he's down.)

Jay stood over the obnoxious kid, a hint of guilt working its way through his brain as he realized just how small the other boy was- a hint that turned to confusion when he realized the kid was slowly getting bigger.

9. На Бо́га наде́йся, а сам не плоша́й. (Trust God, but have insurance.)

The nurse's office was a squat, pale building with two entrances: one from the usual office end, and one big one with automatic doors from the direction of the research hall and training field.

10. Нашла́ коса́ на ка́мень. (You have met your match.)

Leah and Nele met each other's eyes from opposite sides of the crowd gathered around the exam scoreboard, the same thought going through both minds: just who does she think she is?

11. Свя́то ме́сто пу́сто не быва́ет. (Nature abhors a vacuum.), 6. I think I have a cold

It travelled on through the dead places, trading consciousness for terrible wisdom for many years until the shades began to whisper: another, there is another.

12. Ско́ро ска́зка ска́зывается, да не ско́ро де́ло де́лается. (Easier said than done.)

Chanting had started up behind him, though Silas could barely hear it over the sound of his heartbeat as he stared at the open space between the rooftops, gathering his courage.

13. У́мная голова́, да дураку́ доста́лась. (A clever head given to a fool.)

Kathy, Rhys, and Maria sat huddling together under a blanket next to the principal's office, damp and cold, waiting for their foster mother to show up.

14. Хоро́ший това́р сам себя́ хва́лит. (Quality sells itself.)

Once she got her parents' permission, Zoe immediately applied to work at one of the little shops around Fountain Circle, hoping to avoid the rest of the student body and spend her evenings stacking crappy erasers and texting her friends back home.

15. Чему́ быть, того́ не минова́ть. (Whatever will be, will be.)

One splash led to several more, and the quiet steppe night broke open with laughter.

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