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Midnight #14/First Light #14, Rose #1

Name: Greenling
Story: Asking for Roses
Colors: Midnight #14 (Singe) / First Light #14 (Litany), Rose #1 (Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm, but willing to draw blood in its defense.)
Supplies and Styles: Bichromatic (Midnight/First Light)
Word Count: 166
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: oh my god i havent posted since august have some Jaymie

She came back with shadows in her hands and heart as well as her eyes. She could weave illusions with cunning and care, or sew up emotion into a patch on a jacket. Lies and longing and the twilight of an early morning could be her materials, if she wished.

But some things the shadows could not easily touch. True hatred was too thick, too raw to be suitable, though mixed with envy it made a fine slick thing like nylon. Courage, contrariwise, was quite slippery, easily changing into fear or complacency or something else unless given several solid anchors. And love- love burned.

She tried to wrap love in protection, but it became smothering. She tried happiness, but it ran thin like crepe paper. She tried aid, friendship, various specific desires, general aid, even a plaid of several things. None worked to specification. In the end, she simply let it burn her hands, sewing in the shapes of a litany of wishes for her daughter.

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