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Ember #11- Fire

Author: SWL
Story: [profile] thebonesofferalletters's Many Worlds
Colors: Ember #11- Fire [Replaces the previous Fire which has been disowned.]
Supplies and Materials: Collage, Graffiti [Drunk Tank]
Word Count: 1,180ish
Summary: As a follow-up to two arsonists in love.
Rating: XXX
Warnings: Violence. Fire. Fire-based beings being kinky with fire. Death.
The following are always welcome: comments, constructive criticism, collaboration inquiries, cake.

They live in an old forge at the edge of town. The fires are long gone as far as most of the city can tell, but the air still carries the scent of hot metal, ghosts of ashes, memories of all that ever burned there, coal and clumsy bodies aside. Zachary's pretty sure he was born there, as much as either of them could claim as much- that they were born at all, in the manner of humans.

As they slither inside, the blast furnace moans with delight, cinders flashing from where there should be only stillness and dust. The coal pit rattles and the whole building opens itself to them in these subtle, half-corporeal ways.

The doors of this place rusted shut long, long ago. They have to make themselves shadows to pass in and out, but as soon as they're past that, they collapse into bodies. Zachary ends up on top and he squirms as he bites his way down Loren's neck; as he flexes his hips that subtle, begging way he does.

Loren laughs, just a touch. Zachary's such an eager creature. The sounds and ectoplasm of their home bring it out in him even more than a real fire.

Though, there is that now, hints of it starting in what should be dead chambers. The refuse from the forge starts to flow again though there's no heat except between the two boys.

Loren teases back, just a bit more. He pulls on Zachary's hair, strokes his clothes asunder. It's all of a sudden though he pulls his pants off and slaps his ass. He bites his fingers into the mark after.

It makes Zachary hitch against him, "I want it. I want it. Tonight was so beautiful," come the words next. There's no need to whisper, not there, and not with Loren.

Who slides in to hold him some more. He's so warm after a burn, every bit as irresistible as flames are to both of them; he's chanting too, all about the things his body craves, though that's obvious of course, the way he's got his cock hung up on Loren's.

Zachary's not very big, even when he's hard, but he is very pretty and he fits in a fist. It's so easy to squeeze him like that. Not that he'd ever resist, but Loren doesn't even consider that. Zachary drips cinders and and precum onto his clothes.

Loren tuts at him, pushing him off. There's a mew of frustration from Zachary, but then Loren's clothes come off. He lounges there after on the concrete, stroking his own hard-on gently enough to make his foreskin slip back and forth against his wet tip.

Zachary watches for a while, shuddering about it. His cock stirs even though he hasn't touched himself. Of course he's going to jump Loren, but he's almost too entranced to do it there for a few long, hot seconds. When he does, he's half shadow. Like that, he can take all of Loren at once without much need to break off and slick himself up. Lube isn't ever warm enough for either of them, but Zachary fading back into corporal there on Loren's lap carries weight and pressure and and the scent of char once more.

Loren's the one who moans, sinking his hands into his lover's backside again. It's a joy to be ridden by this boy, always has been, from the first they found each other and there was hardly hello between them before they locked up together, just like they do now.

"About old love," Loren muses in a brief moment he can actually speak.


"I wouldn't let anybody else do that fading in and out around my dick business. Think it's liable to hurt." As he says hurt, he bucks up into Zachary. They both wail. The forge sings with little flames around them.

But, they're still not close enough, those lights.

Neither one of the boys says it. They only cling to each other as they can and still reach over to Loren's trousers where the book of matches sleeps. They fumble into the remaining stalks, but Zachary takes them in the end.

He doesn't have to strike. The sulphur at the end catches alight as soon as he holds one match. The flame is more substantial that it should be, bowing softly as if gravity is losing its grip on it. In the comforting, ashen dimness of the forge, the light it casts tender orange erotic; brings out the soft shadows of Zachary's face, still shows the marks he wears from last night and the night before.

He offers the match to Loren, but Loren says. "You do me this time."

They let the match burn down into Zachary's fingers. When it's almost done, when it couldn't last more than another heartbeat, he presses it to Loren's chest so it goes out there and they both sing out, riding deeper now.

They've gone through whole packs already in single sessions of writhing together like this. Tonight, they only have the five matches. They have to make each light count. So, there's another for Loren's chest and then Zachary's thigh. The second to last Loren dares put out on the crink of the other boy's foreskin, so Zachary wails and comes and clenching bruising tight on the body buried in his own. So, Loren takes the last to his own lips, and he follows his lover, who howls again, more semen dripping from his cock even as he goes soft.

Zachary stretches out on top of him, sighing content. And not about to move, if Loren knows him. Around them, the forge sighs softly in its own afterglow.

That's when the clapping starts, slow and plainly sarcastic.

"Well! If that's what you're into, you could have let us finish," says a woman's voice. "Do you have any idea how horny I was?"

"You're really very selfish, killing us."

"You should be ashamed."

"Darling, they won't be. They're /things/."

The boys eye the space in the glimmering furnace that the voices have rising from. Two shadows stand there. The silhouettes have a soft familiarity to them.

"Yes, we are," said Zachary. "Things with *babies*." He laughs a little when he says that.

"We've never pulled that one off before," Loren adds. "Come give your dads a hug."

The man and the woman glance to one another, then slink over. They're all shadow, still, roiling in and out, but so hot to the touch.

The man lays a hand to Zachary's throat, and falls into black ash.

The woman tries to put her foot to Loren's, and drips into white.

There's a touch of angry sobbing, out there in the memories and fire, but the boys come up alone again.

Zachary sighs. "Is that an abortion or a miscarriage?"

"If I knew how us /things/ worked, I'd tell you. It could be we're the only two, you know."

Zachary moves back into place against him. He doesn't say another word, just smiles contented in his lover's arms.

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OH wow, hot and lorefully interesting!
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I know I said it on the other one too but this is really hot PUN INTENDED.