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Title: Closure
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Alice Blue 7 (begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop), Mouse Grey 15 (just around the riverbend), Celestial Blue 7 (heavenly choir)
Styles and Materials: Canvas (a fortnight before the start of the story), Paint-by-numbers (Isana: Holly's favorite music)
Word Count: 692
Characters: Holly
Summary: Holly has made a ritual of writing a letter to her mother each year. This time, though, it feels different.

It's hard enough being loudly angry at no one in particular; I don't think I'd like to be specifically angry. )
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Title: Queen of the Neighborhood
Canon: Battle For the Sun/The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Harvest Gold 4 (raking), Fire Opal 17 (like a hurricane), Mouse Grey 23 (friends forever)
Supply: Eraser (high school AU), miniature
Characters: Jaida, Helene
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Jaida meets Helene.

That girl thinks she's the queen of the neighborhood / I got news for you, she is! )
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Title: Watcher in the Woods
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Harvest Gold 5 (orange and gold), Sulphur 1 (snake)
Style: Illustration, charcoal
Character: Helene Mossing
Rating: G
Summary: Yes, there are demons in the Redwood.

So don't go out tonight, it's bound to take your life )
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Title: Ghosts
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Harvest Gold 9 (fall back), Fire Opal 10 (fury), Celestial Blue 10 (dearly departed)
Supplies/Styles: Paint-by-numbers (the few lives Helene regretted taking), charcoal, miniature collection, canvas (1, 3, 4, and 5)
Characters: Helene Mossing and a chorus of victims
Word count: 500 (excluding headers)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, with warnings for violence including violence against children
Summary: Helene and the five kills that left an aftertaste almost like regret.
Notes: Beta read by [personal profile] isana  , who has my thanks!

Killing wasn't meant to feel like a crime. )
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Title: As I Lay Here Gazing
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Harvest Gold 10 (giving thanks), Mouse Grey 16 (let me be good to you), Alice Blue 15 (remember who you are)
Supply: canvas (near the end of the War of Ascension)
Characters: Valentio Melman, Cygnelius Corvo
Rating: PG
Summary: Valentio and Cygnelius, the night before Lysandro took back the throne.
Notes: Val/Cyg heavily implied, but they're not together yet. Watch out for the diabeetus.

'We're binary, and you can never take that back.' )
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Title: Inevitable
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Celestial Blue 1 (blessed), Fire Opal 8 (zealot/zealous), Alice Blue 12 (if everybody minded their own business, the world would go around a great deal faster than it does)
Supplies: Canvas, paint-by-numbers (Holly, the day she was chosen), glitter (one word: problem)
Characters: Holly, Sofia
Ratings: PG
Word count: 378
Summary: Holly does not want to go home.

There was only glory written in a thousand different hands, all violently ended. )
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Title: Chivalry
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Fire Opal 6 (fiery speech/sermon), Sulphur 10 (damnation)
Supplies: Eraser (1930's AU - Fair Game), charcoal
Characters: Lysander, Holly
Ratings: PG-13, with warnings for violence
Word count: 319
Summary: Some things are not to be tolerated.

Lysander wished he could have been in her head when it happened. )
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Title: Verity
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Alice Blue 18 (when I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean), Fire Opal 1 (desire), Sulphur 19 (forbidden knowledge)
Supplies: Canvas, charcoal
Characters: Helene/Vera
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 592
Summary: Before everything went to hell.

She seemed half a faerie and half something undiscovered and wild. )
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Title: And All of Creation Her Fiefdom
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Mouse Grey 13 (gonna stand out), Alice Blue 2 (if you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there)
Styles/Supplies: Illustration
Rating/Warnings: G, with no warnings.
Character: Largessa
Summary: Largessa, goddess of destiny and mother of the Seven Fates.

No one can stop me, for only I am in control. )
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Title: I Will Sing When You're All Dead
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Sulphur 20 (The souls of men are demons), Alice Blue 9 (everything is funny, if you can laugh at it), Celestial Blue 8 (the angels sing)
Styles/Supplies: Mixed media, miniature collection, charcoal, canvas, paint-by-numbers (Helene and her days in the opera)
Rating/Warnings: There is violence implicit and explicit, language, vengeful hatesex, and homophobia herein. Rated R.
Characters: Helene Mossing, Vera Zahl (nee Thurman), Holly Asher, ensemble of assorted victims
Word count: 1600 without lyrics
Summary: Helene Violeta Mossing in 16 songs.
Notes: Helene is PB Diamanda Galas. My art skills fail me this week.

'No wonder you were killed. I'd have done it free.' )
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Title: Knowledge of Good and Evil
Canon: The Lethean Glamour
Colors: Alice Blue 19 (off with their heads), Mouse Grey 6 (you ain't never had a friend like me)
Styles and supplies: Mixed media, miniature collection, canvas
Characters: Capricia Viordi, Seven, Apollo Merces, Lysandro Melman, Harmony Viordi
Rating: PG-13, with warnings for violence, what could be taken as the diminishing of a mentally ill person, and murder, among them a child
Word count: 1395 (not including lyrics)
Summary: Fourteen songs for Capricia and Seven.
Notes: Used textures by wicked-fate on the cover and track list art, and also retconning Mrs. Viordi's name as Harmony.

'You can feign purity, but our sins will never lessen.' )


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Title: Paralyzed
Canon: The Lethean Glamour (DW index coming forthwith)
Colors: Alice Blue 20 (it sounds uncommon nonsense), Mouse Grey 28 (part of your world)
Supplies: Canvas (ten years or so before the main story)
Characters: Holly Asher, Helene Mossing
Rating: PG
Word Count: 311
Summary: This isn't a dream. Helene keeps herself amused.

'If I'm going to share space with you, I'm going to enjoy it.' )


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