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Name: Thai
Title: stone as bitter as an orange
Story: Tempus Transit
Timeline: 0.16 (the sixteenth day of a nonapplicable month [December sixteenth, unknown year])
Colors: Rust #2 - Antique lace; Alice Blue #13 - be what you would seem to be; Tyrian Purple #29 - don't look back
Supplies and Materials: None
Word Count: 1700
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Minor physical abuse (Cinnamon has a cell phone thrown at her head), mentions of mental/emotional abuse and neglect, Bone paterfamilias still being a dick. Actually, you know what, any pieces in which he appears, assume it warns for him being a dick. He's a warning all to himself.
Notes: Augh writing this piece made me feel very uncomfortable. Also, the next few pieces will be long, sad, and in chronological order; if I post anything set after a certain point, things will be incredibly fuzzy and really writing an introduction in this fashion is so much cooler.

Life is different without her sister, in a subtle way that makes Cinnamon dizzy. )
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tags that need to be added: author tag (thai), story tag (tempus transit), color tags.
Name: Thai
Title: when the gods draw straws
Story: Tempus Transit
Timeline: 0.4 (the fourth day of a nonapplicable month [December fourth, unknown year])
Colors: White Opal #5 - Solitude; Alice Blue #6 - six impossible things before breakfast; Opera Mauve #17 - conductor
Supplies and Materials: None
Word Count: 2251
Rating: PG
Warnings: Pre-piece character death, Bone paterfamilias being a dick.

Cinnamon Bone was homeschooled; not that you can be taught what you've always known. )


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