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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Thirst/Blood Saint
Colors: Fire Opal 7 (lusting after); Surgical Steel 1 (plasma); Fever Red 8 (muscle ache)
Styles/Supplies: Modeling Clay (“What is the most romantic thing you have ever done for someone or someone has ever done for you?”) ; Glue (September 21)
Word Count: 859
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13, violence; Warnings: homicide, discussion of death
Summary: Annie waxes poetic about vampire life, eats an NPC.

Some have called it Hunger )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Coronation/Blood Saint
Color: Surgical Steel 4 (reconstructive surgery); Bone 10 (cause of death); Fire Opal 5 (ravenous);
Styles/Supplies: Glitter: "Reality is something you rise above." – Liza Minnelli
Word Count: 691
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13 - violence; Warnings: Graphic death, biting, blood
Notes: Posting this scene for Tom, because I promised. ;)

Who knew monstrosity would feel so healthy? )
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Author: Ardy
Piece/story: Rest for the Weary/Blood Saint
Color: Surgical Steel 3 (gamma knife); Fever Red 15 (sleep); Angel Cake 17 (obedience)
Styles/Supplies: Glitter: "Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Word Count: 638
Ratings/Warnings: PG; None
Notes: Maybe this is the one where I should have mentioned my schedule.

Me, too, Father Luke. Me, too. )
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Author: Ardy
Piece/story: Meeting a Monster/Blood Saint
Color: Surgical Steel 6 (scalpel); Bone 11 (body bag); Fire Opal 9 (adrenaline)
Styles/Supplies: Stain: “Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can have some conversation.”
Word Count: 1379
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13: language, violence; Warnings - Impalement, shooting, violence to the eyes
Notes: I hate the name ‘Draculeans’ but let’s just go with the easy camp of it for now. It's not like we're shying away from other vampire media cliches.

Because we just really needed a morgue scene already )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Digital Omens/Blood Saint
Colors: Bone 17 (autopsy report); Fever Red 9 (joint pain
Styles/Supplies: Glitter: "We all have something to hide, some dark place inside us we don't want the world to see. So we pretend that everything's okay, wrapping ourselves in rainbows. That's all for the best, because some of these places are darker than others.." – Michael C. Hall, in Dexter
Word Count: 361
Ratings/Warnings: PG - discussion of violence; Warning: discussion of serial murders, indirect mentions of blood
Notes: I've been working 45 hours a week and trying to (semi-successfully) squeeze in 2 internships this summer--I can't wait for classes to start so I can get a break, haha.

It was just the news.... )

Bone #16

Mar. 5th, 2014 01:38 pm
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Never Gets Old/Blood Saint
Colors: Bone 16 (ashes to ashes)
Styles/Supplies: Miniature
Word Count: 88
Ratings/Warnings: PG - swearing, demon vanquishing; Warning: immolation (not on a human though)
Notes: Hi, I love y’all. I’ve missed y’all. I’m still sort of here and alive. Kisses!

Today is special! )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Swept Away/Blood Saint
Colors: Colors: Fire Opal 14 (want it so bad, I can taste it); Angel Cake 2 (messenger); Fever Red 17 (water)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt)
Word Count: 895
Ratings/Warnings: PG; None
Notes: Another jump into the future with the storyline and a character I have not introduced: episcopalian priest girlfriend.

An unrequested  )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Soul in Flight/Blood Saint
Colors: Bone 1 (corpse road); Surgical Steel 2 (transplant); Fire Opal 3 (impassioned)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Bone, Surgical Steel, and Fire Opal for Summer of Whump); Photography
Word Count: 965
Ratings/Warnings: PG - discussion of metaphoric death; No standard warnings apply
Notes: There are vampires in the next chapter. And actual vampire action in like... a few chapters.

And she went away, never to return. )

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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Stages of Grief/Blood Saint
Color: Fever Red 7 (immune response); Surgical Steel 15 (resection); Bone 3 (active decay)
Style/Supplies: Pointillism; Graffiti (Fever Red, Surgical Steel, and Bone for Summer of Whump); Stain (Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane. -Philip K. Dick); Finger-painting (setting a scene in one sentence.)
Word Count: 240
Ratings/Warnings: PG - Discussion of serious illness; Warnings: Suicidal ideation
Notes: This was the longest I have ever spent revising a piece and it’s the shortest piece I’ve ever written.

Giving up and letting go )

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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Calling on Angels/Blood Saint
Colors: Fire Opal 8 (zealot/zealous); Surgical Steel 12 (radiation); Angel Cake 10 (protector)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Midsummer Night’s Dream prompt); Acrylic; Charcoal
Word Count: 718
Ratings/Warnings: PG - language; No standard warnings apply
Notes: Waaaay, way into the future of this story, and I think SWL can read my mind, because that picture fit these two perfectly.

Father Andrew didn’t even bother to brush away the cobwebs as he pushed through the service tunnels underneath the offices of the archdiocese. Damn all those bastards--why did they treat her this way?

Iron chains, and iron collars, and none of it ever set right with him. A creature of Heaven should be a creature free to move in body and spirit--one with full access to their awesome power. But they, with their quaking, imperfect souls could only stand a fraction of her radiance.

Now they had lost their rights to the law, in his eyes. )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: Hello There, the Angel of my Nightmares/Blood Saint
Colors: Bone 13 (scattered remains); Fever Red 21 (dizzy); Angel Cake 4 (Holy)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti (Fever Red and Bone for Summer of Whump)
Word Count: 1363
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13 - gore; No warnings that I know of
Notes: Luke is slightly different in "real life" from the flawless, sage older brother Annie sees in him.

“What a mess.” Luke kept his tone calm and professional, though his innards were churning.

Explosions, angels, and an ailing sister in the same day. )
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Name: Ardy
Piece/Story: The Average Annie Duskcrow/Working title Blood Saint
Colors: Fire Opal 11 (own personal war); Fever Red 2 (chronic); Surgical Steel 9 (IV)
Styles/Supplies: Graffiti
Word Count: 1640
Ratings/Warnings: PG - explicit description of bleeding, discussion of illness and death; No standard warnings apply (though if I’ve missed one, please tell me!)
Notes: This is a new voice for me, so I apologize if she’s a little rough or has a bit of emotional whiplash in the first few pieces. Hopefully she’ll solidify like a properly coagulating blood clot.  Edit: Thank you for the tags!

There were 1,446 dots in each panel above my head. Each panel had a width of 12 inches, and there were four columns of them between the two mint green curtains on either side of my cot. For privacy, the nurse had pulled the third curtain across the end of my space in the emergency room. I was in the limbo of triage, engulfed by the whims of a colorblind interior designer and the beeps, whines, screams, and murmuring medical jargon that was hospital drama.

4 columns and 4 rows is 16 panels of dots to distract me... )


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