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Authors: Sara and Kelly
Colors: Grey, 7. all cats are grey at night (Sara) + Daffodil, 7. colors everywhere + Or, 18. Humility + Sable, 18. Vice (Kelly)
Supplies: Stain ("All God's children are not beautiful. Most of God's children are, in fact, barely presentable.")
Style: Bichrome, Interactive Art, Photography, Reimaging (the first is of Teresa's section of They Had It Coming; the ninth is of Isabella's section of Welcome to Dan's)
Word Count: 2,980
Rating: PG-13
Story: Polyfaceted; title of this is First Impressions.
Summary: First impressions of the Corlioni siblings.
Notes: Spans 2002 to summer 2028.

The man—Salvatore Corlioni, based on newspaper articles—is huge by any standard. )
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Author: Kat
Title: Giving Up
Story: In The Heart
Colors: Sable saturation.
Supplies and Materials: Miniature collection, oils (where did it go), feathers (your character gives up), chalk (I don't think I'll ever come out) (warning: homophobia), seed beads (all but my eight mains).
Word Count: 2500.
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Giving up.
Warnings: Homophobia, teenage pregnancy, child abuse and neglect, physical and mental ableism, adultery, mentions of dubious sexual consent.
Notes: Maya has never before been mentioned. If you can correctly guess one of the two characters she has the most to do with, I will write you a miniature on any topic of your choice.

Giving Up )
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Name: Kitrona
Story: The Agency: Casefiles and Minutia
Title: The Ring of Gyges
Colors: Metallic Gold 6 (tool), Sable 19 (lies)
Supplies and Materials: Stain (“Everything is possible for the person who believes.” - Jesus)
Style: Mosaic
Word Count: 1035
Rating: PG for language
Warnings: None needed, I don't think?

I looked up as the bell over the door rang and in walked trouble.Read more... )


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