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Name: Thai
Story: Phase
Colors: Opera Mauve #4 - opera glasses, Tyrian Purple #21 - lifelong affair
Style: Sketch + Collage (Phase - Nikki's story!)
Notes: I drew these for Nikki and then she made me post them because she is an ENABLER. Also I am sorry I have not been around. And that I will disappear after this, ne'ermore to be seen. Until the next time I'm enabled.

Wow just go look at the bad art. (They're very big, both about 1100x900, so be warned.)

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Name: Thai
Title: the rise of a king, the fall of a queen
Story: Blood Princess (Blue Prince AU; one of Asma's brothers survives instead of Asma)
Timeline: Mirza is 17; Mahir is Crazy Old but Not As Crazy Old As Everyone Else
Colors: Tyrian Purple #13 - children upon children; Opera Mauve #12 - baritone; Alice Blue #17 - it's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards
Supplies and Materials: Eraser (BP2.0)
Word Count: 619
Rating: PG-13 because Mirza is a foulmouthed little git
Warnings: None.
Notes: This was originally written as a response to a My Treat prompt at RaTs (thank ye kindly, Nikki!). You might want to read this piece first for the prompt's context; that particular piece involves character death. Also, the Rocmother being really really creepy. Oops.

His name was Mirza and he was pointless. )
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Name: Thai
Title: children make wings out of paper and glass
Story: Blood Princess
Timeline: Asma is 13; Astor is still Really Crazy Old, I Don't Even.
Colors: Tyrian Purple #2 - hold up the sky, Opera Mauve #7 - aria, Alice Blue #11 - if you believe in me, I'll believe in you
Supplies and Materials: Stickers (Why Do Wolves Howl?), Feathers (In Arabic, the word “bayt” translates literally as house, but its connotations resonate beyond rooms and walls, summoning longings gathered about family and home. In the Middle East, bayt is sacred. Empires fall. Nations topple. Borders may shift. Old loyalties may dissolve or, without warning, be altered. Home, whether it be structure or familiar ground, is finally the identity that does not fade. -- Anthony Shadid)
Word Count: 494
Rating: G
Warnings: None whatsoever.
Notes: b;lksjfe I don't know why I even try to write dancing.

Look here. )
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tags that need to be added: author tag (thai), story tag (tempus transit), color tags.
Name: Thai
Title: when the gods draw straws
Story: Tempus Transit
Timeline: 0.4 (the fourth day of a nonapplicable month [December fourth, unknown year])
Colors: White Opal #5 - Solitude; Alice Blue #6 - six impossible things before breakfast; Opera Mauve #17 - conductor
Supplies and Materials: None
Word Count: 2251
Rating: PG
Warnings: Pre-piece character death, Bone paterfamilias being a dick.

Cinnamon Bone was homeschooled; not that you can be taught what you've always known. )


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