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Name: Sebastian
Story: Despite the Abundance (A Moon Calls AU)
Colors: Flint: 1. We've still got our health and a twisted sense of fun
Supplies and Styles: N/A
Word Count: 320
Warnings: Nothing really, just broken bird boys.
Summary: Timothy is (not) a pretty brid
Notes The Moon AU is this weird, sad AU in which Timothy gets pulled into a topsy-turvy fantasy wold and then gets spit back out when it got bored with him. Now he and Nathan are trying to learn how to cope with how the world left him.

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Name: Sebastian
Story: The unnamed modern Hades/Persephone verse.
Colors: Fog Grey: 10. winter chill
Flint: 8. And if you're breathing in the morning, make your bed again
Supplies and Styles: N/A
Word Count: 413
Warnings: Happy things, just happy, happy things.
Summary: It's a lazy day, a lazy, happy day.
Notes Two things! GO me! :D I am pleased as hell by making all the words today, I really am.

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Oct. 17th, 2016 01:41 am
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Name: Sebastian
Story: The Unnamed Hades/Persephone verse
Colors: Flint: 10. We will write you down, we will build you in words
Supplies and Styles: None
Word Count: ~450
Warnings: Nothing
Summary: Barret has a rough night.
Notes [personal profile] balsamandash and I came up with a modern Hades and Perspehone a few weeks after we moved into the new apartment and I said I would try and write for them at some point. THi sis me making good on that.

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