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Alice Blue 18, Tyrian Purple 12, & Olive Drab 18 w/ Eraser, Collage, Mosaic, Interactive Art, Stain

Author: Kelly and Nikki
Colors: Alice Blue 18. when I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean, Tyrian Purple 12. golden fleece, for Nikki; Olive Drab 18. “Whatever it is, even if the answer is yes, it’s no.” for Kelly
Styles/Supplies: Eraser (TOWNOID), Collage, Mosaic, Interactive Art, Pastels (Nikki's gen card; O1: the next best thing), Stain ("Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." - Einstein)
Story: Phase and Polyfaceted (Index ~ Timeline); the title of this is 'Reparation.'
Summary: Rayne tries to partially pay Nicoletta back.
Word Count: 1,366
Rating: PG
Notes: Takes place in August 2016.

Rayne arrived at Nicoletta and Andy's house with a check burning through her hypothetical pocket. In reality, she was in a dress, and the check was in her purse, but still. She wasn't used to carrying money, even if it was a tiny bit of paper with writing on it.

She checked her makeup and carefully finger combed her hair into place before she rang the bell. The last thing she wanted to do was talk to Nicoletta Corlioni looking out of sorts.

Nicoletta herself actually looked a little harried; she had one of the babies--Chloe, the happy little baby with dark, curly hair--on her hip, but she smiled anyway. "Hey, Rayne. What's up?"

She smiled back, because because Chloe was cute, and it was a nice reminder that Nicoletta was more than her job. "Thank you," she said. "Angie didn't tell me he was going to ask you, or I would have went with him and said it before. We owe you."

"I don't think Angie wanted anyone to know he was asking me in case I said no. You want to come in?" Nicoletta stepped back from the door. "You can hold the babies if you do..." she tempted, which Rayne was pretty sure was mostly to get the babies off her hands. That didn't mean it wasn't a tempting offer.

"Why not?" She held her hands out, silently offering to take Chloe after she walked into the house. "I have a check for you, too."

"You don't already have to start paying me back," Nicoletta said, handing Chloe over.

Chloe immediately latched onto Rayne and grabbed her hair. She didn't yank, so Rayne didn't mind. "It's not like that. I didn't know Angie was going to talk to you, and Angie didn't know I was going to talk to Sal. I figured I would just bring the check he gave me to you." It wasn't enough to pay Nicoletta back, not nearly, but it was something.

"Seriously, Rayne, don't worry about it. I'm not exactly hurting for it." Nicoletta led her to the playroom, where she started picking up the toys Diana and Stacey weren't playing with. Rayne briefly wondered at that--wasn't picking up Stacey's job?--but she wasn't about to say anything. "Andy and I talked when we went to lunch, after I gave Angie the check. You guys are going to need to pay rent and bills, Angie's probably going to be too sick to work, you need the money I gave him and Sal gave you. Keep it as long as Angie's not working. If you guys need to pay me back, give Stacey some time off taking care of the girls."

"Yes please," Stacey said as she lifted Diana onto her lap.

"And if you need more, ask us. Andy or I will give it to you."

She chewed the inside of her cheek and hoisted Chloe higher on her hip. Chloe only giggled and started playing her necklace. She didn't have as much pride as Angie did, so it was easy to accept that, but she still felt like paying them back somehow. She took the offered way out. "I can take care of them sometime this weekend."

"Awesome," Nicoletta said, glancing at Stacey. "When do you want completely free time?"

"Any time in my life." Stacey grinned and kissed Diana's hair. "Saturday evening?"

"That work for you?" Nicoletta asked Rayne. "Saturday, say, four to eight? Does that work for you?"

"We could use a Saturday in." And it'll keep Angie's mind off going to a bar. "Angie loves the girls, so I'm sure he won't mind. We can come pick them up around three-thirty, or would you rather drop them off?"

She looked down at Chloe. "I'm not your mommy, sweetie, you aren't going to get anything out of those." She laughed at the incredulous look the baby gave her in return.

"Oh please pick them up. Stacey can go out, Andy and I can stay in, you get the kids." Nicoletta straightened and came over to Rayne. "Here, I'll take her. Hungry, Chlo-Chlo?" she asked.

"I'm going to a movie," Stacey said. "Something with a rating the kids can't see for, oh...six years in Talia's case."

Nicoletta laughed. "Good plan." To Rayne, she added, "Sorry, we love the girls. We just need a break from them at times. And it's been awhile since I conned my brother or...anyone."

Rayne grinned. "It's fine." Four girls, especially with twin babies, were tiring enough with babysitting. She could imagine how it must be full time, and how little private time that must leave. (To be honest, Rayne would want to get rid of the kids for a few hours if she were married to Andy too.) "We could keep them past eight, if you wanted us to."

"Oh hey, then we'd get a non-spaghetti dinner out of the deal."

"Take it," Stacey urged her, grinning. "Take it."

"Totally sold," Nicoletta agreed. "I'll let Andy know." She settled on the playroom couch with Chloe, unfastening the top button of her shirt. "And tell Angie to get the hell over his pride, please. I like Sarah, she'd be incredibly upset if anything happened to him. I also like you, and I even like him. So he's getting help, no matter how much he bitches about his pride and paying people back instantly."

"I don't know how well that will work. You know Angie is." Rayne was sure she'd have to force him to not go back to work until the doctor okayed it, which would be a while if the doctors were right. She'd need to work eventually. "I also wanted to ask. Does your family own any burlesque clubs?"

"Strip, yeah. Burlesque is a slightly more interesting question. You happen to know The Red Lady?" Nicoletta asked.

"Angie would go nuts if I stripped," Rayne shrugged. "And yeah, I've heard it mentioned at the bar a few times." They'd been in less than pleasant ways, but she didn't expect much else from men.

"Red Lady's a burlesque club. My brother Johnny is in charge of all that stuff, mostly because David's a pig about that kind of thing. Anyway, if you want, I can give Johnny your info." Nicoletta shrugged. "You're good, right?"

She had met David very briefly. It had been enough to make 'pig' an agreeable term, though a bit of a light one for Rayne's taste. "Yeah. I love dancing." And she had a lot of costumes, thanks to Angie. "And we live next door to a bunch of drag queens, so I know a lot of acts to get ideas from," she laughed. That was true too. "I'd love if you could do that. That'd be great."

"Yeah, no problem. He'll tell whoever's managing to get ahold of you. You should get the call in a few days, probably. Audition after that, you'll get the job because I'll make sure, and there you go." Nicoletta grinned at her. "You're set, as long as you like The Red Lady."

"If guys get handsy, can I kick them or something?"

Nicoletta laughed. "Sure."

Rayne grinned back. "Then I should be able to handle it."

"Good. I'll talk to my brother tomorrow. Warn Angie that you're changing jobs, though," Nicoletta added with a laugh. "He might want to know you'll be doing burlesque now."

"I'll do that when I get home." Rayne checked her watch. She needed to hurry if she wanted to catch the next subway. "I should probably be going now, actually." She knelt to say bye to Diana, lightly tickling her stomach. "I'll call before we come pick them up on Saturday?"

"Yeah, please. Feel free to keep them as long as you want." Nicoletta smiled at her. "Thanks for taking them. Don't let Angie corrupt them in any way I won't."

"I'm not sure how well I do at keeping Angie from corrupting himself, but I'm sure I can juggle it," she dryly answered as she stood. "Thank you, again." She'll probably never stop saying that. "I can see myself out."

"You're welcome." Nicoletta bent over her daughter, and Rayne slipped out, making sure to lock the door behind her.
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Awwww, Nic. I know she doesn't do romantic love, but she sure as hell does philios. And I love Rayne just... trying. Forever. And the girls are adorable.

Lovely job.