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Lawn Green #4/Camo Green #2, Barbados Blue #12

Name: Greenling
Story: Asking for Roses
Colors: Lawn Green #4 (pool party)/Camo Green #2 (navy), Barbados Blue #12 (Mosquito netting)
Supplies and Styles: Bichrome, Graffiti (Skindiving)
Word Count: 446
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Skipping ahead slightly in the plot: Jaymie got an audience with Katrina Song, one of the most influential people in the local supernatural community, in hopes of getting a resolution to the whole rampaging monster deal since he can't get in touch with Celeste. In return, she asks him for a few small favors, including helping to keep an eye on certain things.

TL;DR Jaymie meets someone at a party.

Comments, criticism, and questions are all appreciated.

Sand was scattered everywhere under the outdoor pavilion, screened in by thick mosquito netting. When it had first been put out, it had probably been artfully scattered, but at this point it was more of a thin, gritty carpet, slowly getting kicked into the lawn. It was warm enough out that they barely needed the heaters scattered around; Jaymie wondered if it was more for the benefit of all the tropical plants scattered around.

He came in less fashionably-late and more apathetic-late, and even hanging out by the bar with his shirt still on, he'd gotten a few "donations" of the leis being handed out. People already seemed to be using them like Mardi Gras beads. Despite himself, and despite the coercion involved in him going, he really did feel a little better. The last party he'd gone to had been ruined by snipy vampires and that Alex guy, but this one seemed to be mostly cute girls and gossip. He could get into cute girls and gossip.

After not quite an hour, he finally got bored enough to head towards the actual pool part of the pool party. It was an indoor pool and a damned large one, surrounded by beach umbrellas which themselves were surrounded by chairs and kiddie pools full of ice and drinks. There was more sand in here, too, and... half a playground. A slip 'n' slide had been set up on one side by the pool, and there was some kind of swingset perched over the deep end. He doubted anyone would be drunk enough to try the slip 'n' slide for a while, but someone was already climbing into the swings.

Jaymie noticed her from across the room. She was alone, for one; most of the room, most of the party was normal, little groups of people or pairs of guys trying to attach themselves to groups of women. Mostly, though, he noticed the reflection of the pool off her dark, vaguely metallic skin. On the normal side of the veil she was cute, tanned with dark hair, but on the other she looked like a navy-colored panther made of chrome. He found himself walking over.

"Is this seat taken?"

Her smile was guarded. His was probably a little silly. "Sure. Free country," she replied. "If you can get in it."

The swing was suspended at least a foot over the water, and far enough away from the sides that getting in without, well, swinging everywhere would be a challenge. "Good point. How did you get in?"

"Catlike grace." Her smile got a little wider.

He bit his lip and grabbed the swing. "Well, can't hurt to try, right?"

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