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Tyrian Purple 2, Alice Blue 8, Olive Green 8 with Eraser, Oils, and Pastels

Author: Nikki
Colors: Tyrian Purple 2. hold up the sky, Alice Blue 8. curiouser and curiouser, Olive Green 8. Midnight Snowstorm
Styles/Supplies: Eraser (TOWNOID), Oils (tell me if you see it move), Pastels (my gen romance card; O4: talent/skill)
Story: Phase; the title of this is 'Red Solo Cup.'
Summary: Angie builds a fort, so of course Sarah knocks it down.
Word Count: 186
Rating: G
Notes: Takes place in April 2006.

Sarah usually worked days at Andy’s shop, and Angie and Rayne worked nights. Somehow, that meant that Angie and Rayne somehow ended up at his tattoo parlor all the time, but that wasn’t Sarah’s fault. She told Andy that, it wasn’t her fault that her older sister and his girlfriend didn’t have any other friends.

It also wasn’t her fault if she played a few jokes on Angie sometimes. Sometimes, the shop got slow, and she got bored, and it was fun. Especially today, when Angie for some reason decided he wanted to build a Solo cup fortress with himself inside it. How could she not mess with Angie?

She was in the middle of a sketch when Angie finished building a fort a little short of six feet tall, wide enough to turn around in. Sarah looked at it for a minute, before suddenly saying, “Hey, Angie?"

He was close enough to the edge that two walls of the fort collapsed when he turned around.

“...Damn it, Sarah.”

“Sorry,” she said unconvincingly, while Rayne laughed.
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Awwwwww. Good to see them having a happy sibling relationship for once. Nicely done.
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But the fort... why?

They are the sweetest when they put their minds to it. I love it.
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This was too adorable!
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Hee hee! He should have seen that coming!
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Heeee, oh, Sarah. Perfect.