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Alice Blue 19 with Brush, Acrylics, Oils, Stain, Pastels, Fabric, Yarn and Mosaic

Author: Nikki
Colors: Alice Blue 19. off with their heads
Styles/Supplies: Brush (livelong), Acrylics (´╗┐Dentists and assistants), Oils (tell me if it starts moving), Stain ("Nothing is impossible, some things are just more likely than others." - Johnathan Winters), Pastels (my gen+romance card; O5: criminal intent), Fabric (this picture), Modeling Clay (#142: battle), Yarn (this picture), Mosaic
Story: Phase and The Haunting of Violet Marsh; the title of this is 'Pathology.'
Summary: Adrianna has to talk to Zach about a 'favor'.
Word Count: 491
Rating: PG
Notes: Takes place in August 2016. Adrianna is 26, Zachary is 34. Mentions of cadavers and possible murder.

It was her first day at Maimonides, and Adrianna was on her way to the morgue. It wasn’t a scheduled trip. She wasn’t even sure if the person she was looking for was on duty, but Sunset made it sound like Zachary lived at work when they talked.

She was in luck. It looked like he was about to start prepwork for an autopsy. There was a body on the table, covered by a sheet, and Zachary looked surprised to see her.

“Apparently, I got my job in the children’s wing because of a strong recommendation from Dr. Zachary Miller,” she said.

“Were those Dean Mendel’s exact words?” he asked, walking around the table to face her.

“It was implied.” Her grades had been mentioned, but how odd it was for Dr. Miller to recommend anybody had been brought up just as much. She could understand it; Zachary was a very antisocial person, but he was a very brilliant antisocial person. It still smarted. “I wanted to get this job by earning it myself and proving that I know what I’m doing, not through somebody else’s recommendation. Did Sunset put you up to this, or Andy?”

His lack of readable expression was read as him being unimpressed. “Do cadavers bother you?” he asked.

That took her off guard. “Of course not.”

“Excellent." He only turned and walked back to the table, his gait steady save for his limp. “Then would you mind,” he continued, pulling on a pair of gloves, “from one medical professional to another, of course, giving me your opinion on this one here?” He pulled the sheet away from the body in a non-nonsense manner.

Adrianna remembered how a few teachers had revealed cadavers like they were some sort of secret surprise, and preferred Zachary's method. She walked around the table, keeping her arms behind her back, breaking the cadaver down to parts in her head, so she wouldn't see it as a person. It was male, early to late fifties, slightly overweight. She didn't see anything very out of the ordinary until she had nearly worked her way down.

"There's an injection site, between the toes," she said. She looked up to find him watching her carefully, and she knew this must be a test of some sort.

"Self-inflicted?" he asked, his face blank.

"No. There's a bruising pattern on the foot." She pointed, careful not to touch anything. "Someone held him still while they injected him. But you knew that already, didn't you?"

"Only an idiot wouldn't notice." She felt that was a compliment. He didn't smile, but there was an amused and approving arch of his eyebrows in return. "I do not recommend things lightly," he told her, before pulling the sheet over the body again. He turned away from her, signaling the end of the conversation. "Did you have anything else to say?"

She was surprised that she didn't.
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Hey, they cooperated! I like the way the interaction between them went. Well done.
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I think I've mentioned before that I really like Adri but have I ever told you how cool Zachary is too? just

there's a lot of "Yes, I really like this" going on here.
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Awww, I kind of like these two. Zach isn't being his usual horrible self, either, which bodes well. Nicely done!