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Carnation Pink 9, Tyrian Purple 9, Alice Blue 10 with PBN, Pastels, STain, Acrylic, and Beading Wire

Name: Nikki
Colors: Carnation Pink 9. Accented characters are evil, incompetent, or prophetic. [There are some people Chloe just can't let down.], Tyrian Purple 9. Trojan horse, Alice Blue 10. life, what is it but a dream?
Styles and Supplies: Paint-by-Numbers (Kelly's), Oils (with predictable results), Pastels (my gen+romance card; G2: deadline), Stain ("You don't stop laughing because you grow old. You grow old because you stop laughing." - Michael Pritchard), Beading Wire (Cheetah Cubs), Acrylic (sinuous)
Rating: G
Word Count: 175
Story: Phase; the title of this piece is 'Father's Day.'
Summary: Chloe has a problem.
Notes: Takes place in June 2024.

It was both adorable and hilarious, the expression Chloe always wore when she was thinking hard about something. She'd press a fist against her cheek and squint at something on the other side of the room. Oz worried that she might get a headache after a while and finally asked, "What are you thinking so hard about, ducky?"

"I need to get a Father's Day gift," she mumbled, "but I dunno what to get."

"We already went and got something for your daddy, remember?" Even though he had already cracked and told Andy what his present was, but Chloe didn't have to know that. "Do you not have anything for me?"

"I went with Daddy to get you something ages ago," she told him, very matter of factly. "And no, you can't have it early."

He was not going to pout at an eight year old. He was not. "Then what do you need help with?"

The look she gave him was wonderfully incredulous, until she spoke. "For Mr. Liam, of course."

Oh God, no.
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[personal profile] subluxate 2012-02-28 02:04 am (UTC)(link)
OH GOD. I'd feel bad, but Oz's pain is HILARIOUS. Of course Chloe needs to get something for Mr. Liam! It's just like how she has to get something for Miss Nicoletta for Mother's Day, GOD, Oz, get with it.
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Aw. That was really sweet.
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...I literally just made this sound like wheezing with laughter. I APPROVE OF THIS. ESPECIALLY OZ'S FACE IN MY HEAD.

Great job.
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I saw a very charming, cartoon Oz to go with Chloe and her cheek poking. It was adorable.