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Tyrian Purple 19, Olive Green 1-, Alice Blue 14 with Eraser, Pastels, Novelty Beads, and Others

Name: Nikki
Colors: Tyrian Purple 19. pillar of stones, Olive Green 10. Beam Me Up, Scotty, Alice Blue 14. everything's got a moral, if only you can find it
Styles and Supplies: Eraser (TOWNOID), Pastels (my gen+romance card; I2: hatred), Novelty Beads ("I'll come back when I want it, not when I need it."), Oils ("make it go away"), Modeling Clay (#142: battle), Brush (conclave), Chalk (inhale love, exhale hate), Stain ("It is a wise father that knows his own child." - William Shakespeare), Yarn (Stephan's Quartet), Feathers ("Home, whether it be structure or familiar ground, is finally the identity that does not fade." - Anthony Shadid)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 781
Story: Phase; the title of this piece is 'Hate.'
Summary: Angie rescues Sarah.
Notes: Takes place in November 2004. Warning for technical kidnapping, I guess?

It only took Angie a few minutes to gather Sarah's clothes and things into a garbage bag, but Sarah didn't say a thing the entire time. Instead, she watched Angie like a hawk, like he was going to disappear at any moment, which was fine. Angie was doing enough talking as it was. Apologies and half-assed explanations quietly fell from his lips as fast as he could breathe, and then apologies for the half assed explanations, but Sarah never said a thing, which maybe wasn't fine after all.

Angie tossed the bag out the window, and it landed with a soft thump in the dirt outside. "Come on," he said, moving to climb out the window. "I got a car, a place for us to go. Someone for you to meet." He looked back into the house, and beckoned Sarah toward the window.

Sarah stared at him. "...What about your guitar?" she quietly asked.

Angie glanced at Sarah's bedroom door. It was the only bedroom door in the house. He had destroyed the other two in one of his moods. And he wasn't risking running into Darrel. "I can get another guitar," he muttered. "Just come on."

Instead, Sarah turned around and walked out of the bedroom. Angie hissed something unintelligible, and was halfway in the window again when Sarah walked back into the room, awkwardly carrying Angie's guitar. He dropped back out the window and took it with a grin, before silently helping Sarah climb out.

"The car's out front." Angie held his guitar in one hand, and grabbed Sarah's bag of things in the other. "We'll just throw this in the trunk and go. Come on."

Sarah followed him after that.

Rayne was sitting in the passenger's seat of her mom's car, the same place she had been when Angie left. He opened the door to pop the trunk open, shooting Rayne a grin when he did. "Hey, babe."

Rayne looked back at him, somehow looking half relieved and half unimpressed. "Hurry up," she said in return.

Angie went to put the guitar and the garbage bag in the trunk, and noticed that Sarah had stopped a few steps away from the car. She was staring at it, warily, and Angie realized after a moment that she was staring at Rayne.

"Hey," he said, shutting the trunk, "it's cool, Sarah. That's Rayne, she's... We can trust her, okay? She helped me come back so I could get you."

Sarah gave him a look that was almost dark, but it was gone before Angie could really see it, and Sarah silently opened the back door and climbed into the backseat of the car.

He leaned over and kissed Rayne hard once he was in the driver's seat, and smiled widely at her when he pulled back. "Sarah, this is Rayne," he said as he started the car and pulled out of the driveway. "Rayne, this is my little sister."

Rayne half-glared at him, looking flustered. "Hi," she said, turning to look at Sarah.

"Where are we going, Angie?" Sarah asked instead of replying, her voice small in the dark of the backseat.

"Colorado," he answered, pulling his seatbelt on as they turned onto the highway.

"When did you learn how to drive?"

Angie flinched when Rayne whipped around to look at him.

"You told me you could drive." Rayne's tone of voice made Angie shrink down in his seat.

"You didn't have a problem with my driving before."

"Pull over. Now."

Angie sighed, and pulled over to the shoulder. Rayne was already out of the car by the time he unbuckled his seat belt. He heard her mumbling things under her breath when they walked around the car to switch seats, and he was about to sit back down when Sarah scrambled out of the car.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

Sarah didn't go anywhere. She just launched herself at him with as much force as she had, which wasn't much for someone her size. "I hate you!" she screamed, hitting at Angie's shoulders and chests with her fists like a kid would. It didn't hurt, not really, but Angie still tensed, still clenched his fists, but he didn't do anything other than that. He just stood there, while Sarah hit him and kept saying that, because he deserved it and he knew she didn't really mean it.

Eventually Sarah calmed down, or at least was just crying against his shoulder. He could finally move, so he hugged her and kissed the top of her head. "I came back, though," he said lowly. "I came back, right?"

Sarah nodded, sniffling quietly. Eventually, he got her back into the car.
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...yeah, Rayne, that was a good call there. And awww, the end, heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. Really well done. <3
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Oh, poor Sarah. I can totally understand her reaction: Angie disappears on her and then comes back to kidnap her; that's got to be frustrating. And I think Rayne is questioning what she's gotten herself into.
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Awww, SARAH. She so deserves to do that--Angie abandoned her, after all. But she still loves him, and he did come back, and that's what really matters now.