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Tyrian Purple 23, Olive Green 3, Alice Blue 22 w/ Eraser, Pastels, Modeling Clay, Stain, & Feathers

Name: Nikki
Colors: Tyrian Purple 23 (lonely inventor), Olive Green 3 (White Knight), Alice Blue 22 (I have seen so many extraordinary things, nothing seems extraordinary any more)
Styles and Supplies: Eraser (TOWNOID), Pastels (my gen+romance card; I3: reunion), Modeling Clay (140: soul), Chalk, Stain ("Humans are not proud of their ancestors, and rarely invite them round to dinner.", Douglas Adams), Feathers ("I will always find you.")
Rating: G
Word Count: 398
Story: Phase; the title of this piece is 'Marco Polo.'
Summary: Sarah knows Angie is watching after her.
Notes: Kat's Valentine's Day present! Takes place in November 2004; Sarah is 14, Angie is 16.

Sarah's life at home and her life at school weren't that much different. She was ignored at both, but felt safer at school. At home... she only existed to Angie. At school, she was Angie's little sister. Nobody was going to do anything to Angie's little sister. Unfortunately, that also meant that almost nobody in her classes talked to her.

But she existed to Angie at school, too. Once Angie started getting into fights, she started checking in on Sarah every period. Sarah would be in class, and she would hear Angie from outside or in the hallway say, "Marco?"

Sarah always answered. "Polo." And then Angie would go back to what Sarah hoped was her own class. The teachers tried to stop it, at first. Eventually, they learned it wasn't going to stop and learned to deal with it.

Sometimes, Sarah didn't answer right away. Sometimes, she wouldn't hear Angie over the teacher or a classmate, but a few times she stayed quiet to let Angie know to check in. Angie would always pop in the door like she owned the room, or open the window and lean in, and Sarah wouldn't have to say a thing. Angie always knew who was bothering Sarah.

Then, Angie would be gone before anything could really happen, and the person would show up the next day a little frightened looking or a little beat up, and usually leave her alone. There were only a few repeat offenders.

When Angie ran away, there wasn't any more Marco Polo. For the first few days, it went fine. Most people thought Angie would come back soon, because it wasn't uncommon for her to spend a few days out of school at a time. When she didn't, things started slowly and snowballed quickly.

It was more verbal and emotional harassment than anything, and Angie still would have stomped their faces into the ground if she had been there. Sarah didn't know how to handle people speaking to her, so she never said a thing. She just kept her head down and ignored it, and ran away when she couldn't. She hid, sometimes, but she was good at hiding. It was second nature for her at that point.

Two weeks later, Sarah jerked awake when someone almost frantically tapped on her window in the middle of the night.

And then, from outside the window: "Marco?"
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This is really sweet! I love that Angie would protect Sarah, and that she had a system for checking on Sarah every class. So good of her.

Good job!
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Great ending, though I was thinking throughout the piece that maybe this was another mark against Angie: that she left Sarah without any protection.
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For me? Really? I LOVE IT. <33333333 just. That ending. So awesome.
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Awww! ♥ Angie is such a great big sibling here. Even if her protection does seem to stunt Sarah socially a bit... well, it seems like it's worth it!