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Fire Opal 13, Lust 16, & Olive Green 4 w/ Portrait, Mosaic, Interactive Art, Seed Beads, and Pastels

Name: Bookblather and Nikki
Colors: Fire Opal 13 (want it so bad, I can taste it) and Lust 16 (PDA) for Kat; Olive Green 4 (Wet Dream) for Nikki.
Styles and Supplies: Portrait, Mosaic, Interactive Art, Seed Beads (Joy), Pastels (Nikki's gen+romance card; N4: seduction)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8,909
Story: Second Genesis; the title of this piece is 'Introducing Joy.'
Summary: Chloe, Joy, and Kurt go on a date.
Notes and Warnings: A direct continuation of 'Lapdance'. This AU has no timeline that makes rational sense., and both pieces equal over 15k words total bc Kat and I have that problem.

They both rushed through getting ready, though Chloe took longer with her make-up than Joy would have thought. When they reached the restaurant, it didn't take a moment for them to be seated at their table, and they turned more than one person's head on the way. Chloe's fame might have had something to do with it, but the arm she had firmly (and possessively) wrapped around Joy's waist might have been another reason.

"My husband should be joining us soon," Chloe told the maître d' as they sat down. To his credit, he managed to hide his confusion at that almost completely. Apparently, it was easier to accept that Cherry was exceptionally bad at cheating. "I expect you'll show him the way when he arrives. We'll be waiting for him to order, but we will take a bottle of wine. Do you drink wine?" she asked Joy, turning to face her.

"I do," Joy said, trying not to look back at the people staring at them. "White wine for preference." She folded both her hands on the table and ordered herself not to play footsie with Chloe; this was a five-star restaurant. However, it became clear that Chloe didn't care a bit about that when she brushed her foot against Joy's underneath the table before slowly trailing it up the back of Joy's leg.

"Have someone bring us the best white wine you have, then," Chloe continued, like there was nothing out of the ordinary. The maître d' was only gone a moment before Chloe smiled widely and reached across the table to grab her hand. "You look gorgeous. I don't know if I've told you enough."

Joy made herself smile back, and felt herself start to relax. "You tell me all the time, but I like hearing it." She leaned forward and put her other hand over Chloe's.

Chloe's smile widened in response, and her voice lowered when she leaned forward to speak. "More than half of the people that saw us walk in are jealous of me. I know, because they weren't staring at us, or me specifically. They were looking at you."

"Oh, honey, please," Joy said. "They're wondering who the hell I am, getting so lucky." She gave in, slipped her foot out of her shoe, and ran it up Chloe's calf. "They look at me because they can't imagine why I get to be with you."

Looking down at their hands, Chloe intertwined her fingers with Joy's and stretched her leg out to give Joy better access. "I keep wanting to do things to you, and then remembering I can't yet. It's disappointing."

"Not at dinner, dear," Joy said, calmly, massaging the muscle with her toes. "That would really start some rumors."

"Not that," she answered, grinning devilishly. "I want to, of course, but I know I can't. There are other things, though," Chloe raised Joy's hand to her mouth and kissed the back of her fingers, "that I'm not sure if they're allowed or not." Quickly, she sucked the tip of Joy's pinkie finger past her lips and nipped at it.

Joy drew in a breath sharply, then flushed sharply and tugged her hand a little. "I don't think you should be..." She trailed off, because it felt really good and she didn't really want to object, but at the same time...

Chloe's smile widened and grew wicked. "She does blush." Lowering Joy's hand back to the table, she intertwined their fingers again. "I'll behave if you want me to, but only if you want me to..." Chloe's gaze moved to look over Joy's shoulder as she trailed off, her eyes darkening. "Kurt's here," she murmured, like it was an afterthought.

Chloe stood when Kurt reached their table, and kissed him as politely as was allowed (though she couldn't help but grab his tie to pull him down, just a bit.) "Kiss Joy, too," she told him, after she had let him go.

"I had planned on it," he dryly responded with a crooked grin, "but since I have expressed permission now." Kurt smiled at Joy when he leaned over her, gently tucking her hair over one ear and cupping her cheek. "Hi."

"Hi," she said, a little breathlessly, half because... well, Chloe and Kurt were famous and here they were kissing her in the middle of a crowded restaurant, and half because the man looked damn fine in a suit. She closed her eyes for just a moment when he kissed her, then opened them again and smiled at him. "What took you so long?"

"It took a bit longer to get ready than I thought it would," he answered, taking his seat. Kurt sent a meaningful look at Chloe when he said it, and she only answered him with an innocent, wide-eyed expression. "But I'm here now."

"We haven't been here long. Our wine hasn't even come to the table yet." Chloe looked as if she wasn't sure if that was something to complain about or not. "Most of the staff are probably gossiping about us, so that's most likely why. Did you hear if anyone said anything?" she asked, looking at Kurt expectantly.

"She told me she's graduated high school, but sometimes I wonder," Kurt said, mostly to Joy, before he continued. "Anything I heard wasn't from staff anyway, it was from other people as I passed their tables. Most of them seemed more surprised that I'm not upset then they are that I'm here."

"Oh," Joy said, her stomach rolling just a bit with nervousness. "Um. And you're... you guys are okay with that? I mean, I don't want to make trouble for you. With the papers and all."

Shaking his head, Kurt leaned over to kiss her again. "Even if we were here with you platonically, tabloids would still say that it was otherwise."

"And, if we weren't okay with it, we wouldn't be here," Chloe finished, pouting at Kurt until he kissed her as well. "If it makes you uncomfortable, we can always get the wine to-go and go somewhere else."

Joy thought about it, then said, "It makes me... a little uncomfortable, I guess, because I'm not really used to this. But I am used to getting stared at, so I'll get over it." She smiled at them both. "Besides, why would I pass up a chance to have really excellent French food with two of my favorite people?"

Chloe beamed at her, before grinning over at Kurt. "She likes me better," she told him, sounding smug.

The look he gave her in response plainly said 'Duh.' "I don't think I ever expected any different," he said. Kurt turned his attention back to Joy, but the wine arrived before he could say anything else. He ordered a drink, and Chloe told the waiter that they'd need a few more moments to decide what to eat before he rushed away.

Joy watched him go with more than a little sympathy. "I remember when I used to wait tables," she said. "Wow, what a hell that was. I think I actually get sexually harassed less as a stripper."

"I was a server at a bar in Brooklyn after I graduated high school. I liked my boss and I liked working there, but," Chloe wrinkled her nose, "I was very glad when I didn't have to anymore. I always make sure to tip a ridiculous amount, though." Opening her menu, she peeked at Kurt over the edge of it. "Am I deciding for you again?"

He grinned. "Don't you always, when we come here? This place changes the menu every day, and I have no idea what's good with French food," Kurt said to Joy, before his grin widened. "It's easier to just let her decide. Someone told me that when we started dating, and it's still true."

Joy smirked at Chloe over the edge of the menu. "I remember your tipping habits," she said. "Baby, you were popular at the club. Sierra asked me if she could keep you." And Joy had not said what she wanted to say, which was 'bitch, back off, they're mine.' Mostly because she was fairly sure Sierra had been asking rhetorically.

"You know," she added, closing the menu, "I think I'm with Kurt on this one. You pick, Chloe."

"Are you allergic to anything?" Chloe asked, looking pleased that Joy trusted her with that, before her expression turned thoughtful. "If you are, we'll have to avoid it, too. You aren't allergic to strawberries, are you?"

"Chloe loves strawberries," Kurt said, sounding very amused about something, and he laughed when she stuck her tongue out in response.

"Well, it's a valid question," she defended, before she pulled her hair up and showed Joy the strawberry shaped birthmark behind her ear. "You just can't be allergic to strawberries."

"I'm not," Joy said, smiling. "In fact, I love strawberries. I love the way they look and the feel of them in my hands. I love putting them in my mouth and wrapping my lips around them and just nibbling at them bit by tiny bit until I get that burst of flavor." She pursed her lips deliberately on 'burst,' then gave Chloe a bright, sweet smile and sipped her wine.

"Anyway," she added, putting the glass down, "no allergies. Except for ragweed, but I doubt that'll be a problem."

The pout that Chloe gave Joy was almost pitiful, though Kurt's amusement about the situation possibly ruined any effect she was hoping to have. "In case you're wondering," he murmured, leaning close enough to Joy that his lips brushed over the shell of her ear, "she really loves when you mess with that mark." Then he ducked his head a bit and kissed Joy behind the ear, where Chloe's birthmark was, nipping at the soft skin.

"You're both mean," Chloe accused, pouting even more.

"We aren't the only ones," he easily shot back, teasing. "Do you want to know why I was late?" Kurt asked Joy. Her answer had to wait, for a moment, when the waiter came back to the table with Kurt's drink and took their order. Kurt waited until he was out of earshot again, before turning his attention back to Joy.

"That wasn't my fault," Chloe belatedly piped up in her defense, completely ignoring the disbelieving expression that Kurt gave her. "You asked me how my day went. All I did was answer."

Joy filed that little tidbit about the birthmark away for the future, and said, "Of course I want to know. Especially now." She shot Chloe a look from under her eyelashes. "Did she tell you all about how much fun we had?"

"In detail," he confirmed, sliding a hand up Joy's leg under the table. "Then I had to take care of a few things before I could get dressed." Grinning, the look he gave her was close to smoldering. "Do I get to have you by myself at some point?"

She folded her hands under her chin and looked up at him in the most disarmingly flattering way she could manage. "I don't know," she said. "What are you going to offer me?"

"I'm not enough?" he asked, before shooting a playfully smug look at Chloe. "I told you were overestimating me when you said I could get any woman I wanted."

"Well, you got me," Chloe simply defended, like this was a normal joke with them.

"Actually, you got me."

Joy ignored the byplay, since taking sides in that matter could lead to nothing good at all. "I didn't say you couldn't have me," she said, batting her eyelashes. "I just said I was prepared to hear your offer."

"What do you want me to offer you?" he asked in return, smiling at her. "That seems like the more important question."

"He's pretty when he smiles, isn't he?" Chloe sounded almost reluctant to interrupt them again. "It's what made me fall in love with him in the first place."

"Very pretty," Joy said, smiling warmly at both Kurt and Chloe. "As for your offer... hmm." She tilted her head to the side and pretended to consider, tapping her lower lip. "Well, Chloe did promise me that you'd fuck me while I ate her out." She cocked an eyebrow at Kurt. "Sound good to you?"

He exhaled in a rush, briefly closing his eyes for a moment. "More than good," he answered in a somewhat husky voice. Kurt opened his eyed and glanced over at Chloe, who was wearing her innocent expression again and tracing designs on the inside of one of his hands. "You're both going to tease me until we get home, aren't you?"

"Well," Chloe answered, smiling, "I'm at least willing to eat enough to last few for a few hours, and taking the rest home for later." Her smile turned mischievous, and she reached out with her free hand to grab one of Joy's. "We won't torture you too much."

"We'll be good," Joy added, hard on her heels. She reached out and took Kurt's free hand, completing the circle, then began to stroke his knuckles with her thumb. "Not too good, though. You know, Chloe, I've been wondering something. Did you ever consider using your husband's very nice abs as a plate?"

"I have used his abs as a plate. With chocolate syrup, you have to lick especially hard in the lines between his muscles." Kurt made a strangled sound as Chloe's smile broadened, and she linked her and Joy's fingers together. "I have wondered if the washboard abs saying was true, though."

Their food came a moment later, and the rest of the meal progressed quickly. True to their word, Joy and Chloe didn't tease Kurt too much - Chloe thought that they could have done worse, at least. When Chloe signaled for the check, Kurt turned to look at the doors, and frowned.

"There are cameras outside."

"I figured there would be," Chloe sighed, handing a credit card to the server. "If it's not too much trouble, could you make sure a cab is waiting for us at the door? Thank you." After the server had gone off again, Chloe gave Joy an apologetic smile. "Are you going to be okay with paparazzi?"

"Um." Joy bit her lip, suddenly nervous. "I... don't know. I can't... I mean, if somebody sees us and knows where we met..." She blew out a breath and shook her head. "It isn't you. It's just my professional reputation. Telling people that strippers aren't whores only goes so far."

"It's only a few steps to the curb, and we'll stay on either side of you," Chloe assured her.

"I just ignore them," Kurt said. "No answering, no looking at them, all of that. They're annoying, but they won't be a bother once we start heading home."

The server came back with Chloe's credit card, and she wrote out his tip - a more than generous amount - before Kurt stood to pull out Joy and Chloe's chairs.

"We can always find a way to distract them, or sneak out the back if you'd prefer it," Chloe offered, walking around the table to lightly kiss Joy. "We've had to sneak out through the kitchen before. It wouldn't be anything odd."

Joy closed her eyes, breathed in through her nose, and thought about it for a moment.

If word got out that she was sleeping with someone who'd been her customer, the other assholes would never leave her alone. She'd definitely have to switch clubs; she might have to quit stripping altogether.

On the other hand, that was a pretty big "if." Yes, probably someone would eventually figure out that she was a stripper. Yes, there would probably be gossip (which, hey, free publicity). But it was vanishingly unlikely that anyone at the club had recognized either Chloe or Kurt, given the lack of reaction at the time, and even more unlikely that they'd remember them enough to point them out later. So...

"No," she said. "That's okay. We'll go out the front, and to hell with the paparazzi."

Chloe smiled as she wrapped an arm around Joy's waist, her hand low on the curve of her hip. "That's my girl," she murmured, before Kurt put his arm around Joy's shoulders and they led her towards the front of the restaurant. Before they reached the door, Chloe pressed her lips against Joy's ear. "Just try to ignore the flashes and the questions, and keep walking forward. I won't let any of them do anything to you."

Joy put her arms around Chloe and Kurt's waists and tried not to clutch at their shirts. She was a big girl; she could handle this. Just think about what's waiting, she told herself.

It was no good. She was bunching their shirts in her fists anyway.

"What'll you do to them?" she murmured back to Chloe, trying to keep her mind off what was coming.

"For now, I can distract them while Kurt gets you to the car," Chloe offered. "And if anybody with a camera ever does anything to really bother you, I'll find somebody to shove their camera down their windpipe."

"I'll do it myself," Kurt muttered, glaring at the cameras outside, out of the corner of his eye.

"See? We won't let anything happen to our girl." Chloe gave Joy a smile, kissing her lightly again. "I can walk out first, and get their attention, and then the two of you can walk out a minute later, if that's all right. Hopefully, they won't notice you."

"Fine with me," Joy said, wondering if Chloe really did know people who shoved cameras down windpipes for a living. Some of her old bosses had known people...

Well, that was pretty irrelevant right now. She took a deep breath, and smiled up at Kurt. "So what are you going to do if our picture's on the front page tomorrow complete with accusations of cheating?"

"Laugh and let Chloe's manager handle it," he answered as Chloe stepped ahead of them and smoothed any wrinkles out of the skirt in her dress.

"You'll like Faith," Chloe said, turning back to them. "She's... very random, but she knows what she's doing." She leaned up to kiss Kurt. "I'll see you in the car. And to help you think of something else," she continued, turning to Joy as her smile turned wicked, "I'm thinking of a number between sixty-eight and seventy." With that, she turned around and walked out of the restaurant, and camera flashes and more than a few voices shouting questions started a second after.

There was a brief pause, and then Joy said, "You know, there should be a name for a sixty-nine with three people."

"There is," Kurt told her, grinning as he pulled her closer and pressed a kiss against the top of her head. "It's called a daisy chain, if I'm remembering it right."

Joy giggled, and snuggled against him happily. "That's kind of a cute term. Better than most of the euphanisms I've heard." She frowned suddenly. "Wait a second, why is it that you know that and I don't? Do firefighters talk about sex while they're waiting for things to go up in flames or something?"

"Some do. You can only do so many things to keep a twenty-four hour shift interesting, and not all of them have a wife that visits them like I do." He leaned down to kiss her properly, wrapping an arm tightly around her waist. "Ready to go outside?"

"Mmhmm." Joy slipped her hand into his and held on. "Here we go. I'm probably going to use you as a human shield, so you know."

"I thought that was the plan all along?" he asked, squeezing her hand as they walked towards the door. The reporters were still snapping pictures and asking questions when they got outside, though Chloe seemed to be handling them with ease. Their attention was focused almost completely on her. Kurt didn't look at them, only moved to put himself between them and Joy as much as he could. "Funny thing about being married to someone famous," he said, opening the door to the cab for Joy, "is that people never seem to recognize me when Cherry isn't next to me."

Joy kept herself tucked as close behind Kurt as she could manage, refusing to look at the reporters at all. "Sorry," she said, patting his arm in mock sympathy. "Guess you're just the arm candy. But very delicious arm candy, if that's any consolation."

"As long as I have Chloe, I'm completely fine with that." Smiling again, he reached and threaded a lock of her hair through his fingers. "And you, too."

Before he could say anymore, the door to the cab opened and Chloe quickly dove in. She ended up half in Kurt's lap, and she giggled like mad as she slammed the door behind her. Their address was given to the driver in a rush, but he still managed to pull away from the curb before photographers could begin to surround the car.

"Did you know that reporters get really frustrated when you answer questions without actually telling them anything?" she asked after a moment, once she had calmed down.

"I had no idea," Joy said, as dryly as she could manage considering that Chloe's giggles were contagious as hell. "Were they asking who the stunning mystery lady was?" She flipped her hair over her shoulder, draped herself against Kurt's side and posed, fluttering her eyelashes.

Chloe laughed, leaning across Kurt to kiss Joy deeply. "It's all they wanted to know." She reached up and flipped the switch the make the privacy screen between the driver and the backseat go up, before sliding a hand up the inside of Kurt's thigh. "We weren't teasing you too much during dinner, were we?" she asked him, grinning as he squirmed.

"I hope not," Joy said, sliding her hands around his sides to circle over his stomach. "Arm candy should never be frustrated. Arm candy should only ever be pleased." She kissed the side of his neck, open-mouthed, flicking her tongue against his skin.

Kurt moaned, and ducked his head to kiss Joy hard as he tangled his hands in her hair. He pulled away with a muttered curse a minute later when Chloe started to stroke him through his pants.

"What a surprise," she giggled, "he's already hard."

Joy giggled, and let one hand drift down to rest by Chloe's. "Oh, so he is," she said, in mock surprise. "Honestly, darling, I think if he wasn't hard, we weren't doing our jobs right." She licked his ear, then nibbled gently along the lobe.

Kurt groaned and pressed his hips towards their hands. "You two are going to be the death of me," he told them, breathless, and let his head lean against the back of the seat.

"I'm sure you're truly complaining," Chloe murmured against his neck, before she trailed kisses down his Adam's apple. "But I guess we have teased you enough for today. What do you think, Joy?"

"I think you're right," Joy said, and trailed her fingers delicately along Kurt's cock, up towards the fastening of his pants. "I think it's time we got down to business, don't you?"

"You took the words right out of my mouth." Chloe leaned over to kiss Joy again, before she slid off of the seat. She settled on her knees in front of Kurt, and smiled up at him. "You really are the luckiest man in the world, you know."

"I've known that since we met," he answered huskily, and ran a hand through her hair. His hips lifted towards Joy's hand again. "I don't think lucky is the word for this."

"Hmm." Joy helpfully unzipped his pants, then dipped her fingers inside his boxers quickly and ran her fingers over the length of his cock again. "No, you're right, lucky isn't the word. Favored of the divine, perhaps."

He didn't argue with that, only making a pleasured sound low in his throat. Kurt ducked his head and kissed Joy's neck before he lightly bit the soft skin there. "I thought you said you weren't going to tease me anymore."

"We aren't," Chloe contradicted. Kurt lifted his hips off of the seat again as she reached up to pull his pants and boxers down, just enough to free his cock. "At least, I'm not. If I wanted to tease you when Joy was around, I'd be focusing more on Joy than you."

"Mmm," Joy said. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to stroke, little motions up and down that got bigger every time. "I have to agree; teasing was not the intention here." She smiled down at Chloe. "I bet you look so hot with his cock in your mouth."

A strangled noise escaped Kurt when Chloe wickedly smiled back. "Like you could never imagine," he muttered.

Chloe giggled. "I guess that means I'll have to show her." She kept her gaze on both of them as she leaned forward to suck the head of his cock into her mouth, and Kurt moaned when she started to bob her head up and down to match Joy's strokes.

Joy moaned at the sight, and tightened her grip on Kurt's cock a little. Tiny shivers raced up and down her spine; she squirmed on her seat, trying to get some pressure against her clit. "You do look hot," she told Chloe, and pressed herself against Kurt's side. "Doesn't she look hot, Kurt? Look at her. You're so fucking lucky, that you get to watch her do this to you." She inhaled raggedly, and bit his earlobe. "Hell, I'm so fucking lucky to watch you two like this. You're so sexy. Do you know what you do to me?"

"I have an idea," he breathlessly answered, moaning again as Chloe sped her pace and sucked him harder. He threaded a hand through Chloe's hair, moving his hips against her, before he ran his other hand up Joy's thigh. He said something under his breath when he found that she wasn't wearing underwear, and teasingly brushed his fingers against her sex

Joy whimpered, and ground down on his hand, speeding up her hand on his cock. "That feels good," she managed, after a minute. "Yeah. Like that."

Chloe moaned at that, still watching them intently, and ran a hand up Joy's leg. Kurt groaned deeply, rubbing his thumb over Joy's clit as his back arched off of the seat. "God," he panted, looking down at Chloe with barely focused eyes. "I'm not going to last much longer if you two keep this up."

"That's... kind of the point," Joy gasped. She reached down with her free hand, caught Chloe's and moved it further up her thigh. "Hope you've got a quick recovery period, because we have plans for you."

Kurt managed something that was somewhere between a laugh and a moan as Chloe pushed his hand away. She pushed two fingers into Joy, crooking them against her g-spot as she pumped them in and out of her pussy, and wrapped her free hand around Joy's. She sped their strokes on Kurt's cock as she pulled back to swirl her tongue around the head of his cock, sucking him hard, and Kurt went over the edge. Moaning roughly, he tensed as his head rolled back against the seat.

Joy, watching him, felt muscles tighten across her whole body (although that also could have been Chloe's fingers inside her). "Christ," she breathed, and looked down at Chloe, grinning on the floor. "You didn't tell me he's so hot when he comes."

He fell back against the seat, breathing heavily, and Chloe, after swallowing, wiped her mouth off with her free hand. "It's not my fault you weren't paying attention last time," Chloe cheekily answered, and circled Joy's clit with her thumb as her fingers moved faster. "We'll make sure you see it more tonight," she purred, switching to Cherry's voice for just a moment.

"Oh, good," Joy said, dazed. She lifted her hips then let them sink, working up her own rhythm against Chloe's hand. "Good. I want to see you both come. I want to see...oh, Christ!"

"You want to see what?" Chloe asked in a mock-innocent tone. Her fingers momentarily slowed as she moved to straddle Kurt's lap and kiss him deeply, but she resumed her pace and curled her fingers inside of Joy.

"Want to s-see you come," she said, keeping up the rhythm with her hips, working against Chloe's fingers. "Want to see you both come. Are we there yet?"

"Almost." Chloe smiled wickedly, looking at Joy out of the corner of her eye as she moved her thumb faster around Joy's clit. "Baby, can I watch you fuck Joy when we get home?" she asked as she turned back to Kurt, who still looked dazed. "If she's all right with it, of course."

"Oh, please," Joy said, and left it up to her listeners what exactly she was referring to.

Chloe giggled and leaned over to lightly bite Joy on the neck as she curled her fingers again. "I want you to come so hard that Kurt has to carry you upstairs," she murmured.

A jolt of pleasure shut down any brain cells that might still have been operating; Joy shut her eyes and squeaked out something that might have been assent.

Chloe ran her free hand up Joy's stomach to cup one of her breasts, almost roughly pinching her nipple. "Come on, love. Don't keep us waiting."

"T-trying," she gasped Her orgasm blindsided her as she said it, and she let her head fall back, let her back go limp, trying to stifle her cries and not doing too well.

She had no idea what the driver was thinking, but right now she didn't much care.

When she came back down, the car had stopped and Chloe was smiling very smugly. "More than trying," Chloe answered and moved to kiss her just enough to be teasing. She slid out of Kurt's lap and settled lightly into Joy's, snuggling up against her.

That gave Kurt the chance to get dressed again, though he leaned over to kiss Joy too, more firmly than Chloe had. He kissed Chloe as well, before he started to fasten his pants again. "Are you able to walk?" he asked, sounding a hint amused.

"Um," Joy said, letting her hands curve softly around Chloe's hips. "I don't know, actually. My knees feel kind of wobbly after that."

Which was not to say she couldn't walk; she sometimes felt worse after a night of intense dancing. But why not give Chloe what she wanted?

Besides, she really wasn't sure if she could face the stairs.

"I make your knees wobbly," Chloe teased before kissing her again, just as light as before. She somehow managed to slide out of Joy's lap and over Kurt's to sit by the door. "Just tell me when you two are ready to go up."

"One of these days, Joy and I are going to team up and get back at you," Kurt muttered, half attempting to tuck in his shirt.

"I hope so. Just not tonight."

"I don't think I have enough brain cells tonight," Joy murmured, and slid into Kurt's lap, wriggling her ass against him. "But someday, you and I should go out to lunch and make plans. Okay?"

"That sounds good." He kissed the side of her neck. "But I'll be focusing on you tonight," he continued, his voice husky. Kurt moved Joy into his arms, and Chloe opened the door a moment later. The trip upstairs wasn't very long of a trip, but Kurt carried Joy the entire way and made it look easy.

"Don't you just love firemen?" Chloe asked, once she had unlocked the door to their apartment and they walked in.

"Oh, I love them," Joy cooed, stroking her hand over Kurt's clavicle. "They're so big and husky and gorgeous. Did I ever tell you the story of how I met Kurt?"

"You bought him, didn't you?" Chloe asked with a grin, as she stepped out of her shoes and reached behind her to unzip her dress. "That's still a better story than how I met him."

Kurt lightly set Joy down and leaned down to kiss her deeply, tangling his hands in her hair. "Please don't tell that story," he offhandedly said to Chloe, though he sounded like he didn't expect that to work.

"Um," Joy said, still in a brief post-kiss haze, then blinked, and said, "I think she should. Especially if it'll make you blush." She smirked up at Kurt, grabbed his ass, and said, "You're so adorable when you blush all the way down."

His cheeks tinged a bit darker when Chloe giggled and, shimmying out of her dress as she did so, walked up behind him. She slid an arm around his waist and stood on her tip-toes to kiss him. She pulled back before he could deepen the kiss, and took Joy's lead and grabbed his ass. "Get undressed, gorgeous," Chloe purred, lightly pushing him away from Joy. "You have work to do, and now I really want to see you blush."

"And you do know how to do that." Kurt shrugged off his jacket and started to unknot his tie. "In my defense, I was an idiot."

Chloe smiled, resting her arms on Joy's shoulders and pulling her close. "We met at my aunt Rayne's club, on the same night they were having a drag show, and I performed after everybody." ("And helped everyone get ready before hand. In my defense," he cut in.) "And Kurt thought I was a drag queen," Chloe finished.

As expected, Kurt blushed and ducked his head. "It was only for a few minutes. When I actually met you, I knew better."

"I should hope so," Joy said, startled. "I mean, with breasts like these, how the hell did you ever think Chloe was anything but female?" She cupped one in each hand, leaned down and kissed each one, lightly, then flicked a thumb over each nipple. Then she looked over Chloe's shoulder at Kurt, and laughed. "He's blushing! That's why I picked him. He blushes so prettily."

"Well, he was a bit away from the stage." Chloe arched into Joy's hands and sighed in pleasure. After a moment of enjoying the attentions, she reached behind Joy to find the zipper on her dress. "You should have seen how red he turned when we finally met. He was so mortified."

"I had every reason to be, I think," Kurt muttered, barely audible, as he finished getting undressed. "But she fell in love with me anyway."

Joy slid one arm around Chloe's bare shoulders and pressed herself close, the better to get her dress unzipped. "I can just imagine," she purred, leering at Kurt. "It's all right, Kurt, you're so cute when you blush." She paused, then added, "I never got to see how far down that blush goes."

"You'd have to get Chloe to help with that. She knows every embarrassing thing about me."

Chloe hummed in thought and knelt down to strip Joy's dress off of her. "Later," she decided as she stood and carefully laid the dress over the arm of the couch. "Right now, I'd much rather watch the two of you."

"I think we can make that happen," he grinned. Kurt settled his hands on the curve of Joy's hips when he moved closer, kissing the top of her shoulders and sucking hard enough to leave a mark. "What do you think, Joy?"

"Hmm," she said, and moaned as he sucked at her shoulder, then ran a finger up the hollow of his spine, and down again to trace the line of his ass. "I think we could do something about that, sure."

He kissed her hard before responding. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, and reached down to grab her ass. He kissed her again before she could answer, picking her up to press against her, already hard.

Joy shivered and pressed back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders to feel his muscles move. "Kiss me again," she ordered. "Anywhere except my mouth."

Kurt was quick to obey. He trailed kisses down her neck to pay attention to her shoulders again. After a few moments of that, he picked her up higher until he was eye-level with her breasts. He wrapped an arm under her thighs to hold her in place as he started to kiss and suck at her breasts through her bra

Joy moaned, tightening her arms around his shoulders, wrapping her legs around his hips. "Yes," she said, breathlessly. "Yes. Like that. Like that..." She leaned down as best she could around him and kissed his shoulders, every so often nipping at his skin gently. "Like that."

"God, I want you," Kurt murmured. He circled his tongue around a lace-covered nipple before sucking it hard. He bit her lightly before moving to her other breast and doing the same.

Chloe made a small, almost envious sound from where she lay on the couch, watching them. "You should tell him to go down on you," she said after a moment, idly trailing her hands up and down her inner thighs. "He has an amazing tongue."

"Oh, yeah?" Joy asked, breathlessly. "Do you? Should I tell you to go down on me, Kurt? Would you like that?" She ran her nails lightly down his back, and squeezed her legs around his waist, pressing her crotch against his.

"Fuck yes," he muttered, moving his hips against Joy's. He ducked his head, tracing designs on her stomach with his tongue. "I've wanted to."

"Mm." She twisted her fingers through his hair, using just the slightest hint of nail against his scalp, then looked up and met Chloe's eyes. "What about you, darling? You want to watch him go down on me?"

Chloe purred, just barely writhing against the couch as she traced a hand up her stomach to start playing with her breasts. "You know I do."

Joy shivered, and held Chloe's eyes as she replied, "All right, then, Kurt. I want you to go down on me. Make me fucking scream."

Kurt moaned at the same time that Chloe whimpered, and he rocked his hips against Joy's again as he moved to set Joy on the edge of the bar that separated the living room and kitchen. He kissed her hard, roughly groping her breast before he lowered himself to his knees. Kurt kissed the inside of her thigh and gently nipped at the skin there. He licked away any sting he might have left, before he turned his head and kissed her, his tongue darting out to part her lips almost teasingly.

Joy held herself as still as she could, winding her fingers in Kurt's hair, and keeping her eyes on Chloe. "That feels good," she told him. "That feels really good."

"That's usually the point of this," Kurt answered. He circled his tongue around her clit before sucking on it hard.

"Smartass," Chloe said fondly. She moaned softly, fondling her breasts as she trailed her free hand through the small patch of curls between her legs. "Do you want to watch me, Joy?"

Joy moaned, and slid a leg over Kurt's shoulder, opening up to give him better access. And then Chloe spoke and she moaned again, tightening her hands in his hair.

"Yes," she breathed. "Oh, yes."

Chloe smiled briefly and rested her leg on the back of the couch, giving Joy a better view as her hand slowly trailed downward. Kurt slid a hand up Joy's thigh and spread her legs even farther apart as he started licking her in earnest. He made sure to drag his tongue over her clit with every movement, before he reached up to cup one of her breasts and fondle it roughly.

"I told you he was amazing," Chloe gasped, starting to lightly rub her fingers over her own clit.

Joy resisted the urge to let her head fall back. She'd have to take her eyes off Chloe to do that, and she was not going to look away from those eyes. "Yeah," she panted. "I never doubted it. Fuck." She loosed one hand and propped herself up on the table. "Fuck, don't stop."

"I wasn't planning on it," Kurt mumbled against her. He slowed down for just a moment, long enough to focus more on pushing Joy's bra out of the way. He ran his thumb over her nipple and rolled it between his fingers as he thrust his tongue into her.

Chloe whimpered and her hips rocked against her hand. "What do you want to watch, Joy?" she asked, almost breathlessly. "Tell me what to do."

Joy reached up and fumbled at her bra clasp until it came undone, then shrugged it off her free arm. She wasn't willing to let go of Kurt's hair, so it dangled drunkenly from her left shoulder.

She sucked in a tight breath at Chloe's words and said, "I want... I... oh, God, Kurt..." She bit her lip. "I want you to touch yourself. Not your clit, though. Not yet."

Chloe shivered and nodded. She started mimicking Kurt's movements against Joy, teasing one of her nipples while she trailed her fingers up and down her own pussy. "Keep talking. What else do you want?"

Joy's hips started moving, entirely of their own volition, back and forth against Kurt's mouth and tongue. "I want... I want..." She sucked in a breath, let it out on a sob. "Fuck yourself. With your fingers. I want to watch you come while I do."

Kurt moved his hand from Joy's thigh to her hip, holding her still when he moaned and started to lick her faster.

Chloe seemed happy to oblige. She started moving two fingers in and out of herself, rocking her hips in time with her movements and moaning softly.

It didn't seem possible, but watching Chloe was turning Joy on even more. So hot, so wet, her skin felt too small to hold everything Kurt and Chloe were putting into her and if she didn't come soon, she was going to explode.

"Touch yourself," she panted. "Chloe. Touch yourself. Make yourself come."

"I'm trying," Chloe whimpered. Her fingers moved faster. "Just... a little more, oh please just a little more," she begged, grinding her clit against the heel of her hand.

It was the begging that did it.

"Fuck," Joy said, and came, her whole body contracting with shivers of pleasure. She might have dug some furrows in Kurt's scalp, but as she leaned all her weight on her right arm, panting and trying to see straight again, she couldn't really bring herself to care.

Chloe looked like she was still coming back down to Earth, her back arched and tense as her hips just barely rocked against her hand. Kurt stood, as Chloe went limp and collapsed back against the couch with a whimper, and kissed Joy hard. He pressed against her, moving his hips against her stomach with a groan.

"I need to fuck you so much," he said against her mouth, practically growling.

"Then fucking do it," Joy said, and spread her legs wider.

"Bedroom," he managed, slipping an arm around Joy's waist to pick her up again. "Need a condom. Chloe," he roughly continued, still rocking his hips against Joy, "can you walk? I don't think I can carry the both of you."

Chloe nodded and pushed herself to her feet, though her steps seemed less graceful than usual as she followed them to the bedroom. Kurt unceremoniously dropped Joy onto the bed, kissing her deeply as she fumbled to grab a condom out of the nightstand by the bed. "How do you want me to do this?" Kurt tore the condom open with his teeth and rolled it on as Chloe climbed onto the bed beside them. "Fast, slow, what?"

"Hard and fast," Joy said, and reached up to pull Chloe down to her. She kissed her hard, then pulled back just a little and said, "You are so fucking hot when you come, darling."

"Right back at you, love. You are so fucking sexy," Chloe answered, biting Joy's bottom lip as she lay down on the bed beside her. Chloe turned her head to kiss Kurt as he settled over Joy and pressed against her. "Fuck her good, Kurt."

"Plan on it," he muttered. Kurt kissed Joy as he thrust into her, slamming their hips together with a ragged groan. He cursed lowly as he started a fast pace, enough to make the bed move with them.

Joy wrapped both her legs around Kurt's waist, then grabbed Chloe's hand and pulled it down to her breast. "Fuck me," she said, and thrust her hips in time with his, groaning. "Fuck me."

Chloe whimpered and squeezed Joy's breast, roughly palming her nipple. Chloe kissed her deeply and reached between them to rub Joy's clit in time with Kurt's movements.

"Oh, God," Kurt moaned, staring down at them as he adjusted his angle to thrust into her deeper. "Keep... keep kissing her, Chloe. Christ."

Joy was not about to object to that. She closed her hand on the back of Chloe's neck and reached up to play with her breasts, stroking them and lightly pinching her nipples. Everything was starting to swim together in a blur of sensation and lightheaded arousal, her breath coming fast and her eyes starting to cross.

"Touch her," she said, breathlessly, to Kurt, in between kisses. "Don't leave her out."

Kurt groaned wordlessly and shifted his weight to hold himself up on one arm. He moved his free hand in-between Chloe's legs, circling his thumb around her clit and moving his fingers in and out of her in time with his thrusts into Joy.

Chloe cried out hoarsely, moving her hips to fuck herself against Kurt's hand, and kissed Joy almost desperately. "Gonna scream for us, baby?" she asked Joy, moaning.

Any other time, Joy might have made them work for it. But, between Chloe's mouth and Kurt's hands and Chloe's fingers and Kurt's dick, there really didn't seem to be any point in that right now.

"Yes," she gasped, and threw her head back. "Oh, yes."

Chloe shuddered and rubbed Joy's clit faster. She moaned again, small breathless sounds that meant she was close, and muffled the sound into whimpers by sucking a spot on Joy's neck hard enough to leave a mark.

"Come on, Joy." Kurt's voice was ragged, and he leaned down to kiss her hard. "We... Oh, fuck, you feel so fucking good... We want to see you. Come for us."

"Almost..." she gasped, and right when she said it, Kurt hit a good spot and Chloe put on just enough pressure to tip her over the edge, panting and arching and clawing at the air.

Kurt kept fucking her as she came, his pace faltering a moment after. "Fuck," he cursed lowly, groaning when he tensed and slammed their hips together one last time.

"Oh," Chloe murmured against Joy's neck, almost a sob. "So pretty. You're so..."

Kurt half collapsed on top of Joy, breathing heavy as he kissed her. He moved in and out of her a few more times, slow and shallow thrusts, before he pulled away just enough to settle on the bed beside her. "You are so amazing."

"So are you," Joy said, and curled a hand around his neck, pulling his face to hers for a long, slow kiss. She released him a moment later, and repeated her performance with Chloe. "Both of you. Amazing."

Chloe was reluctant to pull away and followed Joy when she pulled back from the kiss. Chloe snuggled close to her, tangling their legs together. She slowly ground against Joy's thigh for a moment, shivering, before she calmed down. "I love you," she murmured, kissing Joy's neck and almost melting against her.

Joy slid a hand around Chloe's waist, enjoying the feel of her skin. "Love you too," she murmured, then rolled her head to the side and kissed Kurt's temple. "And you. Love you."

Kurt answered with a smile before he turned over and draped his arm over her waist, his hand just resting on Chloe's ribcage. "Ditto," he softly said, kissing her ear. "Want to move in with us, maybe? I like you being here."

"We also like you in the shower," Chloe cheekily continued. "And the living room, and kitchen, and... everywhere else. And my best friend makes us these awesome waffles every Sunday morning--"

A voice from the living room cut her off. "Oh my fucking god, are you STILL yammering?"

"And her other best friend can get in even though we never gave her a key," Kurt muttered. He suddenly sounded less cheerful than he had a few seconds ago.

There was someone there. There had been someone there. How long had that someone been there?

"Oh my God," Joy said, and promptly tried to burrow underneath Kurt.

"Faith, how long have you been in there?"

"Like two minutes. All I've heard is talking, Cherry, geez. Anyway, I'm super annoyed and impatient and it feels like you've been talking for-fucking-ever, so just pause, make yourselves decent, and tell me when I can come in and be all annoyed at you for not giving me a heads up. What the fuck."

Kurt wrapped both arms around Joy after he reached down to pull the sheet up enough to at least cover her. "Chloe, just make her leave."

"She won't leave Kurt. ("She knows me!", Faith put in from the living room.) All she'll do is stay there and be annoying until I let her rant at me. And then she'll leave and leave us alone until it's officially work time tomorrow."

Joy was pretty damn sure her ears were going to catch fire. "Oh my God," she repeated, and hid her face in Kurt's chest (okay, so that bit was at least partly just for the pleasure of pressing her cheek against his chest). "Chloe, make her go away!"

The distress in her voice was not feigned.

Kurt pressed a kiss to the top of her head and ran a hand down her back. The bed shifted as Chloe got up and hurried out of the bedroom.

There was a moment of, "Christ, you couldn't have put on clothes?" before hushed voices took over the conversation and quickly moved away from the bedroom door.

"She usually isn't this... tactless about things," Kurt offered, still running his hand up and down her back.

There was a moment before it sounded like the apartment door open and closed, and another before Chloe was back in the bedroom and on the bed. She snuggled up against Joy and pressed a kiss against her shoulder. "Faith apologized. I'm almost positive she was serious."

Joy emerged from Kurt's chest when the door shut. Her blush died down a little, but she was still mostly pink all over when Chloe got back in bed.

"Who was that?" she asked, feeling safer already, between the pair of them. "And what on earth did she want?" And what did she think of Joy?

"That was Faith. She's my... Hm," Chloe answered, pausing to think. "I've known her since I was seven. She's been my manager since I started singing." She kissed Joy's shoulder again, trailing a hand up her arm. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Joy said, and snuggled down between the two of them, feeling even better. "I just... don't like being surprised. Nobody should be watching sex except the participants." She smiled at Chloe, and squeezed Kurt's hand. "But it's okay. Really. I just won't be able to look her in the eye."

Assuming she ever met Faith, which... might not be all that unlikely.

"She didn't watch. She's stupidly comfortable with me - enough to just waltz into my apartment when she's mad at me, apparently - but not that comfortable. She wouldn't have stayed if we were in the middle of something. Honestly, she's not that bad. Sometimes." Chloe easily ignored Kurt's snort of amusement, smiling back at Joy instead. "You never did answer our question."

Joy blinked, and curled up against Kurt's chest, his breathing warm and reassuring on the back of her neck. It was sort of making her sleepy, actually. "What question?"

"Want to move in with us?" Kurt repeated, smiling against Joy's skin.

"It'll make it so much easier to spoil you," Chloe teased, only pulling away long enough to gather the blankets and pillows and drag them to them so they wouldn't have to move before going to sleep. "And it's maybe silly-fast but I'm famous and it's allowed."

For a moment Joy was absolutely certain she'd misheard them. For one thing, it was much faster than she'd expected; for another, despite what Chloe had said, she wasn't completely sure that she'd be allowed to stay here, warm and comfortable and loved. But that...

She blinked again, slowly, then let a smile spread across her skin. "You know what? I would absolutely love that."