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Harvard Crimson and Iceberg

Author: Kelly
Color: Harvard Crimson 19. Degree; Iceberg 8. Scarf
Styles and Supplies: Seed Beads; Novelty Beads (Everything is possible if you wish hard enough (Halloween Grab Bag from Kana)); Fabric
Rating: G
Word Count: 693
Story: Polyfaceted (Index ~ Timeline); the title of this piece is "Swept Away".
Notes: Written for Sex Is Not The Enemy (this adorable and work-safe prompt). I do believe that, with this, Kat and I are tied. Takes place in December of 2013. Constructive criticism is, as always, welcome.
Summary: Janet and Alyce go wedding gown shopping.

Janet turned on the pedestal, her eyes on the mirrors so she could see the back of her gown. The train was the right length, and she loved the pale green embellishments around the bottom of the gown against the cream background. “What do you think?” she asked Alyce.

“Sweetheart, I think you’re gorgeous.”

Janet’s lips curled into a smile. “You always say that.”

“And it’s always true.”

“What do you think of the gown?”

“Oh, the gown.” Like she’d forgotten the purpose of this Sunday. “It’s stunning. Really. With your hair, and the way it complements your figure? I say go for it.”

Janet nodded once. “I just need it altered.”

“We have time.” Alyce reached for her hand. “Everything’s going to be perfect.”

She squeezed Alyce’s hand. “What are you getting?”

“I’m still trying to decide. We can shop again in a couple of weeks.”

Janet stepped down from the pedestal, careful not to get the hem of the dress, and said to the sales associate, “Definitely this style, but one no one has tried on. I want it to be just me.”

“I’ll make sure we have one in stock. When can you come in to start alterations?” she asked.

Janet mentally ran over her schedule. “Seven on Tuesday, does that work?”

“We’ll have yours in by then,” she agreed.

“Honey, help me out of this?” Janet asked Alyce.

Alyce leered. “Absolutely.”

Janet stifled a laugh and walked carefully into the dressing room. She’d need to get heels still and have them dyed, but that would be easy. She just needed the same height heels for Tuesday. Given her collection, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Once Alyce closed the door, she started on the row of tiny buttons. “It’s going to take forever to get you out of this on our wedding night,” she groused, but Janet could hear the amusement in her voice.

“I’m more worried about getting into it on time for the ceremony. Getting it off is part of the anticipation.”

Alyce laughed. “I’m not that patient, you know that.”

“Mmm, I have noticed,” Janet agreed, “but you’ll have to be.”

She paused. “Are you planning to wear a corset under this?”

“Oh yes I am.”

“Evil wench.”

Janet laughed. “Just get me free, and we can take care of the deposit and whatever else.”

“Lunch after this?”

“Something warm. Soup, maybe.”

Alyce finished with the last of the buttons and helped Janet step out of it, then draped it over her shoulder while Janet dressed in her skirt and blouse. Once she’d shrugged on her coat, draped her scarf around her neck, and slipped on her heels, she turned and smiled at Alyce.

“I’m ready.”

Alyce gave her an up-and-down glance that always made her feel warm. “God, you’re beautiful.”

“And you are a flatterer.”

“Is it flattery if it’s true?” Alyce pushed open the door and handed the gown to the associate as soon as she was out. “What do we need to do now?”

They dealt with the deposit, making appointments for alterations, all the tedium associated with the outfit part of getting married, and once Janet had her Visa back, they walked out of the store, joining hands as the door closed behind them and they turned down the block.

“I can’t believe we’re getting married,” Alyce said before they’d gotten ten feet away. “Us! It’s legal! I never thought I could.”

Janet squeezed her hand. “I’m so happy, gorgeous.”

Alyce stopped and turned in front of her, sweeping off her fedora as she did so. She wrapped an arm around Janet’s waist, pulling her close to kiss her deeply. Janet set her hands on Alyce’s shoulders and kissed back, kicking one foot up and back like in a novel or movie. It almost felt that way, like they fit in one, with how they’d met and how their relationship had started.

Alyce dropped her forehead to Janet’s when they broke the kiss. “I love you,” she murmured.

“I love you too, honey,” Janet whispered back.

Smiling, Alyce stepped back to Janet’s side and took her hand again. “Let’s see about that soup.”
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So, so sweet. Yay for them!
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So cute. Love this!
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So cute and sweet and adorable! :-)
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This is so adorable, oh, man, just... heart-touchingly sweet and lovely. Guh.
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This. On Valentine's. It's just.



Evil wench indeeeeeeeeeeed.

Consider this heart warmed. Thank you!