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True Blue 23, Paprika 10, Iceberg 14: You and Your Hand

Author: Kat
Title: You and Your Hand
Story: In the Heart
Colors: True blue 23 (A friend is one who dislikes the same people you dislike.), paprika 10 (If you can't dance to this, you can't do nothing for me, baby.), iceberg 14 (hibernation) with geena's paint-by-numbers (You can't imagine so many monkeys in the daily mail)
Supplies and Materials: Acrylic (metier), modeling clay (success), glitter (Make a list of your all-time favorite songs.), feathers (Your character is asked to dance.), novelty beads (this gif).
Word Count: 592
Rating: PG-13.
Summary: Joy helps out some of her stripper sistren with a problem.
Warnings: sexism, body-shaming/fatphobia.
Notes: Nikki is not named after our Nikki. If you know who she IS named after you get a cookie. For Sex is Not the Enemy, this NSFW prompt.

Joy had just arrived at work and was putting on her makeup when Nikki Heat came stomping into the room, naked except for a g-string and fuming mad.

Everybody in the dressing room looked up in alarm, but pink-haired Roxie, two benches over and Nikki's best friend, was the one who spoke. "What's wrong, babe?"

"Those sons-of-bitches," Nikki snarled, and picked up a tube of lipstick only to throw it back at the counter again. "They were calling me a lardass."

Joy spun around on her bench. "They did not."

"They did," Nikki said. "Fuckers. I'm fat, and I'm gorgeous, and I'm so much more of a woman any of them are ever going to get."

"Damn straight," Roxie said. "God, what assholes. I'm sorry, Nik."

"I'm sorry for you," Nikki replied, sitting down on her bench. "They're probably going to say the same thing. Heads up, ladies; they're sitting by the stage, heckling, and not tipping. And of course they're the only ones in the joint."

Joy rolled her eyes and went back to her makeup. "So basically they're picking out arbitrary flaws so they don't have to tip. And chasing off all our regulars to boot."

"Because they're assholes," Roxie added.

"Something like that." Nikki kicked at the floor. "Days like this I wish we could just screw with dickheads like that. But, management."

Roxie snorted. "Also assholes."

Joy blinked at herself in the mirror, a germ of an idea percolating. Screw with the dickheads... "Hey," she said, suddenly. "Why can't we?"

Both Nikki and Roxie looked at her as if she'd spoken gibberish. "Management," Nikki repeated, slowly. "No offense, Kitty, but you're management's golden girl, you can get away with anything. The rest of us aren't so lucky."

"None taken," Joy said, "but I mean, why can't we screw with them while we're doing our jobs?"
Roxie squinted at her, but Nikki had begun to smile. "I think I get you," she said. "U + Ur Hand?"

"With all three of us," Joy said, nodding. "I'm up next; you and me and Rox can go on, do Push It or something first, act all sexy and get them fired up, and then hit them with U + Ur Hand."

"And walk out after that," piped up a third girl. Sapphire was the baby stripper in the club, barely three weeks on the job but already raking in the tips. Some combination of her big-eyed innocent look and high kicks, probably. Joy felt almost maternal towards her. "Dunno about you girls, but if the only customers aren't tipping I don't think there's any point in staying."

"Newbie's got a point," Roxie commented, fluffing up her hair. "No point in hanging around if nobody's going to pay."

"I'll pass the word," Sapphire said, and headed for the floor, her businesslike stride changing to a hip-swinging sashay as she left the dressing room.

"What about you, Kitty?" Nikki asked. "I know you just got here; I don't want to fuck up your paycheck."

Joy shrugged. She wouldn't deny it made her a bit uneasy, but... "I can afford a night off work," she said. "And I'm not going to get paid if nobody's tipping, am I?"

"Then let's do this," Nikki said, slapped her thighs, and stood. "Push It first?"

"Then U + Ur Hand," Roxie confirmed. "Let's do this."


Joy wasn't sure if it was the choice of music or the collective middle finger at the end, but the looks on their faces were worth every penny of her lost pay.
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Joy I love you, you're so awesome!

Love how the ladies got back at those guys, nothing better than getting back at a couple of jerks. :)

Wonderful job!
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*cookie!* ;-)

Also, awesome. :D
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brb loving Joy for the rest of my life.
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Haha, Joy. I love her sense of justice and how nothing slows her down.
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Oh! Cookie for me as well ;-)

I must say, I adore the last line! ^^
And Joy is so awesome. ^^
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This made me stand up and cheer.

And you know what's extra cool about this?

A) The strippers co-operating for the greater snark

B) You really got across the personalities of the others! I kind of want to take them ALL for coffee.